Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving - Celebrating a Forgotten People

My mother is half Native American.  Creek Indian, to be exact.  I can see the traces of her history in her high cheek bones, broad-pointy nose, and beautiful skin.  Those same features I remember from her grandmother's face.  We played in Maw's front yard for hours while Mom sat in the hot front room catching up on life.  I can still smell her house and I still see the quilts and Cabbage Patch dolls resting perfectly on each of her twin beds.

It's easy to become a forgotten people when you account for 2% of a nation's population.  It's even easier to be forgotten when you existed and thrived BEFORE a land was "discovered" as American History has mis-educated youngin's for years.  Dear Columbus, you didn't FIND anything.  You failed at your original mission and stumbled upon a land that was already thriving.  People were already here.

THANK GOD those same people helped the pilgrims survive a rough winter or, well, one could only imagine what would've happened to them.  THANK GOD those people were sharers - of information, of land, of food.

Yea, we have Creek Indian running in my family's blood.  No, we don't use this holiday to mourn the downfall of a people.  Yes, we celebrate Thanksgiving.  No, my father never let us go to school and just absorb what we were taught.  He would tell us the real history of Columbus' journey and the degradation of a beautiful people NATIVE to this great land long before our books told us it was discovered.  He also taught us to have a spirit of gratitude all year long... that one day isn't dedicated to thanks.  It is, however, an opportunity for families to come together and thank God for another year with each other.  One year, Mom had us make cards to thank those who serve in forgotten roles of our lives... the trash collectors, the mail deliverers, the lunch ladies, the office administrators at our school, the bus driver, the Sunday School teacher, the ushers, the kitchen committee at church and more.  She explained that some people do things we don't ever think about.  She allowed us to brainstorm who those people were in our lives.  She handed us paper and supplies with the instructions to NEVER FORGET the power of a thank you.

I am excited to continue this tradition with the little people who sit at the kids' table this year.

Thanksgiving is here.  Take time to thank those who have been forgotten.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WW: What I'm Bringing to Dinner

Sweet Potato Cornbread
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Creamy Mac-n-Cheese
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Pumpkin Dump Cake
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hostess Anxiety

It's me.

No. Not THAT me.

It's the dirty hair, filthy bedroom, pile o' laundry tacklin' me... the one who is starting projects but not seeing them to completion... who has piles for donation, keep and give away in just-about every room.  The me who is nervous about the two tests in Mrs. Brooks' third grade class today and who is exhausted just thinking about her to-do list.  Do you have a 'me' like this?

I'm not feeling like my fabulous self at this moment.  My favorite time of year is approaching, I love Thanksgiving, I'm preparing for family and food but something happened... something that has knocked me off the fab wagon.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Maya Mondays - Love.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mom Cave - Gallery Wall Progress

Did you see it?

Yep.  It happened.  It really did.  I even started the tree...

Don't worry. We won't talk about it until after Thanksgiving... I promise!  While we're on the subject of things happening, guess what I did.  Do you remember when I told you about Party Planner Block?  No? You can read more about it here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WW: This Happened.

Wordless Wednesdays

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pop*Fizz*Clink - A Party to Remember

I mentioned in the latest Snapshot Saturday post that I was prepping for a champagne-themed party for a client.  Today, I'm excited to share the party set-up!

The entryway served as a glamorous interpretation of champagne bubbles with crafty crystal strands and balloons.

The strands were made using glittered string, crystals, and various shimmery/glitter papers.

Gold-rimmed glasses were stacked into a champagne tower with a simple sign I designed to fit the theme.  The tower was the first thing guests saw as they arrived and the glasses set the tone for a grown-n-sexy affair while also serving as a great focal point.

Above photo was taken during set-up.  

The sign reads, "Time to drink champagne and dance on the table."

The formal living room was transformed into a swanky lounge area (Clarissa posted some awesome daytime photos here).

It was lovely during the day but at night, the room came to life!

I loved her use of fabric to drape the lounge space.  Don't the Ikea curtains bring an intimate feel to the space?  O!  The living room also served as home to one of the champagne stations.

Keeping with the theme, the primary drink option was, you guessed it, champagne!!!!  The champagne stations provided drink mixin's and stirrers I made.  The stars of the tables, however, were the awesome glittered champagne bottles:

I can't wait to share how I transformed the bottles!  Stay tuned for that tutorial :)

The dining room table became the buffet table.  Before the event, we designated platters for each of the delicious menu items.  With the *pop*fizz*clink* banner and the skirting above it, the sideboard became the dessert display.  I snagged some photos before I left.

I covered the surface with a gold polka dot wrapping paper (purchased from Michael's) and the gold dots added the perfect accent to the surface.  

I know you're wondering and Baker Joy made the cake and delicious cake pops.  The cake is exactly what I wanted.  Check the inspiration:

I wanted a mini version and she delivered!  We'll talk more about the cake topper.  For now, can I just swoon over its awesomeness?

I also asked for blush-colored cake pops with gold glitter and they were exactly what I wanted.

Sure, the dining room looked great when I left earlier in the day but this photo taken moments before the party started...

I think I fell in love!!! It's just pure magic.  In the above photo, you can see the sliding doors that lead to their beautiful screened-in porch.  This area was transformed into the cigar bar.  White Christmas lights, an assortment of drinks and plenty of seating served as the perfect space for guests to sample, sip, and socialize.  I am so glad I was able to FINALLY use my antique frame; it made the perfect border for this pretty sign:

Can you see the gold tray where the glasses were placed?

Does it look familiar?

Yep, it's one of the thrifty finds from our recent family trip to Columbus, Georgia (we talked about it here)!

Not far from the cigar bar, guests could access the dance floor (aka the sun room) where the DJ was playin' the hits!  Above the dance floor, I released lots of balloons.  Clarissa wanted to mix the huge (like 36") balloons among the standard-sized balloons.  I thought it was a great idea!  That is, until I remembered I drive a tiny VW Beetle.  O yea, did I tell you I traded the Mom Mobile for a smaller turbo-charged putt-putt?  Well, I did.  She may be small but she packs a punch! 

I had to make two trips to the party store!!  

It was all worth it because at midnight, she popped one of the large balloons to release confetti and glitter.  I'm sure it made for an awesome moment  My only regret is that I didn't get to stay and cover the event for photos!

The second champagne bar was an eclectic blend of design with a chalkboard wall, a sequined mirror, an antique candelabra, monochromatic serving dishes and sparkle champagne bottles!!

Photo taken during set-up

It all turned out amazing!

All-in-all, this event was fabulous.  It was a reflection of my new e-friend who, BTW, is *totally* a real person!  Clarissa has an impeccable sense of style.  She is one of those people you just want to talk to; she's funny, personable, grounded, intelligent... she's great and I consider it an honor to have been afforded the opportunity to help bring her first REAL birthday party dreams to fruition.

I have a few tutorials to share so stay tuned for them in time for the holidays!



Monday, November 17, 2014

Maya Mondays

"The ache for home lives in all of us... the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."  - Maya Angelou


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Snapshot Saturday

Howdy, Islanders!

This post is dedicated to the powers of social media!  I am blessed to have many e-friends and to connect with them using social media.  Clarissa, one of my e-buddies, blogs over at This Afropolitan Life.  We read each other's blogs and follow each other on a few social media networks.  Then, this happened:

Yep.  Suddenly, we became real people!  I mean, it's not that we weren't real before but the barriers of the computer screens allow (or prevent?) people from being really real real... well, kinda... at least to me.  Do I sound crazy? I feel like I do... moving on!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Frugal Friday: Flowers on the Cheap

Mrs. L., a recent client, stalked my Instagram account (which I love) and saw photos of a former client who incorporated traditional African elements into her beautiful day.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Floral Design - A Service I'm Ready to Offer

As many of you are aware, I am an event planner.  What you may not know is the unspoken duties that go into that job include - magician, mind-reader, mediator, budget-stretcher and FLORIST!

For years, I've brought bridal visions to fruition for a fraction of the cost.  Under the umbrella of our company, Sheena and I obtained a wholesale floral account...  which means that we get flowers for the SAME price as local florists.  We started offering our services exclusively to clients for much less than "professional" florists and quickly learned we were good at it.  VERY good at it.  Remember my rustic May bride?

Yes, I executed her floral designs and they were gorgeous:

Recently, I provided the floral designs for her brother's wedding.  It was another rustic event but, unlike my May client, this bride provided very little guidance for her wish list.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WW: My Floral Designs


Goodwill Finds: The Magnolia Wreath

Happy Friday, Islanders. I wanted to share a thrifty find from a while back.  Ugh, I love my local Goodwill Outlet.  Oh, and yes, you saw ...

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