Monday, August 31, 2015

4th Grade: Up, Up and Away!


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Snapshot Saturday - Auntie Duties.

I spent my Thursday afternoon helping to get the house ready for my nephew.  It was so nice to spend time with them and I am still on cloud nine from the time spent completing the projects!  Islanders, I hope your Saturday is productive!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WW: Majestic Mr. Dynamite

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, August 24, 2015

Maya Mondays - More Alike

"We can learn to see each other and see ourselves in each other and recognize that human beings are more alike than we are unalike."


Friday, August 21, 2015

Munch's Paris Bedroom - The Reveal.

Howdy, Islanders!

A few of you sent messages about Munch's bedroom after seeing the birthday gifts on her bed.

As you can see, we have made a lot of progress in the space.  As a matter of fact, we're at a stopping point in this space.  There are a few things left to do and we will talk about that soon but, for now, I introduce Munch's Paris-themed big girl room.

Since these photos were taken, we've changed the bedding to be exactly what we want.  It's a ruffle bedding set from Target.  I was searching high and low for black and white ruffled bedding. I was shocked to find exactly what I want on!

At my time of purchase, there was a major sale on home items going on.  We had a gift card and I used my Target Red [debit] card for 5% off AND free shipping! I paid less than $15 for the bedding and I couldn't be more happy about it.  The bedding in the following photos is also from Target and costs $29.99 (it's in the dorm room collections).  It worked but it wasn't what we wanted.

In the above photo, you can see where my thrifty mirror hangs behind an antique storage chair (covered with a blanket until I can reupholster and paint it):

I am really pleased with the closet area; I used ONLY thrifty finds to pull it together!

We will talk more about the thrifty finds soon! I love how everything came together.

We will also talk about the other areas and easy DIY projects in the space.  I'm just giddy with how it turned out!  Pulling this space together allowed me to craft and to channel my party planner energy on other Paris-themed projects for Munchface.  I can't wait to talk details and share more pretty pictures soon!


Thursday, August 20, 2015


That's how many years it's been since the island was celebrating god baby's arrival.  I've written multiple tribute posts to her and they all hold true to this day.

The first birthday post (with background, baby shower posts and more).

My hello and goodbye post.

Sending hugs and kisses to heaven for my angel AND for the angels of others today!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WW: The 11th Anniversary in Pictures

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What A Non-Party Looks Like

Howdy, Islanders!

With the decision to move forward without a birthday party, we needed to find the reborn doll that suited our needs.  Munch researched so many dolls and finally decided on the doll about two weeks prior.  Thankfully, the designer (yes, she is handmade) was able to put the final touches on the doll and get her shipped in time for the birthday [hopefully].

So, that was it.  I was done.  I didn't have to do anything else?  Just stress over the doll's arrival.  Okay, I can do that.  As the week of her birthday started, Hubbs began suggesting activities for a group of her friends.  He wanted to take six of her friends to the local water park or to the neighborhood beach and then out for lunch...  Sounded too much like a party and we agreed we weren't having a party.  I vetoed his ideas.  Sure, he grew annoyed with me but I wasn't too concerned.  WE AGREED.

I was copied on messages between Munch and other people.  In conversation with her Grandma Lisa, she was excited for her friends to meet her baby at her birthday.  WHAT BIRTHDAY?  She mentioned to me that she wanted to invite this friend and that classmate.  INVITE THEM WHERE?  In her messages to Tati, she asked if she was coming to her birthday.

A party?  An event? Was her birthday a person, place or thing?  Last I checked, her birthday was going to be wrapped up in a box with a bow.

Islanders, my husband and my child were having difficulty processing the idea of a NON-party birthday.  Now you know, if I do a birthday party, I do a birthday party.  This half-step 'throw together a get-together' for a birthday is NOT my style and I was NOT going to let that happen.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Spa-La-La - A Change of Plans

Hey, friends!

As you are aware, this past weekend was a busy one for our little family.  Hubbs and I celebrated 11 years and Munch celebrated her ninth birthday!  Mid-August is always a crazy-fun time 'round these parts.

I know you remember the inspiration board for Munchface's birthday party this year.  She chose a Paris Spa theme.  You remember she is obsessed with all things Paris, right?  As her birthday approached, Munch was growing increasingly MORE obsessed with something else... dolls.  Reborn dolls.  Have you seen a reborn doll?

Friday, August 14, 2015

All's Well That Starts Awkwardly, Right?

You guys have shared this roller coaster ride of emotions as we process my first-time auntie experience.  You've shared in the following highlights:

Attending the gender reveal as a guest:

Processing the weird paternal auntie feelings and boundaries:

Having the baby shower planning discussion:

Executing the surprise baby shower:

We've shared a lot of this experience but we haven't discussed some of the other events that transpired... like the time I got in my feelings on Facebook and didn't care who saw.  Oh, wait. I didn't tell you about that.  Well, what had happened was...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rustic Safari Shower - Food. Fun. Family.

Did you catch a glimpse of the cake in yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post?

Misty did her thang!  I sent the theme, color scheme, and a picture of a cake I found online.  When I arrived to pick-up, Misty confessed she wasn't a fan of the inspiration for a baby shower cake.  

Baby shower cakes are typically light, cute and gender-specific.  My request was for a brown silhouette?  Brown? On a baby shower cake?  

Misty took the inspiration and made baby animal silhouettes with tan polka dots.  She also added that scripture?! How perfect?!  She admitted she LOVED the cake and the idea once it was done... 

We surrounded the cake with elephant cookies made by Chef Joy.  They were super cute and super sweet!  Unfortunately, it was a little warm in the space and, by the end of the party, the royal icing softened.  

You can see we used the same wrapping paper for the cake backdrop.  Insider Islander confession: I paid a pretty penny for a photography backdrop... it's chevron (like the scripture area on the cake... you see my vision, right?).  Islanders, the backdrop is lovely.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WW: The Rustic Safari Sweets


Rustic Safari Shower - The Decor

Oh, Islanders.  As the planning for the rustic safari shower was underway, the hunt for the perfect venue proved to be quite difficult in the Fredericksburg area.  We were planning for 100 people and, no matter how you slice it, feeding and hosting an event with those numbers is a challenge.  Thank goodness Mom was able to find and reserve the space but, during our venue walk through, we realized the need to highlight, cover and plan for the layout.

During a teleconference, I suggested we use African safari animals and terms to name stations and areas; the plan was to create an atmosphere that was fun and creative but also uniform and true to the theme.  Some stations included Hippo's Mud Bath (chocolate fountain), Grazing Station (food buffet), Safari Sweets (cake and cookies table), Passport Photos (photo booth), and Watering Hole (drinks).

I used the stations to devise a layout and the sisters met to finalize decor solutions for the space.  With every event, you should have a list of your must-have items.   The items on this list serve as your no-matter-what-may-come these things must be done reminders.  That list helps to measure the success of your event (from a planner's perspective).  For the rustic shower, we decided our priorities were great food and decor.  Within the decor, my priorities were:

- Table linen
- Table centerpieces
- Decor to deflect from the cinder block walls

Basically, I wanted to deflect from venue shortfalls and control the guests' perspective... I needed my decor to say "hey hey! Look over here and NOT at the fluorescent lighting!"

Goodwill Finds: The Magnolia Wreath

Happy Friday, Islanders. I wanted to share a thrifty find from a while back.  Ugh, I love my local Goodwill Outlet.  Oh, and yes, you saw ...

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