Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elf Living

Holiday excitement? Uh, yes, I know ALL about it. I've been shopping, cleaning and decorating in preparation for my favorite holiday... 

I was moving so much, Hubs resorted to the SQUASH tactic (pictured below).  Let's just say it involves the following:

Him.  The sofa.  Me. Trapped.

I need to sit still, I got it. NOW can I get up?

This year, my nesting is fueled by the excitement that hubs and I are hosting Christmas dinner; we're both SO excited!  He's already put his 2 cents about the menu out there, I am planning games and crafts for family competition and we've both agreed that we'll make this year more of a family party than the typical gift exchange.  I'll post more about our plan later...

I've got buttloads (typed for no reason other than the word "butt" made me giggle) of stuff to do.  I'm decorating and menu planning and shopping and crafting and bow making and... My poor heart is about to burst with sheer happiness because...

This is the time of year I live for! 

I'm just pausing to celebrate my holiday accomplishments so far!

I've unpacked.  It took my muscle man hubby to venture into the basement and pull out, "that tub... O and that tub... OOoo I forgot about that box... YES, that tree TOO... O... And those Target shopping bags hiding under that box that I really didn't mean for you to see..."  It was definitely no easy feat!  I usually only give myself $20 to buy Christmas decor BUT when Target had the nerve to have a 90% off sale, I allowed myself to double the budget last year.  Imagine my happiness when I opened these beauties a whole year later:

These ornaments are for my Mom tree.  What's a Mom tree? O that's just the tree where I determine ornament placement (I have a difficult time allowing hubby and Munchface free reign over my tree; they don't consider the importance of even distribution), I determine ornament selection (Munchface's homemade ornaments go on the family tree... this is reserved for my matching pretty things) and I determine its location (in the front room for ALL to see, of course).  

If you're a obsessive and controlling mom like me, consider having a Mom tree in your home too as it is a great way to ENJOY tree decorating with family without the "o NO NO NO, that is one of my FAVES and needs to go in the FRONT" moments. 

So, in case you can't tell, I may not have done MUCH but I've definitely put my Mom tree up.  Sweets and shoes, mommy's favorite things, is the theme: 

Other than pulling out the trees, I have hung 2 wreaths (my seasonal mirror wreath and a fabulous sparkly $3 thrift store find).  I'll give a Christmas home tour so you can see how things turn out...  Just thought I'd check in to say, for the hundredth time already... MERRY CHRISTMAS!  In the words of Munch during her self-serenade before bed last night, "WeeeeEEee wishhhhhh you a Merryyyyyyy Chrisssstmassss!!!"


That's right. I'm raising a rock star elf! If not for CHRISTmas, then when?

How are your preparing for Christmas?  What are your plans?

O and 1 more question: do you want to buy me either a fridge or new *granite* countertops? LOL.

Enjoy every moment!


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  1. I'm preparing for the holiday season by getting in some much needed family time. Family always reminds me of the great holidays I enjoyed as a child where, I got to play elf for my mom. Helping her to bake sweet treats for others, prepping our delicious holiday meal, and do all her gift wrapping. Tho I won't see a portion of my family on the holiday I'm extremely excited spend a little time with them and officially jump start my holiday season.


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