Thursday, November 29, 2012


BACKGROUND: I joined Blogger 2 years ago for a number of reasons (ease of use, links to google ads, ability to manage multiple blog sites from one location, ability to follow other blogs and quickly access from their home page, etc.)... The major reason I joined is because it's FREE.  That's right, I wanted to blog without the commitment of buying.  So, I did.  It worked out well for me UNTIL the day before Thanksgiving.

I have a cute little tutorial for making a turkey bow.  I was so excited to share it. I have a dessert post with easy yummies.  I was itching to post the pics.  I have a few posts about mommy's retro party and it is LONG overdue.  Get this: when I tried to upload photos, I got an error message.

Queue the dramatic music... and the rain. O and the thunder. Yea, don't forget that!

The annoying little box said I reached my limit for image storage.  Apparently, Blogger uses Picasa to store images uploaded to my site and I had no idea. I also, however, didn't find out until I had no more room... SO, I'm faced with some decisions.  It's not crazy expensive but my usage would be auto-debited from my account. As in a monthly payment... As in a commitment to my hobby... As in... I need to make some decisions.

I don't usually like spending money on "free" things but I'd be crazy to think I don't ENJOY blogging...

So, until tomorrow... A toast to no pictures, just words. 



  1. Dont leave us! Id miss your hilarious posts and those awesome craft details.

  2. Oh wow, I had no idea there was a limit on storage! I've been blogging just under a year, I guess I'd better start looking into this.
    Debbie :)


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