Friday, March 10, 2017

Space-themed Party: A Collaborative Effort.

As a party planner, I've been hit with all kinds of party themes.  In the case of the space-themed birthday party, the party plannin' mom wanted to host a fall festival but the birthday boy insisted on a party that incorporated his favorite thing, SPACE!

I was privy to conversations among family members and I knew the challenges they faced.  I wasn't, however, prepared for the request to design a party invitation for a space-themed fall festival.

You read it correctly.  Leaves.  Hay.  Bobbin' for apples.  In space.

... because there are trees, seasons, and hay.  In space.

Mom and I had a heart-to-heart.  I wasn't going to allow the invitation to reflect BOTH themes.  It would be too much.  As you can see, I settled on the space theme.

 I arrived with the spaceship favors and realized Mom was determined to incorporate fall festival elements. 

S'mores and coloring pages sat atop a work bench and in front of vinyl trees on the wall that had fall-themed leaves adhered to their branches.

Not far from the coloring station, a space-themed sweets table offered guests some goodies to snack on. 

There were lots of chocolate-covered sweets.  OMG!  I love the idea to drizzle store-bought cupcakes with theme-colored chocolate.

Other chocolate-covered sweets included strawberries and star-shaped rice krispy treats.

Modeled after a fall festival, there were activities set in each corner.

The photo booth was a hit with the birthday boy!

Glow sticks made for lots of fun.  Oh, and something about a cardboard box makes every toddler happy.

Blast Off Bowling was a hit!


The DIY space-themed cake turned out cool too:

All-in-all, this party was a collaborative effort.  The birthday boy was pleased, party guests had a blast, and that's all that matters.

Here's hoping your day is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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