Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time with My Littles

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesdays post was a sneak peek into the double dose of cuteness we received this past weekend.

Sheena and Dom were attending a multi-day seminar and I requested to have Liv while they were away.  OMG! We were so excited to have DatMyHoney coming over that we made some major plans!  I picked her up from school and she gave me the greatest welcome when I arrived - both arms up and a big smile.  We were off but first, let me take a selfie (or usie):

We sang and snacked on the way to pick-up Munch and, when we arrived home, I'm sure we broke a few rules.

She was too excited for the Capri Sun (almost as if her mama doesn't allow her to have them at home... shh, we won't give it to her again).  We played hide-n-seek then Munch introduced DatMyHoney to the drums (that are still in the living room from the rock star party - DON'T JUDGE).

DatMyHoney LOVED the drums!  At bedtime, I asked Munchface to rest next to her as a barrier to ensure she didn't fall off.  Well, ten minutes later, this happened:

I let Munch sleep in her clothes because I could tell that MyHoney wore her out, lol.  They woke early and just in time to greet BabyLea!

Her parents had a few errands to run and wouldn't have space to fit her AND their new treadmill in the truck.  Did you catch that, Islanders?  I had more baby cheeks to kiss :)

We had breakfast:

DatMyHoney fed me her oatmeal while BabyLea ate oatmeal like a little grown-up - one full adult serving, lol!  Of course there was more drum fun.  O and Munch gave DatMyHoney the little chair she's been saving for her.  MyHoney loves it:

It is crazy how these two babies know how to operate cell phones.  They both took selfies.  LOTS of them!

With the sun coming out, we went out for some apple painting!  I purchased a pack of canvases from Walmart on clearance, pulled out some acrylic paints, old apples and that's all it took to have fun!

DatMyHoney was so into it that... well, let's just say her pajamas will be washed at my house because I didn't want to send them home in their current state.  Oops?

Later nights, messy clothes, pajama painting... isn't that what the fun aunties do?

BabyLea finished her canvas and became more interested in the Q-tip "paint brushes."

We headed back inside for a little hide-n-seek:

... and a nap:

Then it was lunch time before the playground fun:

Lea flashed a smile before she headed down the big girl slide!  She also enjoyed watching DatMyHoney run around the park with Munch.

DatMyHoney and Munch are playground professionals.  DatMyHoney should add "Expert slide go-er down-er" to her resume.

The playground, where she can run and jump at will, is perfect for her athletic self.  She is very strong!

Lea left us that night but Liv hung out until Sunday afternoon when we took her home.  The proof of a good time for me is when THIS is how my pretty little package is returned home:

Munch and I sang the ABC's until she dozed off.  It was a beautiful weekend and Munch was a great help; she's going to make an awesome babysitter :)

O and, in case you're wondering, Munch's ME project turned out awesome:

On the -e, we placed Munch's FUTURE plans.

They include getting a purple "punch buggy" when she turns 16, going to college, living in an apartment and becoming a "NICE teacher until kids are bad."

She is something else, right?!  Cheers to enjoying the little people and things in life!


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