Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Baskets 2014

Happy Wednesday, Islanders!
As promised, here are the Easter baskets I made this year.  The purpose of this post is to show my mommy, a faithful reader of the blog, just how far my basket skills have come.  I'm also hoping you guys will gain some ideas for Easter baskets (or gifts in general) in the future...  Here goes!

Easter Wrap-Up Part2

After an evening of shopping and a night of country dancing, I was all geared up for a busy Saturday full of last-minute errands.
Did I mention my last-minute house guests?  Shaqueda and her clan came to our place to spend the night before Easter.  My house was in the middle of Spring cleaning...  it wasn't my plan to have people over... I was planning to get laundry done... to clean out my silverware drawer... to go through our clothes and donate Munch's winter clothes that surely won't fit next year.
It was 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning and my whole house was up and cleaning.  The man was cleaning our bedroom and bathrooms, the kid was cleaning her room and guinea pig cage and I was on the main living deep cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry.  'Queda arrived mid-afternoon and guess what. 
She brought us a family Easter basket!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Wrap-Up Part1

Easter weekend was perfect. 

I announced my big plans to blog over the weekend but instead, I spent my time with framily (family, friends and fRamily).  Here's part one of the rundown...

Friday, I went Easter shopping with Tammy... we both had last minute shopping to get done and decided to make a friend date of it.  I admit that I didn't have a dress for Munch and I have this grudge against white stockings and we had a few Easter basket fillers to get and Tammy needed to finalize a few things too... it was just productive for us to hang and shop and eat and talk and laugh and... you know, do the things you realize you miss about someone who's known you most of your life.

We both were worn out but I had plans later that night.  I was off to celebrate my rustic bride's bachelorette.  Where, you ask?  Toby Keith's I Love This Bar.  It was a really nice bar. I arrived and everyone was sitting down.  You know, one of THESE nights:

Friday, April 18, 2014

Feeling Springy

We had a wintery mix on Monday and, despite the late spring weather, I was a little shocked by it.  A few days of sunshine made me forget the miserable winter we had this year ;) 

Anyhoo, it appears as though the land has resurrected despite Mother Nature's plans to keep it otherwise dormant.  Our greenery is popping up around the house :)


Thursday, April 17, 2014

TBT and Kids' Clothing deals!

Throwback Thursday
I know, we don't typically have posts like this BUT... I am still weirded out by how big my kid is.  It seems that, as excitement builds for each holiday, there's this knot in my throat that grows also... I feel like we just took family photos for Easter 2007.
Photo of a photo
Photo of a photo

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Munchface's 2014 Easter Basket

My mom is like the boss of gift baskets.  She's always asked to provide prize baskets for raffles and they're *like* over-the-top fab!  Her Easter baskets were no exception.  I got porcelain dolls, new sandals, Barbie dolls and more while my brothers got video games and swimming trunks, cars and movies... She NEVER bought those store-made baskets.  NEVER.  I remember walking into stores and always wanting the most expensive basket (you know with the doll AND the dress-up gear... with those cheap click-clack dress-up heels?).

"Mommy, pleeeeease?  It even has LIPSTICK and eye shadow..."

No lie, my mom would get all Easter-basket-snob and toss her nose in the air.  She'd announce that she would NEVER pay that much for a basket and go on and on about how those baskets fool you with that big ol' bunny but they're HOLLOW and she'd only buy solid bunnies and... Islanders, you'd be surprised how snooty Easter basket people can get... I didn't get it then but I do now.  She was a basket-makin' diva! 

As kids, we got gifts for our birthday, for Christmas and for Easter... It was like my parents strategically built anticipation for the holidays that mattered to our faith... Much like Christmas, we'd wake up early and rush to the living room to find amazing gifts... then, we got dressed in our new clothes and excitedly loaded into the car (with our baskets, of course).  On our way to church, Dad would explain the real meaning of the holiday but I could barely hear him over the choir of bubble gum smacking we made in the backseat.  Man, those were the days....

Mom always made baskets for more than just her kids - my friends, her family, our neighbors.  I loved watching people's faces light-up when we'd deliver them... how they'd revert to toddler-aged kids rummaging through their goodies.  Garden-themed baskets, Italian dinner-themed baskets, BBQ-themed baskets... man, I have some big basket-building shoes to fill. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Gifts 2014

Happy Easter Prep Week, Islanders!

That's right! I just made an entire week of prepping for one of the greatest times of the year :)

Here on the island, I've got a lot to do :) As usual, I have created a whole bunch of tasks to be completed before the holiday and I'm working to get them all done...  I know most people don't go all the way out but I really love Easter.  As a Christian, this is a major holiday for us so I enjoy spreading love and cheer to our friends and family.

I love giving gifts for birthdays and Christmas but I always feel pressure... like, if it's not a GREAT gift, it'll just get lost in the sauce.   If I take time to buy or make something, I hope recipients enjoy it.

For Easter, we've given thoughtful gifts to friends and family for years.
Bubbles for Munchface's class 2012

Bubble necklaces for Munchface's church friends 2012

Treats for co-workers, friends and family 2011

Chazzy's basket from us 2012

Hubbs' basket (Munch decorated) 2012

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