Wednesday, December 29, 2010


To come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine.

It's the time of year to make a deal with myself.  I don't believe in shaky resolutions made to be broken by February... I believe in making real goals for my REAL crash diets here, heck, I'VE got a KID! A fruit snack chewing, 1 juice-a-day bargaining, "if you let me have a cookie, I'll be your best friend" kind of KID.  SO, I set small goals in January and celebrate a year of taking small steps to improve our life longterm. So, sorry NYE heros who THINK dropping 150 pounds by completely changing your lifestyle will happen because you watch a glittery ball drop on t.v. As for me and mine, we will have a good time NYE celebrating the lives of loved ones who are here...and remembering those who have gone on... 


No, I'm not going to promise never to fall behind on laundry because, well, that is my kryptonite. sort. piles. wash. piles. fold. piles. REPEAT? no thanks... 

NO, I'm not going to promise my craft area will never look like a pile of crap wrapped in ribbons and Spraypaint. "Brian, you better NOT trash's going to make a fabulous hoodamajingything that will COMPLETE my life and solve some serious house dilema that you didn't know existed!"

No, I can't say I won't fuss if the hubby eats all of munchkin's snacks because..."when I eat them, it is DIFFERENT!"

NO, I probably won't get my granite countertops... and that's ok...NOT gonna cry...CUT, *turns off spotlight and walks off stage* I need a moment... I feel a temper tantrum coming on :[ I mean, is anyone else thinking like this on New Year's?! Something feels unright about this whole granite thing...

BUT... I promise:
  • To lay in the bed an extra couple of minutes with the hubby 
  • To stop whatever I'm doing for a hug
  • To enjoy my little girl while she's still little and thinks I'm the coolest person on the planet...
  • To not let sitting still make me feel bad... no matter what my house looks like (pray on this one)

I resolve that my life is perfect in all its imperfections.  Yes, hubby can get on my LAST nerve, and yes munchface can get sassy, and YES I have a family full of crazies and my dishes pile up and my carpet has stains and I have holes that need to be patched and chicken that might be overcooked from time-to-time or hair that needs to be combed but in 2011?! Shhhooooot, in 2011, I'm going to live like I'm going to heaven! WhY?! Because I am. The things that matter aren't... well, things. So, I'll work a gazillion times harder at being a better Christian, mommy, wife, sister, daughter and friend to those I encounter. After all, I. owe. it. to. myself.

Happy New Year!!!

Cheers to setting goals and enjoying the celebration when you surpass them :)


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