Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blurry Days

It's been WAY too long since I last posted.  I think my glue gun has either forgotten my name or packed up and LEFT me... *singing* "BABY, COME BACK... YOU CAN PUT IT ALL ON ME!"

I must craft or bake or build or make or decorate or paint or SOMETHING and SOON!

So, yes, I've been busy and YES, I've neglected you but please promise, beloved blog, that you too haven't packed up and left me... Promise you'll be here when I come up for air... Let me put this into perspective: hubs bought my dream mixer for Mother's Day (ah, he knows me SO well :) to make my baking life easier (and more fabulous)!  Please note: He doesn't wrap gifts very well and used the Lala Loopsy to "present" the gift to me - haha.  So he. and. I.

Isn't she (the mixer, silly) lovely? Wouldn't she inspire you to bake and bake pretty? I know! I am mad at myself for not using her yet... Well, there HAS been a lot of things going on here lately.  Some of which include:

  •  We drove to Savannah, for my sweet cousin Nia's baby shower, where I was asked to provide a DIVA centerpiece with the colors black, white, and HOT pink.  Enter zebra-print duct tape, feather boas and pink daisies to create THIS topiary for the tables
  •  Southern Charm Tea Party - a fabulous event I hosted for my dear friend's bridal shower. The event was jam-packed with DIY details and requires a separate post but below is a little teaser of me and the bride-to-be:
  • Legends of Hip Hop Concert - an awesome concert featuring Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick, and Chubb Rock.  Little ol' me was asked to provide VIP decor and floral arrangements... One of the centerpiece options are poorly cell phone captured below:
  • Bows/Headbands - With summer comes new clothes and summer bows... Let's just say, we've been BOW-tastic around these parts... I owe some tutorials and they are def forthcoming, pink-ay promise, mmK?! Check out the bows munchface wore to the Vintage Wine Festival (where they have AWESOME activities for children ALLLL DAY), 2 thumbs up!

  • Hubby's Spa Day Birthday - Let's just say, he enjoyed himself; the pic speaks for itself:

  • Of course we've had playdates -  our sister/cousin Chazzy came by for a tea party playdate and, after make-up and dress-up, they baked their own mini pizzas and I was requested to be the restaurant waitress... I tell ya, never grow up, little ladies, NEVER:

I'm no longer busy, I'm blurry... I don't know how things get done anymore, my days just blur on by sometimes.  I just thank God for freezing a few seconds each day to allow me to check things off of my to-do list. I know, I fully EXPLOIT my "in" with the author of time to complete my to-do list  I thank Him for mercy and safety during my travels during late hours and all over the DMV.  I am confident He will provide more time to stop, bake and create soon... So, yes, I've been M.I.A. and I've been busy but trust me, specific updates are coming in the VERY near future for my sanity's sake!

Ta-ta for today!


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