Thursday, January 15, 2015

Printables! Free Invitation Printables!

Hey, hey! I've been busy here lately!  Sure, I've had a number of client meetings and a few events but my primary tasks have involved PARTY PRINTABLES!  I'm gaining traction with friends for some of my "new" services slated to launch in 2015.  We've got some parties coming up and I was asked to design the invitations for a few!

SO excited!

First, DatMyHoney is turning two.  Wait, have you forgotten the ball of cuteness that is my boo?

I know.  It feels like her winter ONEderland was just the other day, right?  Well, the time to celebrate our honey is upon us again.  Already.  I'm saving my tears and temper tantrums for another time and you should too, Islanders.  Today, we're talking about the awesome party invite I designed per Sheena's inspiration image.  Didn't it turn out adorable?

DatMyHoney loves Yo! Gabba Gabba.  She *like* LOVES it.  While she's a visual learner for sure, I truly believe the music and songs are what she enjoys most about the program.  Themes like this won't be requested as she (and her opinion) grows older so it's special when parents listen to their little ones and give them a party they will LOVE while they are still appropriate!  I tried to convince Munch to have a princess party this year.  The kid almost passed out.  She's got big plans for her birthday and PRINCESS is just-about out of the window.  OMG! I think a piece of my soul just drifted away in the I'm-too-grown breeze that just blew.  Did you feel it? It's ice cold.

On the same day as DatMyHoney's party, Munchface's BFF is hosting her 9th birthday party.  Again, I was asked to design all of her party printables and I am crazy about this theme.  Sherry sent over an invite she liked and I used it to make a BETTER version for Jada's event!

I can't wait to get pics of the girls in their 50's gear!  They have a dance routine, Munch is one of Jada's Pink Girls (with jackets and skirts) and I'm sure they're going to have a great time!

The final event is for Hubbs' favorite cousin.  She's having a baby boy and asked me to design the invite and help host the shower.  My only guidance was that it would be football themed and have the Colts colors incorporated.  Here's what I came up with:

You already know I've been brainstorming for the baby shower.  I can't wait to share my event breakdown and inspiration board tomorrow!  Just hold tight 'til then, okay?  Here's the best part of this post!

I'm sharing the free versions of these printables below.  To add your own text,

1. Save the image to your computer
2. Visit
3. Upload the image
4. Select the Text option from the right navigation menu
5. Add your event information
6.  All invitations are designed to be 5X7.  When you have saved your edits, take it to your neighborhood office supply and ask for color copies on heavy card stock with two invitations per page.  This will save on your color printing costs and they will cut them for you onsite to minimize your work!  Also, they sell envelopes in an assortment of designs and colors to make disseminating your invitations easier.  I know.  You're welcome!

If you have questions about my font options or need help figuring it out, feel free to comment below!

While I'm building my inventory, feel free to contact me with invitation needs; I welcome the practice!  Why all this for free, you ask?  I'm planning to offer some of my designs in my shop soon so get these freebies while the FREE gettin' is good!

Enjoy the celebrations!  If you use my designs be sure to send me some pictures and/or tag me on social media!




  1. I absolutely love your grease theme invitations and I would like to use them.. so I was wondering which fonts you used

  2. Used the 50's invite. Loved it! Thanks for the instructions!

  3. Hi, Erica! I used 'Thirsty Script Bold' for the you're invited and birthday girls name. I used EITHER Droid Serif or Egyptienne Light for the all other font. Hope this helps!


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