Friday, July 29, 2016

Defying The Odds: An Interview with Batina Brown

In my role as a Staff Writer for Everything Girls Love, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Batina Brown.

She is a delight!  Here's an excerpt from our conversation:

"I want my legacy to be one that defies all odds.  I want to prove society’s stereotypes of people who come from places like I come from or look how I look all wrong.  I want my legacy to show that black love does exist; my husband and I have been together since we were 16 years old.  Remember how we had grandmothers to look up to as kids?  I want to bring that back for my daughters.  I want them to have me to look at for the reminder that black love exists, that black marriage works, that black men and women are educated, that black businesses are successful, that black people give back to their community.  I started a women empowerment group.  Illustrious Women is an educational outlet   for current and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be well-known, respected and admired for their achievements.  I want to leave a legacy for people to remember that I was a strong woman, and a great wife who was driven.  A woman who, no matter the obstacles before her, made it over, through and beyond any challenge.  Someone who used her life as a way to inspire, motivate and help women become their best selves." ~ Batina Brown

Check out my conversation with a fabulous woman who is doing so much for her family and her community!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Things I Love: Five Below Accessories

I'm coming to you with another Things I Love post.  You may recall the beauty dupes and the DIY wax melts.  Can we just talk about how much I love a good deal? If you love a deal as much as I do, today is going to motivate you to check out the selection of accessories for women at one of my favorite deal spots, Five Below!

I've seen the Birkenstock thong sandals all over the place and I like them but I'm not in love with the price and I wasn't sure they'd work with all of my summer staples.  If I was the person who wore 1-3 pairs of shoes with all of my summer casual attire, I might consider investing in a pair.  However, because I like to wear wedges and sneakers and gladiators and heels, the investment into a pair of thong sandals isn't an option for me.  Another reason I haven’t made the investment is that I have weird feet.  They spread when I’m on my feet so flip-flops and sandals don’t work well for me.  On a visit to Five Below earlier this summer, I bought a pair of the black thong sandals and I LOVE them.  They have lasted and are very comfortable.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tiffany's-Inspired FREE PRINTABLES

As promised, I’m sharing the FREE PRINTABLES for either a turquoise or pink Tiffany-inspired event.  I recommend saving images to your computer then copying and pasting into a Word document.  Using Microsoft Word will allow you to adjust the size of images to meet your requirements.  For example, the favor tags can be re-sized in Word to fit as many as twelve per page.  Note: while these were designed for a baby shower, most of the printables will work for any Tiffany-inspired event!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tiffany & Co: The Baby Shower Wrap-up

Today, we’re wrapping up the Tiffany-inspired baby shower with all the details I haven’t covered.

The Invitation

I designed the invitation to Mrs. Lucy’s specifications.  Here's how the front and back of the design turned out:

Actually, I designed all printables and signage for the event.  Guess what.  I’m going to share them right here on the island tomorrow!!!

The Venue

I fell in love with the venue a long time ago and, when Mrs. Lucy told me her plans, I took her to see it and she fell in love too!

The Little Ballroom is a fabulous party room.  Included in the rental fee is full access to the space, tables, chivari chairs, floor-length table linen (including the buffet tables with a fabulous tutu skirt), up lighting and silver chargers at each place setting!  

Image source: the venue website.

It was the perfect backdrop for a classy and fabulous party!

Friday, July 22, 2016

A Food Buffet that Pops!

A few days before the shower, Mrs. Lucy expressed that she wanted the food buffet to be a focal point.  She wanted to trade the foil pans for unique displays of mini servings of yummy food.

I volunteered my platters and Mrs. Lucy planned her mini foods menu.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

DIY Tiffany-inspired Water Bottle Labels

Yesterday, I shared a peek at the adorable water bottles from Melina's baby shower.  

 Mrs.  Lucy, Melina’s mom, had plans for the water bottles but, as the date neared, her plans took a backseat to more pressing matters.  During one of our daily calls, Mrs. Lucy mentioned the water bottles and I volunteered to take care of them.  No big deal… right? 

Well, remember how I mentioned Mrs. Lucy had other pressing matters?  Those ‘matters’ were of the sparkling nature; she was bedazzling and bejeweling as many elements of this shower as possible.  Her eye for detail was a blessing and, when it came to executing every detail in her head, it was also a curse.  To give you an idea of her level of detail, I’ll share the cups story with you.

What’s the cups story, you ask?  It’s the story of balancing awesome ideas with the pressure of a creeping timeline.  Mrs. Lucy was on top of her shower planning timeline.  She started shopping weeks in advance and was crossing tasks off the list.  

She purchased beautiful jars for drinking and decided to jazz them up.

-          She glued jewels around the lid
-          She drilled a hole in the center for the straw
-          She tied tulle around the lid for a frilly touch

She was making each jar a fabulous keepsake.  She was sparkling and dazzling and jeweling and gluing and cutting and drilling and… well, she started to panic.  The shower was approaching and she realized the cups would be ready but other tasks would fall off the to-do list.

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