Tuesday, October 18, 2016

MaseFace: The Baby Dedication

While we're talking about my awesome nephew and the events surrounding his first birthday, I can't forget to share a great day for our family.  In the weeks before his first birthday, Mason's baby dedication was scheduled for one Sunday during church service.  What's a baby dedication?

A baby dedication is a ceremony where parents and family members commit before witnesses to submit a child to God's will and raise that child according to God's word and ways.

For Mason's graduation, family came from near and far.  There were aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great-grandparents.  My dad, the Pastor of our church, took a seat for the ceremony to be the Pop-Pop.  A close family friend and Pastor at our church officiated the ceremony.  With the eyes of his family and friends on him, my nephew couldn't resist the time to make eye contact with each family member around the room and wave.  It was so cute.

The ceremony was short and sweet. The cuteness was too much for my soul.  The love was real.  It was a great day.  Afterward, lunch was served.  On the cake, there was a message.

The message was different from the photo above.  In parenthesis beside the word child, scribbled in frosting was 'x2.'  Wait, child x 2.  As in 2 kids?  Wait.  I looked over from across the room.  Dad was crying and hugging sis-in-law around the neck.  Dad glanced over to mom.  She started crying... What is going on here, people?!  He looked at me and held up 2 fingers.

2 fingers.  Oh, 2 FINGERS!!!  Does this mean what I think it means?  Yep, dos... as in two.  TWO babies... that are *like* mine.  Islanders, my brother will have another little one and I am going to love that baby like it's my own.  It was real.  Then, it was public information.

You see the pic.  My neph is wearing the shirt. Big brother status 'round here.  Love him.  Love this.  Love my soon-to-be new little so much already.  You know what this means, Islander.  There will be more cuteness coming your way in the very near future!!

Auntie Status!!! OMG!  You do realize that I've been promoted from amateur auntie to a PRO!  Stay tuned! More littles coming your way!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Where the Wild Things Are DIY Water Bottles

Hi, Islanders!

The last we spoke, my family was celebrating one year of MaseFace fun.  While I'm still dealing with the realization my sweet nephew is an entire year old, I wanted to share an easy party craft I came up with for his party.

Where the Wild Things Are Water Bottle Craft

In the case of MaseFace's birthday party, my sis-in-law was actively planning the event and I offered to support as little or as much as she needed.  A few days prior to the event, she asked me to handle a few minor tasks which included picking up water bottles.


Let me put this into perspective, Islander.  I didn't design the invitation.  I didn't help with the cake.  I didn't make favors.  I. Did. Nothing.  I mean, I received one photo of a canvas she was using as the inspiration for the party color scheme and decor earlier in the planning process but that was it.

I knew this task to pick up water bottles was my only opportunity to do something for my nephew's first birthday so I seized it and I came up with something easy to fit the theme.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

MaseFace Is 1

My nephew.  My whole heart.  My squish.  My Maseface.

All the heart emojis.  All the happy faces. All the bittersweet emotions.

On this day one year ago, I met the little one who taught me there is always room for ONE more... one more baby to love, one more hug to give, one more reason to smile.  He has no idea the impact he has on my life.  He has no idea how many times smelling his baby neck has lifted my spirits.  His first year of life has been full of ups, downs and upside downs.  He's reminded me to smile no matter what.  He's reminded that it's okay to be sleepy or tired or sick; it's okay to be real and to feel... It's okay to be me.  The real me... But it's never okay to forget my smile.

Happy birthday, Mason.  Thanks for being another reason our family still smiles.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tribal Baby Shower Sweets Table

Are you as excited as we are to finally talk sweets deets?!

First, that giant dream catcher is amazing!  Can you believe its design is based on two hula hoops?!  Here's an inspiration photo:

Yes, that dream catcher will be used for baby Avery's newborn photos and eventually, it will hang in her room to hold stuffed animals.

Ryan's mom and the grandma-to-be, Dani, made the cupcakes.  How adorable are those punches as cupcake toppers? 

Arrows, feathers, glitter, chevron... I'm in heaven!  I also love the cupcake wraps!  You can find cupcake wrappers in the baking section of most stores, Amazon, etsy and there are lots of DIY options available for print!  Ryan, the shower lead, sent the following picture as cake inspiration:

I sent the pic to Misty of Girl Meets Cake and she didn't disappoint!

Misty felt the top tier was a little plain so we added baby's name and I LOVE how it all turned out.

Ryan made skewer arrows for Amalia's favorite treat, DONUTS!

All the table needed was a cute sign and BOOM!


The tiny tent is made of Rice Krispy treats, fondant and gumpaste flowers.  Isn't it fabulous?

Often times, sweets tables are a bunch of sweets piled onto a tabletop.  I've found that too many sweets can be just that - too much!  They can often give a cluttered appearance that overstimulates guests thus, making it impossible visually take it all in and decide to eat.  I love them, I really do.  I also hate he sad truth of sweets tables.

Sweets tables can be a waste of money.  

There. I said it.  When executing your next feature sweets table, be intentional.  Choose the type and amount of sweets that your guests will enjoy.  Not only will you minimize the amount spent but you will minimize the amount of leftovers too!  In the case of the Dream Big baby shower, the sweets were a huge hit with everyone!

Talk to you soon!  

Have a sweet rest of the week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

4 Ways to Be an Event Planning Team Player

Last week, I shared the Dream Big baby shower decor.  At the end of that post, I mentioned that I learned some valuable lessons and, because you're my beloved Islanders, I want to share those lessons with you.  After all, most of the visitors and inhabitants of Fabulous Island plan, co-plan or attend events like this.  Lots of you come for the inspiration and today, I'm sharing some advice. When planning an event, especially when planning an event with others, remember this: plans change...  sometimes for the better and sometimes different from what you originally envisioned.

Whatever the change, go with the flow; don't make waves!

Case and point, the tent:

If there was one thing I'd change about the decor, it would be the tent backdrop.

The mobiles are beautiful, the banners were great, the tent was a huge piece of amazing decor.  Together, in front of the projection screen on the wall?  I'd change it.  And that is all I have to say about that.

Insider information: I arrived the day before the shower to hang my giant dream catchers and to set up the life size tent.  I embellished the tent using small tissue poms.

You can see in the following picture where I placed the tent initially, in the back corner of the room.

I know what you're thinking and yes, there's a reason a feature item like the tent was placed in the back corner. There's a very good reason as a matter of fact... an eye sore was in the middle of the main wall.  UGH, that doggone eye sore.  In the center of the wall hangs a projection screen and man, was it was the eye sore of the space... The eye sore, which is actually a large framed white area, was to the left of the tent when I left the night before the party.  This strategic placement made photos like this possible:

I had to wake and drive up north to pick up the cake from Misty.  You saw the space as I left it.  I knew the food would need to be set-up, but all linen was down so, in my mind, there was minimal setup remaining.  Well, when I arrived shower day, the tent was moved in front of the projection screen.  The mobiles Jasmine made were now creating a display above the tent.  The room wasn't much closer to being set-up and we had less than 15 minutes before guests would arrive.  OMG!  I started moving at lightning speed.  Grabbing the trash from packages, sprinkling table scatter, hanging banners, and much more.  I focused on preparing the room, I helped set-up the sweets table and I -- checks over shoulder at the people working on that display.  "Oh, sure. I can hang that" -- closes eyes hoping the eye sore goes away.  I struggled.  I wanted to fix it.  Instead, however, I chose to be an event planning team player and I put into practice some valuable lessons I'd learned.

1.  Let it go.

On shower day, my only official task was to pick up the cake and to help with setup.  When I arrived, the layout was changed.  The 'guest of honor' chairs were shifted over, the tent (gift table) was replaced with a sweets table and the tent was moved in front of the projection screen.

At that point, what was I to do?  Make a scene snatching stuff off the wall to make changes?  Now, y'all know.  The old me might've adjusted some things but what would that fix?

2.  Join the movement.

In an effort to 'disguise' the look of the screen, the shower team hung a variety of poms and banners.  It didn't work very well in photos and I probably would've hung pictures in the white space of the screen to give a gallery wall effect but it was still a great feature.  Rather than protest the design, I followed direction and hung banners.  I had the mobiles adjusted to ensure they hung perfectly.

3.  Understand the decision.

Decisions must be made in the best interest of the event.  If you're not in the position to make them, understand the thought process.  In the case of the tent, it was moved to account for the beautiful sweets table.

4.  See the bigger picture.

Yes, the tent was placed in front of the eye sore but in the grand scheme of things, the projection screen was the ONLY issue with the venue.  The move allowed the sweets table to have prime real estate in the space.   A team of talented aunties and grandparents hosted the event and we were able to work together and make it amazing!

Whenever I see pictures of the tent at the baby shower, I'm reminded of the four lessons I learned to help me be a better team player.

Preserve your sanity and others' feelings.  Focus on what you can change and CHOOSE to enjoy the day!  Now, hold on tightly because there's more sweets table and shower deets to come!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Snapshot Saturday - Wild Things!

It's been a big day!  We met our newest family member after we celebrated our sweet MaseFace's first birthday!  The party was super cute! I can't wait to share the pictures soon!  OMG, aren't the kids super cute??

Come back soon to hear all about it!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dream Big Baby Shower - The Decor.

Hi, Islanders!  FINALLY, I'm sharing the beautiful boho-chic baby shower we hosted for Amalia and Jon.

You know Amalia and Jon.  Jon is my sister-in-law's brother.  Remember?  Jon married Amalia who is Jasmine's, his other sister's, best friend.  Jasmine married B's (my husband's) best friend who also happens to be Munch's god father.  Confused yet?  My bad.  It's a lot I know... You know, everything was cool... we were like family until my brother and his wife had a baby.  I've mentioned it in the past that their baby would be the official connector among all of these people (myself included)... seriously, their child is the puzzle piece we all call our own.  Well, even before Maseface's arrival, we were family... Jon's my brother and Amalia's my sister.  We spend holidays together, we check on one another, we pray for one another and we celebrate life's milestones like when a baby girl is on the way!

Ryan came up with a rustic bohemian theme... she wanted to focus decor on arrows and dream catchers.  With her ideas, I came up with a Dream Big theme and designed the invitation.

I really love the invitation design.  I had a few shower tasks but nothing to overwhelm me. Confession:  I am growing to love collaborating with others.  Pause.  Did you catch that?

I'm playing well with others!

The entry was rustic and simple with a burlap banner and a floral wreath.

We've used those fab chairs for quite a few events and I still love them.  If you do also, they're available for purchase here.

Above the tent and gifts, Jasmine hung her assortment of handmade boho-baby mobiles.

Aren't they lovely?!

The tent is awesome!  I borrowed it from a friend whose daughter's first birthday theme was the same as the shower.  She also gave me a cake topper, a few dream catchers and other decor to help tie it all together.  


I can't wait to share the sweets table.  It was so chic and simple and it had a fabulous feature item!  The feature item for the shower would definitely have to be the giant dream catchers I made to hang over the food buffet.

They all turned out beautifully and I am going to share how easy and cheap it is to make them!

My sis-in-law, Ryan, made the centerpieces using wooden logs and painted mason jars.  Jasmine had a few smaller catchers that I added as centerpiece embellishments and they were lovely!

For the guest book and favor table, we combined a variety of arrow banners and photos to create an awesome display.

This shower was hosted by a talented group of ladies!  Jasmine is super talented and worked with one of her friends to make fabulous favor cookies.

There were dream catchers, arrows, headbands, feathers and more!

I placed them in a tub under a quick sign and boom!  Delicious and pretty cookies for the taking!

Above the table, Jasmine hung a photo mobile to which we clipped Polaroids.  It was such a cool idea to create an instant memory mobile of the day.

The memory mobile was a great piece of decor.  People couldn't pass by without admiring the photos!

Below the mobile, Ryan placed paper feathers for guests to sign.  The feathers will be made to create an adorable and small mobile for baby Avery's nursery.

The decor was dreamy, the day was beautiful and there's so much more to come!  I can't wait to share the tutorial for the giant dream catchers, the sweets table deets, the shower games and more!  Stay tuned!

In the case of the Dream Big baby shower, I played well with others and I learned a few critical lessons along the way.   I'll share the real deal tomorrow!
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