Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Vintage-Meets-Modern Guest Room

For our first post, I want to share how Mom converted a storage space into a lovely guest room.  Most of my posts will not have this much fabulosity but, hey, I can't be as amazing as Mommy.

My Wordless Wednesday post was a preview into Mom's latest room reveal.  You may recall I mentioned Mom's home decor stash.  It was a room in the basement with an assortment of out-of-rotation decor she used to keep her decor fresh.  You can read more about my parents' awesome place here.

By way of update, she cleared out some space in another room and converted her home decor room into another guest room.  It turned out beautifully!

To start, do you remember this leaf piece of art from our thrift shopping trip in GA back in June?

Mom talked about it when we left.  She mentioned she really liked it and she regretted not snatching it up while she had the chance.  She returned a few weeks later and she was so excited to deliver the news that she got it!

She hung it next to the window and it looked fabulous!  She also hung 2 layers of curtains - a damask print and red curtains.  One thing to note in this space is mom's use of color or, in the case of the wall, the lack thereof.  She painted the walls white.  I thought it would be cold but there's something very calming about it.  The warm tones and blended decor suits every style and allows her guests the opportunity to relax without competing colors.

OMG! My favorite area is the closet.

Chevron? Vintage pieces?  A collection of clocks?  Inspiring words?  I'm in love.

I love the chevron stripes - she purchased them from Target and used one roll.  She stretched the roll by NOT covering the bottom of the shelf.  Clever, huh?!  I also LOVE that dresser.  She purchased it from the thrift store for a far from thrifty price ($500).  It is a top-quality piece and worth every penny (and more... trust me, we googled it).

Check out the bedding:

The linen is hotel style - white with black trim.  The pillows are an eclectic blend.  There's the vintage checkered pillows, the classic red striped pillow and doesn't the sparkled 'BLAH BLAH BLAH' pillow add a touch of fun and glam?!

Beside the table, Mom placed her antique sewing table.  I love its chipped yellow color and how she decorated its surface!  She's FINALLY displaying the vintage typewriter and the modern red votive holder. I also love how the red damask bowl is both pretty and functional (perfect for earrings or loose change).

O and I really LOVE how she used the burlap lampshade.  It balances the glamorous lamp base and makes it all fit perfectly together.  Behind it, she placed a room divider.  I didn't get a good pic of it BUT it's got large circular mirrors.  It serves as perfect wall art behind the cream arm chair and breaks up the white without requiring mom to purchase wall art.

I think Mom did an awesome job using color to open the space (who would ever think all white walls would feel cozy?).  She also found the perfect balance between worn vintage pieces and glam decor.

With Thanksgiving around the corner I can't wait to claim this bed as my nap spot between plates :)

How does this relate to our series?  Mom organized the chaos of her home decor room and created a FABULOUS guest room.  This encourages me to clear some junk out and make room for the FABULOUS in our space.

LOVING the possibilities,


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