Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stranded... The Inaugural Post.

I'm stuck on an island with glitter sand, Shirley Temple seas, sparkly tropical trees with amazing little purses as their fruits, and I don't plan to go anywhere.  I'm not a selfish person so I'm willing to share Fabulous Island with everyone... Every single one of my imaginary friends! I KNOW and you're welcome.

Seriously, this blog is living documentation of the adventures, crafts, home projects, recipes, random moments, trips, falls, tackles and bounce backs that are ME.  With this online island, I'll now have 4 sanctuaries which include the bathroom (potty breaks), the kitchen (what?! when something hot is on the stove, the little one HAS to stay, I kinda admit to finding peace while smelling a pot of *insert dinner of the night*), or when I'm getting my eyebrows, lip and chin waxed... My life revolves around my family and if that means mommy compromises and runs around with my hair in a crusty bun so my family can have a house that looks, smells and feels like a home, then I must re-define FABULOUS to fit my needs.  Fabulous no longer means having the latest purse or shoe to match my outfit then rushing home to a place that looks like a dorm room.  FABULOUS means improving my quality of life by taking time to invest in my surroundings.  Home is where the heart is and I care enough about my heart to make it a place I enjoy.  So, expect tutorials, pictures, reality checks, recipes, fun stuff for kids and pretty much basically anything I can find to pull out of my crazy bushy hair.

A little about me? I obsess over the vacuum streaks in my carpet (always have), I am a singer-out-louder, I enjoy dancing... with my 4 year old when the latest KidzBop is released and my husband when no music is playing... For me, happiness comes in the form of pretty rooms, impeccably executed events, amazing thrift store finds, SALES racks, making something that looks amazing, and hunting for the perfect accessory.  Whether you're stranded on Fabulous Island or just visiting for a few minutes... it sure is an awesome place to be!


  1. Oooooh...I love the blog. I have to remember to check it out everyday. Curiosity draws me in b/c I don't know where you get the time to do this.

  2. Tabs this is awesome, creative, and fabulous just like you. Happy Blogging I look forward to reading more

  3. I am most definitely enjoying my stay! I will be a frequent visitor. *muah*


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