Thursday, February 7, 2013

Made In Paris - The Games.

I LOVE the challenge of coed events.  I feel like no man WANTS to attend a baby shower so I take it as an opportunity to prove all men wrong.  I want to show them what they've been missing at events of this nature (*squints eyes in a manly way* if a baby shower is this fun, imagine what we do at bridal showers).  I've told you about my recipe for events before:


O BOY!  You better believe the Made In Paris shower had a double dose of Shake (a moving activity)! Wait until you see the foolery that transpired.

Ice Breaker - The Waddle.

Sheena has a successful blog all about SHOES!  She has a shoe collection that makes me drool and she had the nerve to wear heels her entire pregnancy... Some women waddle but not my boo, Sheena!  In honor of typical pregnancy symptoms, I split the crowd into teams and asked them to come up with a new line dance, The Waddle.  Hubbs was the DJ and played the popular new line dance song, "The Wobble."  Check out the pics:

The winners were announced and the parents-to-be joined in the fun... Wanna learn?

Note: each step is 4 counts... It goes perfectly WITH the song, lol.

1.  Jump forward and rub the belly
2.  Jump back and rub the butt

3. Rattle shake to the left

4.  Rattle shake to the right
5. Right foot forward then cha-cha-cha
6. Left foot forward then cha-cha-cha

7.  Turn to the right like you've got a hurt back
8.  Lean (and walk) back like you got a hurt back

HILARIOUS, right?!

Game 2 - The Hot Seat.

We worked up a sweat dancing and laughing... To cool down, I asked questions about Sheena's pregnancy and Dom's answers made the game hilarious!  He responded with *clears throat* ... *insert awkward pause and side eye*... "quality time" for everything!  It went like this:

Me: Question #1 - what does Sheena love most about pregnancy?
Crowd: The healthy hair!... The belly!... The glow!
 *clears throat* ... *insert awkward pause and side eye*...
Dom: That loooooooooooooong....
Crowd: CRACKS up laughing.

Sheena: I love feeling the baby move.
Dom: Yea, I mean... I'm sure she loves that too *shrugs*
Insert 8 other questions with the same response from Dom...
Me: Question #10 - what does Dom love most about the pregnancy...
CROWD (in unison):  "that loooooooooooooooong"
Sheena: that Loooooooong!!!!

Dom: No, I love feeling the baby move.

Game 3: Daddy Olympics

The 2012 Olympic games took place in Europe and, as a nod to the couple's love of sports, I came up with a Daddy Olympic Event.

The first event required two guys.

Step 1: Get suited (with bibs)

Step 2: The crowd counts down...

Step 3: Eat applesauce off of the plate!

Step 4:  Drink from bottle (without hands)

Step 5: Run to the stroller and push it to the finish line!

Well, we had a clear victor!  However, when you become a dad, no other man can come to YOUR house, race and HAVE THE NERVE TO WIN the title to the DADDY OLYMPICS... Well, not without you defending your honor as Daddy-to-be. 

DISCLAIMER:  Somehow, I feel responsible for what transpired next.  Maybe my build-up for Dom with the whole "defending honor of the Brown family name" led to the tragic (but hilarious) brawl.

We repeated the steps...

Mid-bottle, however, it got real...

Like, really real...

That fence didn't know what hit it!

Wanna see the footage?  Check out Sheena's post for more!

Guests returned inside for more refreshments, the cake cutting and GIFTS! Lots and lots of GIFTS!

I am certain, however, the guys never expected to have this much fun at a BABY shower!  I ditched the purse and word searches for get-up-and-move-something games.  While I was pleased with the decor and food, I know the guys had a good time when they gave compliments like:

"Amazing event!"

"You did a good job!"

"This didn't suck."

"To think, I almost didn't wanna come!"

Man Translation: The games were lots of fun!!!!!

That, folks, concludes the longest series *like* ever!  I leave you with some photos from the photo-ops of guests (further evidence that this was an AWESOME time)!

I just like Hubbs' hoodie.

My little helper who "donated" her strollers to the event.

Thanks for stopping by! Here's a favor to take home with you... Hope you like chocolate truffles :)



  1. I need to see the waddle demonstrated... can you please do a YouTube tutorial dance video??? ;)

    Looks like such a great time!

  2. Super cute ideas. I will remember this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. omg!!!!! i love all of this but.......what in the world is the looooooooooooooong??????????/

  4. Hi!!! Let me start off by saying that these ideas are awesome!

    I will be MC'ing my cousin's baby shower this month. She is having a non-traditional shower with a DJ and limited me to only 2 games (I am a teacher, so that is really hard for me lol). I really want her to have some silly fun at her shower, but still want her to have the nontraditional feel and your wobble song is PERFECT!!!

    By the way, thanks for helping up my cool factor... wait till I suggest to the kids that we dance the wobble at our next class party (I will be the coolest teacher for sure).

    Anyway, the favor... I would like to know if you can please share a recording or anything that will let me hear how these moves were directed to the guests while they did the dance. I tried voicing over myself and sound like a huge geek, I cannot even get it to match the beat.

    Please please help. I want her to love her baby shower and this is beyond perfect!!!

    Thank you for sharing and hopefully I can use this song!!!!!!

  5. Can you give examples of questions to ask dad in the hot seat game?

  6. These are awesome! I just need ideas for the hot seat game as far as the questions, I have no idea what to ask!! Please help


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