Monday, November 28, 2011

Pottery Barn Knock-Offs at Walmart

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Thanksgiving is done and, I have to be honest, I couldn't wait to drag out my tubs of Christmas stuff... I live for the grumbling about tangled Christmas lights and fluffing my 2 Christmas trees (yes, I buy fake - WHAT?! I KNOW my limitations)... The egg nog, the is-she-singing-Christmas-carols? stares I get from strangers as I shop and SNEAK things for me into my shopping cart... *Exhales adoringly* 


One of the first signs of Christmas 'round these parts is the stack of catalogs we get in the mail... My personal FAVORITE is the Pottery Barn catalog.  I feel like a kid when the Toys 'R' Us big book arrives - squealing with excitement ready to fight whoever thinks they're going to trash my beloved inspiration catalog! Matter of fact, Munch and I circle what we want and strategically place them in random MAN CAVE parts of the house for him to see, trip over, fuss about...Hm, maybe I should start tearing pages to have a bigger impact. 

Wish lists *stares off into space* just another thing I love about Christmas. 

Of course, I don't have the money to furnish my entire home with Pottery Barn for the holidays so I'm always looking for D.I.My(self) projects or for things with a similar look and feel for MUCH less... I was surprised to find these Pottery Barn hacks at Walmart.  Check them out:


Knit, embroidered, fabu--HOLD UP, does the website say $34 + $7 personalization for EACH stocking?  On second thought...

WALMART Stockings

These stockings range in prices from $15-$17 with FREE personalization and $.97 shipping (to your home or free to your neighborhood store).  There are a lot of varieties and I'm loving the solid knit ones (just purchased the cream ones for my family).  Think about the possibilites! Order personalized stockings for your family members and fill them with little gifts, a bottle of wine or even baked goods(in baggies).  These would also make GREAT hostess gifts! 


While I think it's an adorable idea... I wish there was more variety. 1 rug, PB? It's certainly NOT worth my $89.


These rugs range from $16 - $19 and most allow you to choose from several characters to make them your own.  Worth the investment to have a seasonal rug for less than $20!  These are just a few:


These classic dolls are the perfect gift/stocking topper for girls of all ages. Aren't they the cutest?

Well, they were the cutest until I saw they cost $40 +shipping! Do they sing? Poop? Dance? For that price, if I'm not considering claiming them on my taxes, they won't be in my Santa bag.  Sure, I'll keep them in mind but I'll also keep looking... :)

OMG, these little babies are absolutely fabulous.  They're $19 with free personalization on their little dresses.  What little girl wouldn't love a baby doll with their name? Perfect for room decor, a fluffy bed buddy for those scary nights and they too make great gift/stocking toppers.  Uh, YES PLEASE!

I could probably search and find  fabulous PB-inspired decor at affordable prices all day.  However, right now, I have some Walmart ordering to do so we'll have to pick this up at another time, mmK?

What are you searching for this holiday?

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  1. I'm not sure if it's the price tag or the pictures but I like teh wal mart stuff much better. It looks more modern and teh colors are brighter. Thanks for the tip I'm strongly considering ordering the mat for my family.

  2. I totally agree! I got excited when I went to find to order, there are really SO many more options at :) Order the mat and add to the holiday outdoor decor :)


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