Friday, April 18, 2014

Feeling Springy

We had a wintery mix on Monday and, despite the late spring weather, I was a little shocked by it.  A few days of sunshine made me forget the miserable winter we had this year ;) 
Anyhoo, it appears as though the land has resurrected despite Mother Nature's plans to keep it otherwise dormant.  Our greenery is popping up around the house :)
With the season upon us, I was so glad to sprinkle a little Spring around the house :)
Here's a quick update...
I've had extreme difficulty with finding the perfect centerpiece for our dining room table.  During a conversation with Sheena a few weeks back, she reminded me that in a larger home, one has to use larger tchotchke... I can't stay stuck in my apartment-scale or townhome-scale accessories; our place needs large-scale tchotchke if I want them to make a statement.  Case-and-point? The dining room table centerpiece.
For winter, I made 2 smaller arrangements to anchor the sides of the table.  After Christmas, I removed the Christmas tree arrangement from the center and always felt they're removal made the table look incomplete... empty... undone.  Sure, my arrangements were pretty but they were too small to matter.  Get what I'm saying?
You know how I feel about our new home in its awkward undone stage, right? It was driving me crazy for this space (my most complete room) to feel so far from completion.  I had to get this centerpiece together and ASAP.
I would go to Michael's and look at their assortment of ready-made arrangements.  They were all so over-priced or maybe I just know I could make them myself.  Whatever the case, I never found THE one.  They all were missing something - too tall, too skimpy, too short, too small, too something
I searched the internet.  Ebay? Amazon? Wayfair? Pottery Barn? Surely someone has a statement centerpiece at the appropriate scale, a reasonable price, the right color, right?  Wrong.
I found a few online but you can just never tell online.  If I'm paying $100+ for a centerpiece, it better WOW me.  An internet purchase seemed too risky at this point...
On a recent trip to the Goodwill, I was on my way out when I noticed a cute arrangement in the window.  I thought it was cute but figured, judging by the quality, it would be expensive (by Goodwill's standards).  It was a whopping $1.99!  WHAT?! I was sold.
I finally have a vase for the dining room table and, it will free my mind to search for the perfect year-round arrangement without my table feeling incomplete.
Islanders, meet my new dining room table centerpiece.
If I want, I can add more flowers or, as Sherry pointed out, I can build on it to make it more of what I want... I'm just so happy to cross this off of my to-do list AND to add a dose of pretty to the dining room :)
I know, I owe you an update on our Spring wreath.  Let's just say with the Scandal finale last night, I couldn't STOP looking at the t.v. to glue...
Yea... It's still sitting on the floor like this:
 I also have this cute little wreath with these eggs that I want to make an Easter craft for...
Probably won't happen but eh, at least it was only $1.45 (half-off sale day).  Then again, maybe I'll do something small... we'll see!
I have more spring d├ęcor and things to show you over the weekend.  No [blog] days off, LOL!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

TBT and Kids' Clothing deals!

Throwback Thursday
I know, we don't typically have posts like this BUT... I am still weirded out by how big my kid is.  It seems that, as excitement builds for each holiday, there's this knot in my throat that grows also... I feel like we just took family photos for Easter 2007.
Photo of a photo
Photo of a photo
I remember Munch showed out.  She was ONLY happy if one of my parents was holding her.  As you can imagine, that made THIS photo UNsuccessful:
Photo of a photo
2 minutes later, this photo happened...

It's a photo of a photo
She was a trip, right?  Can you see her holding on to my mom's top?  She thought I was coming to get her.  Mom or Dad had her and she would point to me and say, "no."  I would act like I was coming to take her and she would laugh and fight to hang on.  In the above photo, she was smiling (because she was with her two favorite people of the day) but looking at me.  If I moved like I even THOUGHT I wanted her, she was frowning up and telling me "no."  Eight months old... telling me no.  Girl, BYE.
Now, I'm preparing for Easter and my KID (I say it to remind myself that she isn't a baby anymore) wants to pick out her dress.  What?! Is this really my life?!
I took the above photo this past Saturday.  I wanted to share about the whole cart full of free clothes I got from fabkids.
* All opinions are my own; this is not a paid endorsement *
I first mentioned my adoration for the online shop when I shared Munch's birthday outfit for the Sunshine and Lemonade Party (more here).  Remember that sweet little dress I got for $15?
fabkids is a site that allows you to create a profile for your child.  Based on your responses to a variety of surveys, the site pulls together outfits your child would love to wear.  I check back periodically to see the seasonal outfits and they always have funky little mix-and-match outfits.  They were offering a BOGO deal and free shipping a few weeks ago so I logged in and picked out 3 outfits:
When I went to check out, I had rewards... in the form of credits... as in, for some reason, I would get $80 (almost exactly my total) of clothing ordered and shipped FOR FREE!  I realize that might be too good to believe so, here's the proof:
See!  Toldya.  Free.  It comes in a cool box (pink for girls and green for boys), it removes the THINKING from on-trend clothing AND in a few weeks, they'll have wardrobe boxes on sale (I got 5 outfits in a box for $20 last year) for summer!  Can you say hellllllooooo cuteness?! 
Anyhoo, I placed my order and then I saw they carry shoes now... OMG and this one-piece pants romper? I need it for my KID (...she's not a baby...she's not a baby... she's NOT a baby):
GO NOW and get great clothes for a great price! Click here.  Don't have kids but want to be a cool grandparent or aunt/uncle?  I promise the clothes are unique enough that you don't have to worry whether they already have it (unlike at Target or Children's Place... where everyone shops so you can never be sure what they already have).
Here's hoping you have a FAB rest of the week :)

P.S. I'll have the update on our Spring wreath tomorrow... it's coming together nicely :)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Munchface's 2014 Easter Basket

My mom is like the boss of gift baskets.  She's always asked to provide prize baskets for raffles and they're *like* over-the-top fab!  Her Easter baskets were no exception.  I got porcelain dolls, new sandals, Barbie dolls and more while my brothers got video games and swimming trunks, cars and movies... She NEVER bought those store-made baskets.  NEVER.  I remember walking into stores and always wanting the most expensive basket (you know with the doll AND the dress-up gear... with those cheap click-clack dress-up heels?).

"Mommy, pleeeeease?  It even has LIPSTICK and eye shadow..."

No lie, my mom would get all Easter-basket-snob and toss her nose in the air.  She'd announce that she would NEVER pay that much for a basket and go on and on about how those baskets fool you with that big ol' bunny but they're HOLLOW and she'd only buy solid bunnies and... Islanders, you'd be surprised how snooty Easter basket people can get... I didn't get it then but I do now.  She was a basket-makin' diva! 

As kids, we got gifts for our birthday, for Christmas and for Easter... It was like my parents strategically built anticipation for the holidays that mattered to our faith... Much like Christmas, we'd wake up early and rush to the living room to find amazing gifts... then, we got dressed in our new clothes and excitedly loaded into the car (with our baskets, of course).  On our way to church, Dad would explain the real meaning of the holiday but I could barely hear him over the choir of bubble gum smacking we made in the backseat.  Man, those were the days....

Mom always made baskets for more than just her kids - my friends, her family, our neighbors.  I loved watching people's faces light-up when we'd deliver them... how they'd revert to toddler-aged kids rummaging through their goodies.  Garden-themed baskets, Italian dinner-themed baskets, BBQ-themed baskets... man, I have some big basket-building shoes to fill. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Gifts 2014

Happy Easter Prep Week, Islanders!

That's right! I just made an entire week of prepping for one of the greatest times of the year :)

Here on the island, I've got a lot to do :) As usual, I have created a whole bunch of tasks to be completed before the holiday and I'm working to get them all done...  I know most people don't go all the way out but I really love Easter.  As a Christian, this is a major holiday for us so I enjoy spreading love and cheer to our friends and family.

I love giving gifts for birthdays and Christmas but I always feel pressure... like, if it's not a GREAT gift, it'll just get lost in the sauce.   If I take time to buy or make something, I hope recipients enjoy it.

For Easter, we've given thoughtful gifts to friends and family for years.
Bubbles for Munchface's class 2012

Bubble necklaces for Munchface's church friends 2012

Treats for co-workers, friends and family 2011

Chazzy's basket from us 2012

Hubbs' basket (Munch decorated) 2012

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bridal Shower Fun

Things are getting crazy around these parts in preparation for upcoming events. 

This weekend, however, was beautiful.  I was busy and tired and did plenty of running around.  I did, however, also take a moment to attend a lovely bridal shower for my Rustic Wedding bride (more on her event here). 


Saturday, April 12, 2014

SnapshotSaturdays-A Brave Soul & A Snake

Happy weekend!

Can I just say, I think Rocky the guinea pig is excited about her debut on the island.  Like, maybe she can feel her popularity boosting around the internet... All I know is, she's been excitedly running around her cage and, to put it in perspective, she probably THINKS she looks like this:

She is probably thinking this:

But really... she looks like this:

Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Convert a Dish to a Planter

Happy FINALLY-IT'S-HERE Friday, Islanders!
I've had some random moments of green thumb-ness here recently and I'm kinda trying to get back in my groove.  Remember the Earth Day project from Kindergarten (more here)?
Well, I admitted then that I was no pro... I think I over-watered and killed everything in that pot.  That's right. I killed a cactus with my bare hands.

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