Thursday, March 20, 2014

Head Over Heels Bridal Shower

Happy cheerful-yet-totally-RANDOM Thursday, Islanders.


Yes, you detect correctly, I'm in a sorta-kinda mood.

So many people think the life of an event planner is all fun and glitter.  They think it's easy.  You know, like it's not work.  I love what I do... I really really do but...

I've got news for you.
Event Planning is HARD!
Don't get me wrong, the task of planning an event comes natural for me.  The challenge is translating the encrypted messages clients send in emails and conversations. I have to somehow read minds, determine personal styles and find ways to make every event  a direct reflection of my clients and especially memorable for their guests.  I have to be a therapist, a sounding board, a chauffer, a slave, a pit bull, a Michael's employee, a walking... living... breathing... Pinterest.  If they imagine it, I have to be able to make it... for as-close-to-free as possible.  Thanks.

Again, I love what I do. I love the challenges of each event as they keep the job interesting.  It doesn't, however, change that sometimes, in my mind, I want more for an event than some of my clients.  I care more about details than my clients.  I am willing to do more for an event than clients may be willing to invest.  I've spoken to other event planners about this struggle and... well, believe me, it's real.
In the case of our next event in the party inspiration series, the hearts and high heels bridal shower, I was struggling.
I received a text from an acquaintance with a request to assist with planning and execution of a bridal shower scheduled for mid-May.  Here's what I received:
- Theme: Hearts and High Heels
- Colors:  Canary Yellow and Tangerine
- Venue: Private Residence - indoors yet primarily outdoors 
- Number of Guests: 60
In my mind, the colors and venue seemed more garden party than that of a sassy high heels theme.  Despite my initial impression, I took a few days to envision a fabulous event in my mind.  I imagined a crisp white backdrop for the colors and thought of ideas to make it work...
Then, I got the "logo" for the event.
*insert dramatic music*

It totally threw my plans for a loop.

The Logo Description
It has a burnt orange heart in the center.  A pair of "clear" platform heels at the bottom, a burnt orange and soft yellow crown above the heart (and at each of the crown's points, there were tiny hearts). O and we can't forget the Irish crest inspired monogram... Yea, I think that's what those squiggly lines were, letters.  RIGHT?!
Times like these, I need a prayer.  I have a dinner meeting with one of the planners tonight.  Islanders, while I may not know my specific role in this event, I have developed a vision. I'm hoping to pitch a theme that will tie the heels and hearts together.  Check it out.
Head Over Heels

This theme is all about high heels and hearts without distracting from beautiful bridal shower décor.  I'd use seasonal flowers to create simple floral arrangements in unique vases (high heel shoe-shaped moss vases or lemon-filled jars).  I'd create large 3-dimensional letters with a custom treatment (similar to the letter photographed) and place them in both (the indoor and outdoor) spaces. Heel-shaped details will be incorporated in the arrangements, the sweets (cookies and cupcakes), a congrats banner and more.  The invitation will invite guests to wear their fabulous heels and OMG! I can see the poses in the bridal walk-off.  I will use the cheery colors to tie in the outdoor setting with the sassy heels.

OMG! I hope my client is sold on this inspiration because I don't know if I could make the "logo" (as it stands) work.

O, don't give me that look!

I'm just keepin' it real!

Wish me luck tonight!


  1. I totally get you about the event planning business. i run an event planning company in India and I know what it's like.
    Good luck with your meeting and i hope they love the

  2. Truly an amazing post on Head Over Heels Bridal Shower. Thanks for the article. My sister is also expecting a baby girl and we are planning a secret baby shower for her. It will be held at one of her favorite venues in San Francisco and will use Frozen theme for the party.


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