Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vegas - The Dance Off.

Funny #2 of the Vegas trip...
I am sworn to secrecy as it pertains to the bachelorette festivities.  I will, HOWEVER, let you "in" on some of the fun. 

The scene: we're out.  We're about.  You know, doing the party bus thing - club hoppin' and booty poppin'...
All of a sudden, this appears on the dance floor:
He stepped to Deb for a dance off.  He went from man to blur in 2.2 seconds.
At the conclusion of his dance break, he, along with his hype man, struck a you-got-served pose:
NOT TO BE OUTDONE, Deb and Karen, her hype girl, started wiggling around in response:
Then both, Deb and Mr. Dance Off, went all dance-booty-shake blurry on the dance floor:
Who won?! The bride-to-be (and YES I was biased).  Not to worry!  It was all in good fun as the "dance crews" did unite for a photo in the end. 
I PROMISE I did not expect a dance off in the middle of the club.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Vegas - A Man. His Underwear. And a Baby.

I am BACK from my dear friend's wedding in Vegas.  It was awesome and I can't wait to share some deets with all of you.  I will, however, lead into it with some of the funnier moments of my trip.
On my first full day in Vegas, Deb and I hit the ground running!  We ran errands for the wedding, enjoyed some shopping and met Shaunita for lunch at the Harley Davidson Cafe. 
Seriously, there are so many restuarants on the strip that NONE of them are EVER busy.  We didn't wait for a table *like* ever!!
SIDEBAR: Can you see the American flag in the above photo? The crafter in me loved it!  It's individual strands of chains hanging from the ceiling and PAINTED to look like an American flag.  Isn't it amazing?!
Not only was the decor cool but the food was awesome! I highly recommend the trio (pork, beef, chicken) BBQ sliders - DELISH!
SO... I ate. I was full. I was happy.  I purchased $4 flip flops because these beauties were KILLING my feet (like them? They're on sale for $69):
My feet were happy.
I didn't think life could get better. 
Then, THIS happened:
Yep.  He is amazing, isn't he?  Get this, the baby was a robot.  So, when I stepped up to take a pic, the baby turned to look at me - one of the freakiest things I've ever seen. 
Do you recognize him? He's one of the leading men from the movie, The Hangover.
Yep.  My life couldn't get any better.  My full belly got to stand next to a man carrying a robot baby... while wearing his undies.
ONLY in Vegas.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WW: The Uno Champ.

Wordless Wednesdays:  Can you tell who won the Uno Championship?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Free Printable - Blessings.

I saw this FREE printable and HAD to share!  It is so powerful! I am deciding on where to hang it in the house (if I ever get around to putting nails in the wall)...

Friday, April 12, 2013


Hi, Islanders!
It's Friday and I'm so excited to have a few days to get the new house in order before I head out of town.  O, don't worry.  I've scheduled blog posts so the island won't miss a beat!
I almost forgot what it feels like to move!  As if my regular life wasn't enough to fill my days, unpacking seems to take over my LIFE!! I can't wait until I feel settled because I'm way overdue for some girl time. 

A few weeks back, my boo, Renee, came into town.  She made some sightseeing plans and requested that all of the girls come together to play catch-up.
On the outside, Renee is fabulous.  Like, seriously.  She's one of those people you see and think, "where is she going?!"  

I've learned fashion is Renee's truest form of expression.   She wears sparkles at all times simply because they make her feel good.  Yo, if Renee showed up to my house in a ball gown with a tiara, I wouldn't even blink.  Rather, I would know she felt like a million bucks.  She's contagious.  When I answer the phone and hear her squeal, "Ahhhhh, TABITHA!!!!" I know it's going to be a FUN conversation.
What I love most is that Renee is one of the most genuine people I have EVER met.  One who asks how you're doing and waits for you to answer.  She's the type of person who never judges, who still sends care packages to her friends and who always wishes the best.  For *like* everyone.

Did I mention she reads my blog?  Yea, she's awesome.
Anyhoo,  when the girls get together, it's a guaranteed good time - there's singing, pop culture, wine, guy gossip, dancing to our old jams and much MUCH more.  Joy hosted the party at her adorable apartment and she threw DOWN in the kitchen.  We each went around the room giving our life update. 

Did you see what Renee wore (far left)? Imagine over-the-top stilettos, with that fabulous outfit.  So extra for no reason... I love it.

Dani - was preparing to turn 30 in Miami at the time. She had some great news about her upcoming projects (I have a post for her coming soon).  She looked so cool in her striped dress and purple tights.  She kept us laughing all night.
Tammy - adjusting to married life and her new house just fine.  Work work work...  Busy busy busy... When she's not working, volunteering with her sorority or DIY-ing and decorating her fab house, APPARENTLY, she's Mrs. BETTY frikkin' CROCKER.  My kinda gal :)
J.Lo -

Studying French, traveling the world, growing big curly natural hair, loving on her sweet mama, establishing her brand and building buzz around the launch of her next project...  She bought her big girl fancy camera and was the photographer on deck for the night :) O and I have a post for her coming soon too :)
Joy - starting her own fitness business, enjoying her newest hobby of teaching zumba (we saw her first routine and, let's just say, my thighs burned from the zumba butt shake).  She's the Jane of all trades (I didn't believe she colored her own hair because it looks that amazing).  She had a full spread and was a gracious host.  It's nice to show up somewhere and not have anything to do.  Thanks, Joy!

She was the woman of the hour announcing her desire to pursue a hobby:  

... in makeup!
She's decided to use her gift of glam to enhance the natural beauty of women.  She wants to make others look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.  Sweet, right?!  We were all proud to support!
Her first victim of the night?
"Tabby, you know I read your blog.  I saw your bucket list.   Now, before you go trying lash extensions, you need to make sure you even like the look.  When I come up there, I would love to put some lashes on you..."
This was the start of our conversation the week before Renee came into town.  We talked about all things makeup and she was so excited that I got excited, lol.


Somewhere between her updating us on her life, I got my makeup done.

Can you see my side eye in the pic above? I kept having to remind her to do my makeup because her life update was slowing up progress!

So, what do you think?

I called Hubbs and told him to get ready to love on another woman, lol.

When I got home, I ran downstairs covering my face.  I did the big reveal and the man was freaked out.  It was funny because he actually told me, when I was mid-sentence, to stop blinking at him.

Ah, well. My lash extensions won't be THAT bold but the trial was totally worth it! Anytime I get sparkles glued to my lids along with lashes that touch my eyebrows is a GOOD TIME!!

It's exciting to be around women who are supportive of each other, who love each other and who ALL have so many positive things happening in their life.
I can't wait to have more time with my friends... I just need to get my house in a little more order.  Check me out with my FABU-LASH eyeballs, lol:  

Have you tried something new recently?


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lumpia Lesson - The Dessert Recipe.

Who loves dessert?

Who loves EASY desserts?

Who loves QUICK desserts?

If you raised your hand for any (or all) of those questions, TODAY is your lucky day!!


I love plantains.  I'll pan sear some in brown sugar and butter for a sweet side with my West Indian dishes.  We fight over them at the Caribbean restaurant, lol.  I tellya, Hubbs has become more and more West Indian with every passing day of our marriage.

Despite my love for plantains, I've never thought to prepare them like this.  It is delicious and I think you're going to LOVE this recipe.


- Ripe plantains
- Brown Sugar
- 1 egg
- lumpia wrappers
- optional: caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream


1.  Cut the ends off of you plantains.

2. Cut the plantain in half

3.  Cut down the length of the peel.  Take care not to apply too much pressure as you are just trying to peel the skin

4. With your half standing up cut down the center once:

Then again:

In other words, 1 plantain = 8 dessert lumpia rolls!!

5.  Roll each plantain slice in brown sugar.

6.  Place your plantain slice in the center of the wrap.  Use an envelope fold to hold the plantain in place.

Remember to seal with your egg!

7. Fry in oil for 3-5 minutes or until golden brown.


Imagine this drizzled with caramel sauce and served with vanilla ice cream?  AMAZING!

OMG, go.  NOW! Try it and let me know what you think!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WW: Our first visitors.

Wordless Wednesdays:  Aside from my parents, Sheena and baby Olivia were my first official visitors to the new house.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lumpia - The Recipe.

Yesterday, we discussed the Women's Fellowship Lesson.  Today, I am FINALLY going to share the lumpia lesson! I told you how I'm pretty-much-basically OBSESSED with Filipino food.  That said, you can imagine this lesson is a highlight how-to of my life, lol.  Why?

- It's authentic.

- It's easy.

- It can be made ahead and FROZEN!

- It's delicious.

You're welcome!!

Before we get started with the how-to's, I must share some of the other treats of the day! 

Mommy wanted everyone to have their own apron.  Rather than purchase several aprons, she made a quick no-sew option for attendees. 

She cut a few slits along one side of a fabric napkin and "weaved" wired ribbon through the slits.  It turned out REALLY cute, added fun colors to the event, served as a favor AND was totally functional.

Didn't I tell you craftiness runs in my blood?  I also LOVED that all of her supplies were so cheap!

Mommy also set-up a non-alcoholic mojito station:

To create your version, pour Sprite over ice in your glass.  Sprinkle in mint leaves, fresh berries and your choice of a lemon or a lime slice. It made for a YUMMY alternative to the mojito.  I am OFFICIALLY addicted: 

Other decor elements included cute little tubs for each attendee to take their HOT lumpia home in and some adorable napkins and cutlery:

The monogram napkins read:  Seasonally Over Scheduled.  Severely Over Served.  Peculiar Mental State.  Doing Too Much.

It was all very fabulous.  Let's get to the tutorial shall we?


- Spring Roll Shells (sold in the international grocery stores or sections)
- Lipton Beefy Onion seasoning packets
- 1lb of your choice of ground meat (we made several variations - beef, chicken, pork, etc.)
- shredded carrots (we used the food processor to further refine the consistency)
 - fresh green beans (a handful) minced
- 3 eggs
- 1/3 cup Oats (like the plain Quaker Oats oatmeal... not for flavor but to help the consistency)
- Veggie oil for deep-frying


1. Process the carrots. 

2. In a bowl, combine the meat, carrots, green beans, seasoning, oats and 1 egg.

She started with a spoon:

But then said "back home" they use their hands.  In an effort to be AUTHENTIC with our recipe, use your hands to smoosh (it's a word) everything together.

3.  In a small bowl, combine 3-5 tablespoons of water with 2 eggs. 

NOW, it's time for rolling!! 

There are 2 methods:


1.  Look at your pointer finger.  You see it?  That's the amount of filling you need for your lumpia rolls.  Trust me, this filling goes a LONG way.

2.  Carefully separate a few wraps (they are thin so, again, be careful).

3.  Place a pointer finger-sized amount about an inch from the bottom of the wrap like so:

4.  Roll the lower piece of the wrap over the filling making sure to keep it TIGHT.  Use a little of your egg/water mix to seal.  It should look like this: 

Continue rolling the wrap:

5.  About half an inch from the edge, use the egg/water mixture to seal the end:

6. Continue rolling until you have a completely rolled wrap!


1. Carefully separate a single wrap from the stack:

2.  Unlike the last wrap, place the filling about an inch and a half from a corner.  Fold the corner over your filling until it looks like this:

3.  Fold the left and right corners in (seal with a little egg/water mixture):

Place the egg/water mixture in the remaining exposed corner and fold over like an envelope.

After you're about half-way finished with your pack of wraps, I recommend turning on the oil (in a deep fryer or frying pan).  The rolls cook in about 5 minutes or until golden brown.  

When they are finished you can enjoy them plain OR take a leaf of romaine lettuce, place a roll in the center and add some shredded carrots.  Top your lettuce wrap with some Asian sauce like this:


The photographed sauce has a very distinct flavor that I don't use often enough to purchase such large bottles BUT I think the orange sauce packets I can't bring myself to trash would be AMAZING on these!!

The lettuce wraps are perfect for lunch on a warm day while the rolls by themselves (cut in half) are the perfect party food!

We also learned how to make another variation using stir fry with chicken.  She added yellow raisins just before rolling.  The sweet raisins were a nice touch (spicy with a sweet kick and crunchy cabbage - YUM!).

We had a great time! 

Everyone left with freezer bags FULL of lumpia.  I froze my uncooked rolls for about two months.  Last week, I pulled them out and we had them for dinner.  THEY WERE A HIT!!

The fellowship was truly a great time with great people!

Thanks to our wonderful chef for coming to help! She's the best :)

In the pic above, you can totally see some of the hubbies who came CONVENIENTLY just as the food was done to "help clean up" and to taste test.  Sneaky men folk!

Stay tuned for the fabulous and easy DESSERT lumpia recipe!!


Goodwill Finds: The Magnolia Wreath

Happy Friday, Islanders. I wanted to share a thrifty find from a while back.  Ugh, I love my local Goodwill Outlet.  Oh, and yes, you saw ...

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