Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rockin' Out - Food!

Now that we've covered the decor, let's talk about my two favorite elements at any event - the FOOD and the FUN!

Sure, some guests will remember the decor but I promise the food and fun are critical elements to any party!

For the rock star party, I kept the food in the dining room.  I decided to use black foam core board to divide the table into two buffets - sweets and lunch.  This decision proved to be unique and provided a decor element guests kept talking about...  Here's what we did:

I wanted easy grab-n-go foods so we kept to a simple menu.

- hot dogs
- chips
- fruit salad

- spinach pasta salad
- mini meatball subs
- shortcut chicken cheesesteaks
- cheese-n-turkey skewers

- dry-rub BBQ chicken (wings and legs)

Everything tasted great and was pretty easy to make.  On the side with the food, I glued dots and hung the birthday banner to the foam core board backdrop:

We served two kinds of punch that Munch chose -  Raspberry and Pink Lemonade.  I set-up the drink and cutlery station in the kitchen.

How cool are those 'awesome' cassette napkins? Oriental Trading for *like* $2!

Anyhoo, back to the buffet… On the other side of the backdrop, we displayed the sweets!

On it, we served Chef Joy's microphone cake pops and star-shaped cookies.  I'll just keep it real, islanders.  I wasn't sold on how they looked.  I had a vision to place the microphones in a display and Joy covered the sticks with black fondant... they were kinda messy but DELISH!  They were a hit for the party without a doubt but... for the sake of pictures, I was disappointed.

The cookies were yummy too!  They were so soft and sweet.  Again, however, I wasn't 100% happy with their appearance.

I think it's because we were surprised with cookies from Misty:

Aren't they amazing!  They weren't as sweet as Joy's but their flavor and appearance was on point!

Another hit was Jasmine's mini strawberry cheesecakes.  Hubbs and I love her cheesecake and I was so excited to use the tasting serveware that it just seemed meant to be!  Yes, that's how I swindled her into making them, lol.

O, but the star of the table?  The cake:

O, be still my heart.  I loved the cake.  I sent several images to Misty with random notes.  I knew she'd understand when I said I loved the paint splatter from an 80s cake, the music notes from another cake and I'd love to have a drum set topper…. did she nail it or DID SHE NAIL IT?!

She nailed it, I know.

We moved the cake onto the main side for cutting immediately following the birthday song.

The food was awesome and I love how the menu came together with little effort required to make it happen.  Now, I know I said we'd talk about the party fun but I think this is MORE than enough information for a sugar high!

There'll be plenty more tomorrow!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rockin' Out - Party Decor Pt 2

Yesterday, we spoke about the rock star decor upstairs.  In that post, I also mentioned the kids' area was set-up in the basement.  I've never given a tour of that space but it's great and has LOTS of room for a birthday party.  I mean, if a certain grumpy Hubbs hadn't banned us from ever doing this again, we'd have all KINDS of awesome events down there, lol.

By way of background, during her plans for the birthday party, Munch was less interested in party games and more into dancing.  She had an entire skit for the dance teams that she and Chazzy would lead (imagine a 'You Got Served' with little kid dance crews).

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rockin' Out - Party Decor Pt 1

Finally, today is the day!  We're going to start the party wrap-up!

Before we can talk decor, I have to give you the update.  Hubbs and I caught up with our overdue Spring cleaning.  The house was ready.  I cleaned my floors the night before and I planned to re-clean right before the party started.

The house was set... well, all but the laundry room.  I know.  I worked so hard catching up with laundry... Then, we deep-cleaned the rooms and sorted through our donation items and I was dropping clothes down the laundry chute.  They landed in the basket ready for the wash.  The man went looking for his khakis for work on party day and scattered ALL of the clothes in the basket all over the laundry room floor. It was fine. I would sort them before the party, right?


The laundry room was a big ol' pile of laundry... and laundry baskets...  empty laundry baskets on top of piles of clothes.  Some clean but needing a wash before donation.  Others dirty and found in the corners of Munch's room... All embarassingly piled up in the laundry room.  It's fine.  People probably saw it and thought we were dirty... probably thought I haven't gotten on the fast track toward laundry recovery... The same people would probably see the papers and craft supplies all over the craft room floor and assume that too has been a mess.

We'll speak more on both of those spaces soon as I've been pluggin' away at both of them.  Anyhoo, let's get to this party, shall we?

Like the front door said, "it's time to be NEON."   O and yes, I used a large pinwheel as an entry wreath!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Maya Mondays

Cheers to seeing our scars as evidence we survived.  May they serve as beautiful reminders of how strong we really are...


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Helps Clear Party Planner Mind Block?

Sometimes, in the midst of crossing things off the party to-do list, I hit a block.  I get consumed with the details and become completely immobile THINKING about what I have to do rather than DOING what I have to do.  I call it Party Planner Mind Block.

It's where the tasks of an event render me completely useless.

Over the years, I've learned the only way I can recover from the unfortunate effects of Party Planner Mind Block is to DO something else... something totally unrelated to the event at hand... to complete a task as a means to remind myself I can do awesome things :)

In the case of the Rock Star Party, my cure was found in a simple project for the craft room.  I finally started the craft room gallery wall:

I love how it turned out.  Get this: it only cost me $4!  Here's how I did it:

- Feature Item (I chose scissors)
- Fabric
- Thrifty frame
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors


I'd love to jump right in with the steps but, in reality, I have to explain the upfront requirements... the most important part of this project is finding items appropriate for YOUR space.  In my case, I found a great frame at my local Goodwill for $2.90.  To find a great frame, you have to IGNORE the picture inside of it... This frame was black with gold accents and had a double mat in white and gold; it (the part I was going to use) was pretty fabulous.

The next step is to find your item to "feature" in the frame.  I knew I wanted scissors and I found several options online but I didn't want to pay $10-30 (+ shipping).  You may recall that I mentioned purple plastic scissors in my post reviewing the GA thrifty finds.  You can see them buried under the bag of headbands in the pic below:

Yes, that plastic purple thing is the pair of scissors I got from Joey's Thrift Mall in Columbus, GA.  The pair was hanging between in-the-box Barbie dolls from the 80s and old race cars.  I was so excited when I saw them and I'm certain no one understood the purchase.

I got them home, laid them atop the Monet painting and fell in love.  They looked crazy, that was for sure, but I could see their potential.

1.  Spray paint the scissors.  I laid them next to the guitar and sprayed them in the same metallic gold.

2. Remove the back from the painting and carefully take the Monet print out (it was glued to the mat). 

3. Cover the cardboard backing with scrap fabric.  Glue the excess down so it isn't visible from the front after the frame is hung.

4.  Use hot glue to mount the feature item to your frame.  Allow it to dry completely before hanging.

Hang it up and try to take a clear pic while happy dancing:

It doesn't work, lol.  OK. STOP DANCING AND TRY AGAIN:

Fall in love.  Appreciate the progress.  REALIZE YOUR AWESOMENESS.

NOW, are you ready to tackle this party?  Yes, yes you are.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Maya Mondays

"I try to see everyday as a celebration... and to laugh as much as possible." ~ Maya Angelou

We had an awesome time at Munch's Rock Star Party!  The party updates will roll this week!

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