Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thrifty Organtization

On multiple occasions I've mentioned my adoration for thrifty finds.  Sure, I splurge on items I'm certain will never be on sale... or be given to me... or be found in a thrift store.  Seriously, I do.

I don't, however, like to spend my money for items priced at the retail rate... especially when I don't have to.  So, you know I'm all in for this whole commitment to organize and stuff, right?


I saw this picture on pinterest and totally think my family can benefit from baskets along the steps for the little things I pick-up everyday.

I went looking for baskets with a similar structure and OMG!  Would you believe they're close to $20/each?! Did you hear me? For my little ol' family that means I would need no less than $60... on baskets alone?!  To think, I was considering a general basket for the 'everybody' stuff... well, that's not going to happen at that price.

I started to shop around and I found some baskets that would work but none were nearly as close in price to some of the fabulous baskets I've purchased from the thrift store.  It's like a snobby thrifty mindset where the thrifter feels guilty because he/she KNOWS he/she can get it for much cheaper if you hold out.

UGH.  I'll keep you posted on my findings.  I'm just bummed that I was motivated to fix an issue but couldn't get the supplies... I panicked like my organizing super power might completely diminish if I didn't utilize it somewhere in the house.  I needed to fix something at that moment and on the cheap! I headed to my Dollar Tree.

O, the Dollar Tree.  The store where I feel like I'm on top of the world... where I can buy whatever I want.  I'm ballin' like a big shot here!

I walk around.  I throw things I want into my basket simply because, in this store, I can buy whatever I want...  no questions asked.  I have a post planned to discuss some of my favorite Dollar Store items BUT for today, I'm sharing the organization item that rescued my mood that day - the 7-hook wall mount wire rack.  It totally saved my super power!

I will give you a hint. It's probably far from what you're thinking.

Nope, I didn't hang belts from it:

Nope, I didn't mount it in a cabinet to hold cooking utensils:

Nope, it's not hanging from the side of my bathroom cabinet for hair styling items:

I didn't mount it to a hanger for my scarves:

I didn't even use it for necklaces:

Where'd I wind up using it?  In the laundry room to hold my cleaning mops, broom, dust pan and more.  Awhile back, I purchased an over-the-door rack that was really pretty but the hook ends were too thick for my tools' handles.  The Dollar Tree rack was perfect!

It even came with the mount hardware (two screws)... although, I didn't need them... two nails were strong enough and, let me just tell you, it looks awesome!

You know the sound of a broom that suddenly hits the floor?  Well, I despise that sound!  The only sound I despise more is when the vacuum turns on after it unplugs mid-streak. You know how, in the seconds it takes to walk across the room and plug it back in, you forget you didn't turn it off and it starts right back up when you plug it in?  Yea, that sound.  I have a mild panic attack when it revs up again.  What do you mean that doesn't happen to you?  Just me? REALLY?!  Well, whenever the broom slams onto the floor, I 'bout jump out of my skin... it's one of those sounds I can never get used to.

I thought I was doing something original... then I found this image:

Don't you just LOVE when someone else is as much of a genius as you are? *rolls eyes*

PLUS, her cleaning stuff is cuter than mine and she added cool text to her image.  You can read more about it here.  Her cleaning closet turned out awesome.

The end.  O wait!

I'm so glad I was able to quickly organize something! I'm able to save my floor space in the laundry room (as it's precious when it isn't covered in laundry) and I did it for $1.00!

Whew, I thought my organizing super powers would be gone for good... Thankfully the Dollar Tree let me live to fight clutter another day.  I can't wait to share other laundry room organization ideas we've implemented!  See you tomorrow with more!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holiday Decor Organization

Good news! I've come to the conclusion my mind rebels against the "work" side of doing what I love.  I truly believe as soon as I said I'm going to blog everyday in October, my blogging stopped.  I had no desire to blog... and for no other reason than I said I would... UGH.  Well, at least I admit the problem (hence the good news), right?!

Just so you know, I have organized a little somethin' here-n-there but I just didn't WANT to blog about it; I'm certain my fingers subconsciously willed against blogging about it.  Sorry for the neglect and, not to worry, I'm kicking my own hind parts so you can cut me some slack.

If that's the good news, what's the bad news?  Well, we haven't been e-chatting nearly as often.  DUH!  O and I'm sorry.

WAIT. There's more good news?  Yes, yes there is.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

But God - A Tiny Reminder of His Promise

I know, I know. I'm supposed to be all about organization and I am... just not as much as I'm enjoying life.  Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post was an introduction to Superman (I totally thought that should be two words but I guess not).  Anyhoo, you guys have been along for the ride since the announcement of Tati's pregnancy.  Do you remember the Island's announcement (here)?  What about the gender reveal (here)?

Sometimes, people don't understand those of us who 'do the most.'  They think 'I didn't have to do all that stuff and things turned out just fine for me.' They turn their nose up at the idea of someone documenting a journey through photos or celebrations.

In the case of Tamara and Langston, most were excited to share in the moments leading up to LJ's arrival because we knew it took time, prayer and sacrifice to conceive.  There are always those who, simply put, don't get it.

Why host a cookout to pull together families that are forever connected through the birth of their son?

Why take photos of a belly during this, the only time it will ever be full of blessings in this manner, when you can just remember it?

Why the hoopla?

Why the fun?

Why involve others in your excitement?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Vanity Organization - Acrylic Boxes

Howdy, Islanders!

Can you tell I'm getting back in the swing of things?  I know I haven't been posting but I have been taking small strides everyday.  I've put some of my thrifty finds to use in the vanity area (more on that this weekend).  Seeing the progress got me motivated to do more with our cosmetics.  I even spent a few dollars!  Check out my latest purchase:

Acrylic Shoe Drawers

No, I'm not going to use them to hold shoes.  I saw some inspiration on Pinterest and, as Wordless Wednesday post hinted, I'm working on our linen closets.  I know what you're thinking and I'm using these boxes for *drum roll please*


Have I told you about Munch's obsession with nails and nail polish and designs and stickers and -- UGH!  We have a small container (from the Dollar store).  It has a lid to hold polishes but her collection of nail supplies has grown and it's taking over the closet.  When her friends come over, they huddle in the bathroom, spread out a nail towel and make a mess paint their nails/feet.  When they finish, they haphazardly pile the supplies up, slap the top on (with sealing it) and toss it in the closet.  I love these drawers because, unlike our containers with lids, they allow access to the contents without disrupting the closet organization.  You don't have to ever take them out of the closet :)  I can't wait for them to arrive!

I found my acrylic shoe boxes on Amazon for a discount! I'll share before and after photos but, for now, I'm excited about what's to come!

If these boxes don't fit your needs, check out all of these awesome ideas:


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