Thursday, June 5, 2014

Minecraft Party - The Piñata

Hi, Islanders!
For yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post, I shared pics of the piñata from the Minecraft party.  I also titled that post, The Easiest Piñata EVER.   I meant it too.  This piñata:

... is SUPER easy to make.  I'm talkin' 5-minutes, 5 supplies, 5-steps easy and less than $20 (not including candy) easy.  Yea, no glue needed kind of easy.  Seriously! Here's how:
- Creeper Head (sold in toy section of Target and Walmart for $14)
- Black Duct Tape
- Streamers
- Scissors
- Piece of cardstock
I started this project with a totally different vision in mind. I actually started making a piñata (cutting and gluing tiny squares of paper to a box). Then, I recalled my beloved Minnie piñata from Munch's fifth BOWtique birthday party (party wrap-up here):
I shared the piñata tutorial here.
Isn't she lovely?  I made her using a few kitchen bowls (for circle templates), party streamers ($1), and an old shoe box (to hold the candies). I couldn't believe how perfect she looked.  I also couldn't believe children could be so heartless and rip her sweet little self to shreds.  Then, I remembered why I vowed to NEVER again invest TOO much into a piñata... they're made for ripping... to shreds.
Rest peacefully, Minnie. I still love you.
The basis of the Minecraft piñata's design is dependent upon the purchase of the Minecraft "head."
Sold in the toy section, these "heads" are SUPPOSED to be used for Minecraft imaginative play.  I, however, had a better idea.  It's a box.  With a hole in its bottom (where the kid's head is supposed to go).
** Nods head slowly **
Can you tell where I'm going with this?
1.  Use black duct tape to cover eye holes.  I did this by cutting a piece of duct to cover the eyes, then cutting another piece slightly larger than the hole to adhere the "eye cover" duct tape to. Simply stick the duct tape on the inside of the box.  This will prevent loose candies from flying out of the eyes.
2.  Use your duct tape to create the "hook" for hanging.  Cut a 10 inch piece of duct tape, on the inside of the flat flap:
Place about 4 inches of tape "inside" the flap.  Cut another piece and create a double sided "loop.  I repeated this until I felt it was sturdy enough to support the weight of the candy AND the whacks from the kids. I reinforced with tape in all directions, lol.  Don't judge me!
3.  Cut 6-8 slits into your cardstock (take care NOT to cut the paper from end-to-end).  You want the paper to have some give and to allow the candy to fall through after a few whacks; you don't want the candy to fall through as soon as you pour it into the box.
4.  Open the top of the head and place your paper inside.  Take care to cover the hole.  Pour your candy into the box. 
5.  The most CRITICAL step was to add the streamers; they made the box FEEL like a piñata.  Cut strips of streamers in various shades of green to complete the piñata look.  Tape them to the bottom of the paper. You can feel free to use the steamers as an escape hatch for the candy if the kids are too small for whacks or if they don't hit it hard enough to shake the paper around and release the goodies.
VOILA! You've just made an easy piñata for your MINECRAFT party enjoyment!  I love that, because there's minimal damage to the box after the piñata fun, you can incorporate the creeper head into bedroom décor OR remove the eye covers and add it to the toy collection!
 O and, because there's also a Steve (the Minecraft main character) head, I blocked the eyes in the same manner and used it as a blindfold for pin-the-tail on the pig (more here), a blindfold for the piñata activity AND a photo-op!  Yes, photo-op.  Boys pose for photos... just in a totally different manner from girls:
... with swords and such, lol.  They really were a sweet bunch of boys.  Their fun was contagious!
Talk about an affordable party element that really helped to NAIL the theme while saving this party planner some stress... I'd say that's a win-win!

There's more!

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