Friday, July 25, 2014

Team Pink vs. Team Blue

My Wordless Wednesday post earlier this week was a peek into some party elements at the Gender Reveal party this past weekend.

It was a great day!  It was also, however, my only planned outing for the weekend after I had my wisdom teeth (+ a molar) removed.

Tamara sent me a note saying that she was finalizing her designs for the cake.  Misty hit the nail on the head for what Tamara wanted.

The next item on her list was the invite.  I was so excited to help and volunteered to design the invite.  We came up with a theme - Bows and Bow Ties.  She gave me her colors - Blue and Pink.  Here's what I came up with:

It turned out so cute, right?!  Want to learn how to make YOUR own?  Great! We'll talk about how I did it tomorrow.

Tammy and Langston did an awesome job putting together a classic cookout.  Guests were greeted by a traditional Chinese calendar chalk board:

Can you see that bump in the background?  LOVE it.

Langston and the guys were out back around the grill.  While the ladies were in the kitchen giggling and fussing for Tammy to sit down rather than tweak the buffet layout.  She didn't sit but she did accept help mixing the Team punches:

She also allowed me to put her cute candy jars in a great spot for photos.

When the last variation of Langston fancy-pants, homemade, gourmet burgers were done, we all gathered outside for a sweet prayer from the dad-to-be.  The food (that I was allowed to eat with my swollen face) was amazing!  I'm talkin' the kind of cookout food you dream about in December.

Everyone ate and the kids were running around but Tammy, and her cute little bump, couldn't sit still.  Langston called everyone outside for a group photo and the busy baby bump went M.I.A.
We all hung tight until she was able to freshen up then we split into our respective teams:

There were split households all over.  Twang was Team Pink while her husband was Team Blue.  I was Team Pink while my family was Team Blue.  Baby Lea was Team Pink while her parents were Team Blue... there were divided homes all over place, lol.

As the couple prepared to cut the cake, everyone stood in our team location.  FIRST CUT.  Dang, nothing was on the knife to show the gender.  SECOND CUT.  Still nothing.  The crowd hurried closer to the cake table Oooh-ing with anticipation.  Langston grabbed the plate, Tammy picked up the slice and - CHEERS!!!!!!!

It's a boy!

Munchface knew it.  She called it.  Her baby brother is coming.  As soon as the cake was cut, Tammy's mom gave her the biggest hug and had a moment only a mom could have with her daughter.  I sat down in the closest lawn chair and took a moment to let it sink in. 

It's real.  My friend, the one who's been a co-parent with us for our child since day one, is finally going to experience motherhood for herself.  Her husband, the man's man, will have a little man of his own.  Munch, the baby whisperer, will have our first BOY to love on.  I will be able to love on Tammy through her baby as she has done for me for more than eight years.

The sun set.  The games came out. 

The fire pit was lit. 

There were laughs and yells, funny stories and trips down Memory Lane.

Tammy calmed down.  She was able to finally sit down.  I pre-stuffed goodie bags and used her cute mini clips as closures; they turned out super cute!


Everything was perfect.

Islanders, our family is growing.  We, our entire Island family, are having a baby.
O and, as Munch just reminded me (for *like* the 50th time), she was right.  HE's a BOY!



  1. Awsome post! Cant email you directly through here, but you can reach me at clarissa.bannor[at]gmail[dot]com.
    Does late Sunday afternoon work? Email me and let me know. Thanks, Clarissa (thisAfropolitanLife)

  2. Tabitha, I found your blog by the way of Pinterest; and it has totally drawn me in. Lol, I enjoyed your blog soooo much that I started from your first post in 2010! I am now following and have subscribed. Munchface is the cutest kid ever and I can definitely see her on the big screens, one day. I look forward to your future posts and you are totally my friend in my head! Lol

  3. I love the idea of gender reveal parties! If this had been a "thing" 20 years ago, I soooo would have done this.

    Everything looked very nice! Love the cake!

  4. Munchface will be the BEST Big Sister! We absolutely adore you guys and deeply cherish your love and support! ��

  5. Thanks, everyone! Yedei I can't wait to help execute your upcoming events! Sincerelytaye thanks so much for the sweet note and signing up to stay updated on the island!! Tammy Brown - I totes agree! Gender Reveals are great ways to announce the baby's gender!!

    Tamara Turner - you know we love you! Munch is so over-the-moon about LJ :)


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