Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodwill Hunting...

Home is a place where memories abound! A place with the purpose of giving visitors a glimpse into intimate moments of its owners' life journeys...

I enjoy telling my family's story and I LOVE the challenge of doing so with the design of our home!  IDK about yours but my story isn't on some shelf at some expensive store so I don't stress making my home look like the catalog (anymore...well, as much).  That's right, my home won't have that perfectly pair of coordinating high heels strategically placed in front of a sofa with the perfect book turned to the perfect page and the throw tossed *just so* won't. Well, at least not at this point in my life ;)

The best tip I can give to someone looking to spruce up their domestic life is... THRIFTY is NIFTY! You can find unique pieces no one else will have by visiting Goodwill, Salvation Army, Village Thrift Stores, Antique shops, etc.  The ahhhh factor doesn't come from having nice things fresh out of the box but by having conversation pieces which spark visual interest and have sentimental value.  Things I always check out:

- Breakables - Apothecary jars, plates, vases, cups, etc. They're all cheap and you can almost always find something unique for a great price.

- Frameables - Frames, framed prints, just prints, vintage posters... They come in all sizes and are WAY cheaper than the retail stores... Try an eclectic gallery of frames spraypainted the same color.  Gallery groupings always add visual interest and highlight pictures, frames, and keepsakes for guests to see.

- Sewables - Linens! Everything from placemats and table runners to curtains and sheets...I LOVE to find unique prints and re-purpose them into something else. For example, instead of going to the pricey fabric stores, I bought a an old bridesmaid sash for $.40 and used a small corner of fabric to make this headband:

- Furniture(ables?) - I love to check out the old dressers, side tables, armoires and chairs! I secretly don't think I could EVER have enough of any of them. I need an armoire for the sunroom (to tuck all of the munchface's toys into) and for my hall (to put towels and linens in) and for the basement (for game/man cave storage) and for the home station (to hold homework stuff)...

- Wearables - I love to buy vintage mens' belts, old clutches, and even beaded necklaces... I don't typically hunt for fashionables but I always check out the belts and the accessories (usually at the register). Munchface loves to check out the wedding dresses and I'm sure her dress-up trunk will be filled with old bridesmaid/wedding/prom gowns.

MORAL of the story: don't get so boxed into furniture stores and creating a space where every furniture stain matches might find yourself creating a space for someone else and losing yourself in the matchy-matchy!


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