Monday, August 29, 2016

DIY Tropical Chocolate-covered Oreo Treat!

Last month (in this post), I shared the tutorial for creating fabulous chocolate-covered Oreo cookies using candy molds.  I was so excited to reuse the mold for Munch's tropical party and I can't wait to share what I came up with!

Start with chocolate-covered Oreo cookies ( I used bright pink and yellow).  To learn more about the candy mold specifics and how to dip the cookies, check out the original post here.  Once you have covered cookies, here's how you decorate them to look like flamingos and pineapples.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hey, Hula Girl! A Tropical Water Bottle Tutorial

Hi, Islanders!  We’ve talked about the favors, the fab décor, and the fun.  Today, I’m sharing a quick and easy tutorial to take water bottles from simply hydrating to positively Hula HOT!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Munch's 10th Tropical Party: The Fun!

We've spoken about the favors and fab decor.  Today, I'm sharing images of the party fun!

Everyone had a blast... Well, almost everyone.  Some of the littles weren't happy to learn they couldn't go down the big slides.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simple and Chic Tropical Party Decor!

Hi, Islanders!  Yesterday, we talked about the easy and fabulous favors.  Now, because the favors covered the majority of the guest table, I figured today would be the perfect time to share the party decor (sources linked below).  Let's get to it!

As guests arrived, you couldn't miss our party pavilion.  It was so festive that it caught your eye immediately upon entry into the park!  In front of the pavilion was the gift table.

Didn't the basket with the [flamingo] pink towels and towel clips look super cute?  

With the sun shining bright, we didn't need to plug in the flamingo lights, the light string was the perfect trimming for the table.  The other party pavilion feature decor was the DIY balloon arch and tablescape.

The arch eliminated the requirement for helium balloons.  If the event were to be hosted indoors, I would've gone all out with the arch.  However, because the event was hosted outside... in 100 degree weather, I played it super safe.  I simply inflated balloons in varying sizes, tied many of them to the frame of the arch and used glue dots to hold the 'filler' balloons and faux tropical leaves in place.  I'll share a tutorial for the arch in the future.  Don't worry!

The guest of honor had a seat closest to the arch and she picked out her special cup (it was striped with a gold pineapple on it).  Here's a pic she took:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DIY Tropical Party Favor Ideas!

With summer coming to an end, I thought I’d start our massive update with Munch’s Tropical Pool Party wrap-up.  As I told you in the party plan post here, I only had 30 minutes for set-up and a small space to decorate.

In addition to having a tight party set-up schedule, I had a tight planning schedule too! It was two weeks before the party and I had nothing – no venue, no invitations, no décor, nothing. Nada.  Zipp-o.
Well, not nothing.  I had pins on my Pinterest page and, I mean, pinning is life, right?!

I decided every element of this event would have to pack a punch.  The water park was the fun and activities; I didn't need to plan for crafts or games.  I didn't need linen because little wet hands and bottoms would sit at a picnic table in the shade.  I didn't need flowers that would wilt in the sun and I didn't have time for a bunch of decorations to hang from the ceiling.  What I needed was for party items to serve double duty.

Munch made a request that her party be all about fun.  She loves the fun colors in tropical prints, she loves to splash at the pool and she really didn’t want to have a big ol’ fancy event.  She was, however, drawn to anything tropical.  I knew having quality cups, cool favors and color-coordinating towels would meet the kid’s wants and, Islanders, you won’t believe the amazing deals I found on the takeaways!

You see the original price of $4! The lighted flamingo and palm tree necklaces were a really good quality and a really good deal priced at only $1! Then, in the same section, I found towel clips (to prevent them from blowing off of chairs), sold 2/pack, on clearance for $1 – BOUGHT!

I found towels for less than $3/each at Walmart.  I picked a few.

Each towel had one clip.  Not only did the single clip keep the towel just fine but, because they came with two in each pack, I only needed to purchase half of the amount!

As I prepared to check out with my tropical finds, the Five Below store manager mentioned that she appreciated me clearing the summer selection for her staff.  We shared a laugh but, when she offered to let me have the NOT ON SALE AND PRICED AT $5 A PIECE tropical-themed insulated cups at the clearance price of $1, we shared a happy dance too!

High-quality coconut and tiki cups for $1/each?  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!


I found cute boxes at Dollar Tree and, with 2 bags of pink paper shred and a few bags of Munch’s favorite candy, I created an easy favor that packed a huge décor punch.  

To assemble, I removed the necklace from the packaging, folded it to fit the box, surrounded the necklace with paper shred and a few candies.  Once closed, I used the black and white ribbon to complete the look.  I also designed and topped them with a tag:

How cute would this gift be as a thank you for a tutor or summertime care provider?  I've got some long-distance littles and I think they would LOVE getting a small gift like this from me!  The boxes are a great quality and could be used after the party!  Honestly, the possibilities are endless and the price tag is the best part!

With such a short set-up time, I needed everything to be functional and fabulous (and the frugal-friendly price tag was a plus too).  In the case of the guest takeaways, I had cups and favor boxes that would serve as table décor while towels and towel clips would serve as functional party items and a great takeaway! 

Functional.  Fabulous.  Frugal. 

I'd say this was a mom win, wouldn't you?

Monday, August 22, 2016

So Much to Share!

OMG! Islanders! It's been awhile and I have SO much to tell you about!  There's the Dream Big boho baby shower.

Munch's Splish Splash Tropical Pool Bash.

Progress in Munch's tropical-themed new room.

My littles!  There's my newest little's introduction and Maseface's baby dedication.  There's summer time fun updates and back-to-school shopping.  I've got tutorials, thrifty finds, events, babies, home decor, and more comin' your way!  There's just a LOT going on.  I have so many things to share I don't know where to start but... we will start!  TOMORROW!!

Talk to you soon!

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