Friday, February 28, 2014

Guest Room #2 - The Plan.

Happy Friday, Islanders!
I feel like this week's blog topics are all over the place.  We started the week talking about Munch's 8th Birthday Party theme and plan, then I shared my latest thrifty finds and new skills.  Today, I'm sharing the color palette for one of the guest rooms. 
OMG! Do the topics seem all over the place to you?
Don't answer that...
Imagine how my BRAIN feels!
I've mentioned before that our home has six bedrooms and a gym.  Now, we didn't enter the market looking for a home with that number of bedrooms and I certainly didn't want that many to keep clean!  Anyhoo, the rooms are pretty large (especially when compared to our small town home's bedrooms) and all of them can easily accommodate a queen size bedroom set (dresser, nightstands, armoire, etc.).
When we decided how the bedrooms in our home would be situated, we assigned the following spaces:
- The master bedroom
- The kid's bedroom
- The craft room
O and we designated the room in the basement as the guest suite.  It has the best bathroom in the house:
Photo taken shortly after move-in before decor
Photo taken shortly after move-in before décor
It's large enough for a small chair and, although I am not ready to spend money on it yet, I can't wait to decorate and make it fabulous.
In addition to the large bathroom, the bedroom was large enough to accommodate our old bedroom set (a California King-sized bed and furniture).  It was an EASY decision, THIS was our guest room.
Photo taken shortly after move-in before décor
Photo taken shortly after move-in before décor
With the rooms assigned, we were left with 2 additional rooms - one is reserved for a tiny blessing (if God says the same) and the other?  Well, it just sat there... empty.

The room gets amazing sunlight!  I just didn't think about what its use would be...  that is, until we had guests over the summer.
In July, we hosted some of my in-laws from NJ.  Brian's aunt and uncle slept in the guest room.  Their youngest daughter and Darren crashed in the family room.  The little ones crashed in Munch's room.  Cousin Selena and her husband crashed on a blow-up mattress in, get this, the EMPTY ROOM! 
That room would become our OTHER guest room.  I've been trying to figure out what to do with the space. I wanted it to be fabulous and fun and modern yet pretty and welcoming... I wanted it to feel like a hotel... Not too contemporary yet not too stuffy.
I decided to let the color scheme evolve from purchasing things I love.  I didn't want to FORCE something into the room.  So, as you can probably imagine, the room sat.  Empty.
SIDEBAR:  I hit a funk during this whole nesting process.  Our home was overwhelming.  No room was done.  You know, donepainted, decorated, accessorized, finished, done.  It just wasn't.  I mean, it's clean and it feels like home but... every room served (well, serves) as a reminder of  home projects left undone.
Rather than spin my wheels and rush to complete the room, I waited to find things I love.  On one of my thrifty - OMG! Will this post relate to others from this week ;) - shopping trips, I found things I loved and, from there, my plan for this room came together!
The Finds
 While browsing The Village thrift store, I laid eyes on this fabulous navy pillow:
It only cost $3.90!  While on that same shopping trip, I also fell in love with this navy and cream vintage peony seed (or bud) container:

You know I love my peonies!!
A few days later, I found 2 prints on clearance for $15/each at TJMaxx.  They're painted on a linen-like paper and I love the texture.  I wasn't sure where I would use them but I was sure they would fit in somewhere.  I placed all of these items in the empty room and it was weeks before it hit me.

They would all work perfectly together and would make an awesome addition in the space!  I began to devise a plan. 
The Color Palette

Navy, Coral, Gold and White
The Plan
It's coming together in my head, Islanders. 
In the photo above, you can see where the bed and feature wall will be.  I'm planning to have a tall board and batten treatment like this:
Instead of tan, I'm searching for the perfect shade of navy.  I figure it won't be too much navy because of the contrasting white paint on the board and batten. 
Above the bed (on the navy wall), I'm going to hang my fab coral prints:
Devona has given me her queen-size headboard and it's a great color and shape. I'm torn as to whether to paint it or not.  That decision will come once I find the bedding; there really are a lot of options!
 I'm going to move the two gold Target tables from our bedroom to serve as bedside tables.  They're really cute:
...they just aren't to the appropriate scale for our furniture.  They will, however, work perfectly in this space.
On the bedside tables, I am excited to use the peony vase to recreate a small arrangement like this:
Opposite the bed, I'd like to place a modern desk and ornate mirror.
I have tons of DIY and small accessories in mind but I don't want to purchase or make anything until I have the larger pieces in place.
Ya'll know I love my inner island girl.  I love the casual and effortless elegance of the tropics.  I can't wait to execute this simple yet fabulous design.
I'll be back with updates.
What do you think? 
What are your colors in your guest room?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursdays - Shopping 101

I've expressed my skillzzzz as a professional thrift shopper.  My doing so also breaks one of the most important thrift shopping codes! 
One of the first rules to professional thrift shopping is that you don't THRIFT and TELL.
1. I have a streak of granny.  Yes, I admit it.  I love doilies and floral prints and lace and ruffles and brass and old pictures and crochet blankets and quilts and everything granny.  As a matter of fact, my granny streak is so bad that, when I'm shopping, I often turn to my mom or Munch (my two fave thriftin' partners) and await their vote for "great or granny."
2.  I have GREAT memories thrift and antique shopping with my mommy.  It's nostalgic and it feels like, no matter the store, I see the same things from my childhood.  I'm also teaching my daughter the tricks of the trade and I enjoy watching her blossoming love of thrift stores.
3.  I love unique pieces!  The inventory in every thrift store is different so I'm always guaranteed to find something special.
Those are my top three reasons but, trust me, there are many more :) Now, with all of my thrift store lovin' here on the island, I'm excited to share I have learned some new thriftin' tricks.
I've never paid much attention to clothing.  My focus was always on those pieces I could incorporate into or transform to fit my décor.  When I discovered The Village thrift store, I called my mom and we planned her first visit. I was excited for her to see the aisles of housewares and old books and accessories and more.  When she first walked in, however, she headed straight for the clothing.
I didn't even LOOK at the clothing.  I had barely noticed the 8 aisles of dresses sorted by size and length, the 4 aisles of coats also sorted by size and length, the shirts sorted by size and color, same with the jeans and kids' clothes and baby stuff and shoes and scarves and, well, everything.  I had only walked around the outskirts of the store in search of home stuff and I couldn't believe I missed the best part!
One of my first clothing purchases - $3 Rampage romper
It was at that moment that I was introduced to the amazing clothing selection!  I've OFFICIALLY expanded my professional thrift shopping!
After an additional 50% discount, these slacks (NY&Co, H&M, Anne Klein) were perfect for work!

I rocked this granny skirt with a fitted cream turtle neck and gray boots - FAB!

A cute work blazer - $4

Fab jacket with leather pockets and elbow patches - $10

I can't wait to wear this vintage dress with a statement necklace and a high bun - $7
One of the vintage pencil skirts - $4
Yesterday, in the Wordless Wednesdays post, I shared a few of my thrifty thrills.  That post was a preclude to our newest series.
Thrifty Thrills - Shopping 101
I'm going to share some awesome tips of the thrifting trade that many novices would never know.
Hopefully, these insider tips will help you save a couple dollars and find some cool places in your area for unique and fabulous pieces :)
Cheers to saving money without compromising style!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WW: Expanded Thrifty Horizons

Munch's Gap pea coat - $7
Sterling silver earrings - $4
Munch's scarf - $.90
New With Tags (NWT) Old Navy jacket for Junie - $4
NWT cardigan for Gilly - $2
Forever21 pea coat - $9
NWT Jones New York leather trim shawl - $6

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Like A Rock Star - The Details.


I'm back and, as promised, I'm sharing a more detailed look into the plans for Munchface's eighth birthday party.  I know, it's in August and I'm crazy for thinking this far ahead... First, have you ever tried to allow a child to make decisions for a party?  They change their minds *like* every hour.  I allow her to have input but what she says she wants in February is it.  No mind changing, no last minute curve balls, nope. None of that... over the years, she's learned and doesn't give me a hard time about her birthday at all once we settle on the theme.  Second, here's where most people hosting an event make a mistake:


I'm not going to say that I don't have to tailor my vision to fit into my busy schedule or that last-minute things don't pop up to derail plans. I will, however, say that I execute 90% of what I want in any event, to include my child's birthday party.
She and I discuss the theme.  I leave that conversation and brainstorm my ideas.  From there, I develop a plan.  Sharing with you guys holds me accountable simply by having you guys listen to my plans.  I'm hoping sharing the process helps someone improve their parties, gain some inspiration, meet some fab vendors or just appreciate the party that much more when they arrive as guests.
Whatever the case, let's get to the details, shall we?
I shared the theme for Munch's BIG 8 birthday bash - A Rock Star Dance Party - yesterday.  To set the tone, the party will have an 80's party feel and is scheduled late afternoon to early evening.  O and the fun will be divided into two parts - typical party activities and fun then the VIP access dance party.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the party based upon the inspiration board I pulled together.  ENJOY!
1. Glow stick chandelier(s)
We're going to replace the lighting in the gym with black lights and have the lights off (or low) so the fun glow décor and dress-up things are the focus.
Now, I'm not sure how the one photographed above was designed but I would like to anchor the favor table by hanging 2 glow stick chandeliers from the ceiling.  Should be easy enough to slide traditional glow sticks around a wire wreath form (I'll share a tutorial when it's all done).  Wish me luck because, as usual, I don't know if it will work!
2. Craft/Lunch Table
Yep, I'm going to create another hula hoop chandelier... only this time, as a cover for the light fixture over the kitchen table.  I'll incorporate neon ribbons and sparkles.  The table will be set-up with a black sparkle table cloth and neon table settings.  We'll serve heavy snacks (menu plans will be made closer to the date) and drinks in cool rock star cups like these:
3. Wall Décor
You know I love to make pinwheels (no? check it out here)! I've got some neon paper left over from a few craft projects and I'm going to create a pinwheel feature wall like this on the main level:

The gym is a large empty space that will allow for lots of fun wall treatments!  Foam Core Board with glow-in-the-dark paint splatters on one wall, records and streamers on another, the favor table with a cool backdrop, etc.  So, expect more on that topic as the date nears :)

4. Inflatable Guitars.
I found inflatable guitars that are, get this, DIY! They come ready for the girls to decorate.  As the guests arrive, they'll decorate the guitars with markers, stickers and glitter glue. 
We always have a craft and I think this will be the perfect warm-up for the fun.
5. Floor(s)
I want a red (or hot pink) carpet on the walkway to the front door.  I'll create it with dowels and ribbon.
I also want to use glow paint in the party room to create a dance floor.  The gym floor is painted concrete and, although I need to do my research, I think it will be a cool effect.
6. Glow Ready
I saw this pic and KNEW I had to get glow supplies for the girls.
Before heading downstairs to the dance room, we'll put glow-in-the-dark lipstick, nail polish and tattoos on the girls.  Of course, I'm planning a VIP glamour station for this stuff but I'm also planning to provide glasses and other things on the favor table.  We'll get to the favor table in a few seconds though so... 

7. Cake
Munch's birthday cake is always a conversation piece of the party.  Unlike in the past, this year we will have a little more FUN with the design.
One layer will look like this cake:
I love the music notes on the top cake layer of this cake (in our colors of course):

The number, music notes and guitar are awesome on THIS cake: 

I'm hoping to combine the three elements I love and I'll send these images and guidance to my boo, Misty, and let her take over from there!  I've told you she's AWESOME!
8.  Desserts
Of course, we will have an assortment of treats. I will not, however, have cupcakes and cookies and cake pops and candy and a big ol' pretty cake.  It only winds up as a whole lot of leftovers.  I want to make smart choices and get just enough of everything.
I'm planning to have two dozen cookies, one dozen guitar-shaped cookies:

One dozen rock star inspired cookies:
Cotton candy on glow sticks

Yes, I will be pulling out the cotton candy maker to recreate a glow stick cotton candy display!  O and the menu will have mini portions of yummy foods so the guests (both parents and kids) will have more than enough to enjoy!
9.  Favor table
In lieu of favor bags, we'll have SWAG bags (just like a fancy VIP event for rock stars, lol).  Please note: there will only be one table in the party room.  On it, I'll place the sweets and SWAG for the little black tote bags we'll rock out with puffy paints and glitter.  SWAG will include:
Guitar-shaped lip gloss
Chocolate microphones

Microphone bubble wands
It will also have glow-in-the dark shades, rock star LED bracelets, guitar pens, neon rock star fedoras... and more!
I hope you are as excited as I am to get started.  This is the first time we're hosting a birthday party at OUR home.  I'm excited and nervous and ready to get started... Too soon? You're probably right. I'll just assess the area and plan... until next month (which is TECHNICALLY next week - HA!).

Do you follow me on Pinterest?  If so, you should TOTALLY check out the board I've created (here) to keep tabs on the party products.

Goodwill Finds: The Magnolia Wreath

Happy Friday, Islanders. I wanted to share a thrifty find from a while back.  Ugh, I love my local Goodwill Outlet.  Oh, and yes, you saw ...

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