Thursday, November 29, 2012


BACKGROUND: I joined Blogger 2 years ago for a number of reasons (ease of use, links to google ads, ability to manage multiple blog sites from one location, ability to follow other blogs and quickly access from their home page, etc.)... The major reason I joined is because it's FREE.  That's right, I wanted to blog without the commitment of buying.  So, I did.  It worked out well for me UNTIL the day before Thanksgiving.

I have a cute little tutorial for making a turkey bow.  I was so excited to share it. I have a dessert post with easy yummies.  I was itching to post the pics.  I have a few posts about mommy's retro party and it is LONG overdue.  Get this: when I tried to upload photos, I got an error message.

Queue the dramatic music... and the rain. O and the thunder. Yea, don't forget that!

The annoying little box said I reached my limit for image storage.  Apparently, Blogger uses Picasa to store images uploaded to my site and I had no idea. I also, however, didn't find out until I had no more room... SO, I'm faced with some decisions.  It's not crazy expensive but my usage would be auto-debited from my account. As in a monthly payment... As in a commitment to my hobby... As in... I need to make some decisions.

I don't usually like spending money on "free" things but I'd be crazy to think I don't ENJOY blogging...

So, until tomorrow... A toast to no pictures, just words. 


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trunks Up Shower: The Food and Games

We're continuing the Trunks Up shower wrap-up with the food and games.  Let's get to it!

Drink Station

I made straw flags because Taya(the mom-to-be and obsessive event planner, remember? LOL) really loves striped straws, lol:

We created water bottle labels and used real baby nipples on top of water bottles to resemble baby bottles:


Individual servings of peach yogurt parfaits:

The grazing station:

The food buffet was brunch-themed with fried chicken, mini pancakes, fresh waffles, and so much more.

Napkin diapers(tutorial coming soon) held pretzels and nuts:

Games and Activities

Games were printed and placed at each seat:

I brought Munch with me so I needed something to keep the little ones occupied.  I was so excited to find coloring pages at The Dollar Tree.  I was even MORE excited that they were elephant-themed.  Boy, did the kids enjoy coloring:

We played loads of fun games, had a great brunch menu and fabulous decor.  
At the end of the shower, I informed everyone of Taya's request to have guests arrive and ask, "WHO HIRED MARTHA STEWART?"  I had everyone, in unison, loudly ask, 


Taya could not hold her smile; she was MORE than pleased with everything and we ALL knew it!  I just hope she realized those who care came through NOT because she made us feel like we had to but because we WANTED to.

I leave you with a pic taken just before we cut the cake:

Now, my schedule was crazy! 2 back-to-back weddings, then this shower PLUS, the weekend after this event, I had mom's 50th birthday party and I still had SO much to do for that! 

I'm tired just thinking about it... But, I lived to tell the story and I'm excited to share the details with all of you:)

Well, right after we talk about a Thanksgiving craft and a few quick dessert recipes for the holiday.  I don't want to sell my beloved mommy short in her birthday post, ya know? 

Pardon me?  What did you say about my mama?!

O...OK.  I thought I heard something else... You don't want to miss that event's rundown so stay tuned for another fabulous party!!!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Trunks Up Baby Shower: The decor

Friday, I touched on the Trunks Up baby shower in the Easy Guest Book post.  Today and tomorrow we'll talk about the decor, food and games. 

Background: the event planner in her circle of friends, Taya, was expecting her second baby boy and really wanted a shower to remember.  She's hosted countless events for others and asked me to assist, wherever necessary, to hit this event out of the park.  Matter of fact, her exact words were:

"I want people to walk in and ask who hired Martha Stewart!" - Taya

Apparently, I had my marching orders and got to work brainstorming...  Taya(have I mentioned she's a budding event planner?) chose the color palette- turquoise, orange, gray and white.  She chose the venue - a poolside golf club.  She sent a 15-page document with the details of the event AND she SUCCESSFULLY worked my ::very last itty bitty little:: nerve I had left, lol.  See, I have to use my excitement to fuel my labors of love.  In this case, it was the week of and I hadn't done anything for the shower; I had no desire to either.  What's crazy is that I wasn't alone, lol.  I could not move forward until I found a way to COMPLETELY disregard Taya's managerial oversight.  Have you ever been in this situation?  Ya know, hosting an event for someone who made you feel pressured with their expectations?  Were you more worried with counting pennies than counting blessings during the planning process?  How do you dismiss this kind of personality to move forward?  Here's what I did:

Step 1: call that person and threaten NOT to even show up to her shower.  Perspective is key

Step 2: remind them of YOUR busy schedule. There are bigger things going on for everyone than the napkin fold 

Step 3: ask them if they want to host their own shower.  If not, they should trust the people who are willing to do something for them

I know... Seems kinda mean to say to cute pregnant people BUT sometimes a reality check is necessary.  Showers are supposed to be happy moments for those the event honors AND those who dedicate their time and money to celebrate...
Anyhoo, I promised myself, because I had 2 weddings the 2 weekends prior, that I would NOT go TOO crazy.  I kept the decor pretty simple ::fabulous:: but simple.  2.5 pounds of peanuts (purchased from my local grocery store), several sheets of scrapbook paper and tissue paper really brought everything together.  Without further delay(sorry for that rant), I present the Trunks Up shower:

The Bubble guest book:

Focal Table:

A vase(purchased from Dollar Tree) with rock candy and peanuts as a filler was really cute:

I made 2 tall arrangements with tissue paper and peanuts as filler and a pom topper:

The tall arrangements were on the focal table with the sweets.  I placed the cupcake stands on chip bowls to give them more height:

I made quick toppers for the cupcakes:

The cake(and pretty apothecary jar):

This cake was designed to match the invite and was SERIOUSLY one of the best I've ever tasted!

The banner above the table:

Photo Props included a sign for baby Tyler and elephant noses:

Other decor:
We filled the space with elephant figurines, framed facts, flower arrangements and of course our paper dots.


I added the elephant silhouette and dots to the fireplace.  We placed the gifts below (with a "fill the trunk" sign) and the guests of honor sat in front.
This blurry pic was taken by a host on the move. I was busy!! Give me a break.

Stay tuned for the food and games tomorrow!

Weekend Bloggy Reading


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Frugal Friday: Baby Shower Guest Book

Frugal Friday: The Easy Guest Book

I love a unique guest book.  Something about the typical sign-in reminds me of a doctor's office and is just... Impersonal.

I recognize there's a requirement to document attendees so I try innovative ways to check it off the list.  I hosted a baby shower for a friend of a friend in early October and created a quick but FABULOUS guest book.  

Bubble Memory Board How-To

- Foam Core Board ($1 from the Dollar Tree)
- Yarn or baker's twine
- hot glue/gun
- color-coordinating scrapbook paper
- mini paper clips
- paper punch (I used a 1" circle punch)

1.  Hole punch the scrapbook paper.  I recommend multiple patterns of paper... It just adds dimension

2.  Glue some circles onto the foam core board.  This shower theme was elephants so I made the dots appear to come of the trunk.  I laid the dots on the board to come up with a plan first:

3.  Drape the string and glue the ends to the back of the board

Board, done.

4.  Lay out your dots on the table with a pen for signatures and place a cute container of the mini clothespins nearby:

5.  Use the mini clothespins to clip your dots to the string: 

VOILA! A unique guest book idea.  

IMAGINE if you had mini baby clothes shapes(diapers, onesies, etc.) for guests to sign... Or a car punch or hearts or... Once again, the possibilities are endless with this party element. 

It's something different, something modern and, most important, it's something AFFORDABLE in celebration of frugal Friday!  Stay tuned for the shower rundown.


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Thursday, November 15, 2012

All I Want for Christmas...

... Is my 2 front teeth!  

Yep, Munch has finally lost those 2 loose top teeth, lol.  It was a major deal and, THANK GOODNESS, Ms. Sandra was available to pull them.  The torture from Hubbs had become too much for the kid.  Several times a week, he would wiggle, pull, grab a tool to TRY to get the teeth out.  Can you imagine?  Munch would be mid-sentence when he would just reach in her mouth:

Then, the adult tooth came in BEHIND the stubborn baby teeth:

... which REALLY drove Hubbs insane:

We implemented a 20-second wiggle rule where we each took turns wiggling the front teeth.  Thursday, November 8, 2012 was the day.  The tooth was so loose we made an appointment for the next day with Ms. Sandra and she, with her old school tooth fairy skills, had those 2 teeth pulled in NO time.

Munchface was SO excited:

She's been speaking with a temporary lisp, singing "All I Want for Christmas" as her theme song and...

Well, you know.  This mama is trying to take this whole big kid thing in and NOT be too embarrassing for the man and the kid:

I wasn't feeling well so she put chocolate on her nose to make me feel better... She also refused to show her missing teeth because I took too many pics.

I admit this snagga-tooth, gap-mouth look is quite adorable, though :)

Cheers to moving LITTLE things out of the way in the name of embracing the next phase of life.

SPEAKING of next phases, I've got to share some milestone celebrations with you!  Stay tuned...


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WW: Pretty Papers

Wordless Wednesdays:  The designing, the cutting, the folding and the stuffing was all worth it.  Sheena's invitation, with "passport" directions, turned out fabulous:

I've got some awesome tricks up my sleeve to make this Paris party one to remember!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fabulous Feature - NY Melrose Family Blog


Quick!!! Drop whatever you're doing and run over to The NY Melrose Family blog!!! There's a cute little feature on li'l ol' me.  Jenny's blog is always jam-packed with helpful tips, tutorials, crafts, organization and bits of her fabulous life.  I visit often and feel like she's my bff in my head, lol.  Head on over and tell her I sent you :)

Now, I know you're wondering where I've been and what's been going on.  I have lots coming so tune in tomorrow (and the next day... and the next day).

See you then!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vote. Voice. Choice. 2012

"I'm going to fall out...  You think if I fall out, they'll let me cut to the front of the line?" 
- Hubbs

I parked SO far from the polls

It was early.  It was cold. We were tired. We were hungry. We were in line for HOURS.  We laughed, we chatted, we saw people we knew, we were parts of history... Together

This was the first election that he and I voted together.  Thank God because I fear that if I hadn't been there(with my mommy snacks and candy) he would've made a scene to get to the front of the line, lol.

When we left, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. I am a proud WOMAN of COLOR.  Islanders, that would be double negatives in the societal book of equality.  Woman - a strong, intelligent, willful, multi-tasker by nature.  Color - rich in both history and culture.  

I voted.  

I used my voice to make my choice.

My blog is not a politically charged piece of e-paper where I talk about how differences make me better than the next person.  It is, however, a place where imperfect people can feel comfortable in their imperfect skin.  I'm okay with differences, I'm cool with other opinions, I embrace the process by which our country elects its leaders.  I just want to know, did YOU exercise your right to choose? 

This WOMAN of COLOR sure did and, I have to say, equality is pretty amazing...

Awaiting the results, I was a ball of nerves and I put them to good use. I spent my evening cleaning my fridge, doing laundry, cooking a yummy meal, finding Munch's clothes for the week, organizing my closet and scrubbing our hall bathroom... It's amazing what I got done in the 4 hours before 10:00 p.m.

I stayed up and shared a celebratory glass of wine with Hubbs.  Finally, the phone calls, mail, commercials and political stress can end.

Among everything else, I'm HAPPY about that!

By reader request, I'm going to have an affordable gift series so be sure to check back often :)


Goodwill Finds: The Magnolia Wreath

Happy Friday, Islanders. I wanted to share a thrifty find from a while back.  Ugh, I love my local Goodwill Outlet.  Oh, and yes, you saw ...

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