Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Pink. Pink. Pink!!
If you haven't had the pleasure of reading the popular Pinkalicious series, you are truly missing out.  After reading it for the first time with Zion, I couldn't help but envision a fabulous party for little girls.  Think about it, cupcakes?? Pink-ititus? Green food cure? It's everything girly and was quickly added to my "Must Host" list.

IDK if I've told you but Zion won some Valentine's photoshoot with an up-and-coming local photographer (I hired her to photograph Zion's Candy Land birthday party but anyways...).  She mentioned that she wanted to host a party for her daughter's birthday and asked my recommendations for a theme. Could it be? Was this my opportunity to finally host a Pinkalicious party?  Familiar with the story, we immediately got to work planning...

1.  The Candy Buffet - My apothecary jars were filled with all kinds of candy (found for a bargain after Valentine's Day). Behind the buffet, we created a wall of "ruffle streamers" and used my Cricut to cut the letters from glitter cardstock. It turned out beautiful! Check it out:

 2. I made polymer clay cupcake rings for each guest.  The clay is so easy to work with that i can't wait to incorporate it into munchface's minnie mouse party as well :) 

 3. I made headbands for each girl.  The headbands were on clearance after V-Day (originally 3/$1 on sale 3/$.50)... They were so cute and I'm sure the girls will have lots of use left in them :) 

4. Wafer Girls - Dipped in candy melts for hair with edible marker drawn faces... I absolutely LOVE how they turned out... SO CUTE!

5. Games/Activities. I really wanted the themes of the book to translate into activities. Of course there was a moonbounce for the girls to play in while we awaited guest arrivals and once all activities were done (they needed to bounce off some of that sugar). The party started with Grandma reading the story while the girls ate their bagged lunches.  After the story, girls decorated their own Pinkerella tiaras with cupcake stickers and wands.  On their way upstairs, each girl was blindfolded for Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake (mommy painted it for the girls).  Once everyone was upstairs, we re-enacted the story's park scene where she blends in with the peonies and butterflies.  I turned on the Yo Gabba Gabba "Happy Birthday" song and the girls had a blast giggling and twirling in the tissue paper cut outs.  I had the girls get in a semi-circle while mom lit the cake candles and placed it in the center; it made for an awesome photo op. Check out some photos:
Gramma reading the book.
Decorating tiaras. I got the crayon "cupcake wrapper" in a post-Valentine's Day sale for $.10!!
Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake

I can almost HEAR the giggles!

The BEST moment of the party!

Gramma-made Cake
The smile only a Pinkalicious Party could bring :)

I'm linking to the following websites (first time and I'm feeling fancy)!
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  1. Great job on the party! I am hosting a Pinkalicious party for my daughter in a few short weeks... everything is coming together nicely.

    You did a great job on the cupcakes! Hoping mine turn out just as nice!

    Found you on Tip Junkie.

  2. Thanks, Kim! Is it too horrible that I squealed when I read your comment? OMG! My first not-my-mom comment! YAY!

  3. Can I be your second not-your-mom comment?? LOL

    I love your ideas! You did a great job on the party.

  4. OMG Tammy! I feel FANCY, boo! WAY TOO FANCY :) Going to stalk (I mean, follow) you right now!


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