Friday, October 24, 2014

Laundry Room Baskets

Yesterday's post started with baskets... Remember?  I wanted to purchase baskets for the stairs but decided against it because I got amazing prices on great baskets at my local thrift shops before?  Well, those fab basket finds came from The Village Thrift Store.

The batteries in our remote died and I went to our laundry room to find them... As I reached for the jar of batteries, I was annoyed by the messy state of our laundry room shelf:

It was a mess!

I don't know why there are so many lunch bags (shown in the photo above) but the pile wound up all over the floor constantly.  Talk about annoying!

On my next trip to the thrift store, I hunted for baskets to start the process of beautifying our laundry room shelves.  I found some great baskets!

$1.90 for BOTH of those beauties!  One holds pens and pencils, and the other holds our general small office supplies (post-it notes, glue, etc.).

The above basket was half-priced at $3.45!!  It's large and its compartments make sorting those things we need to keep in a centralized location easy!

I filled most of its squares with our small household supplies - batteries, a stack of plastic cups, lighters for my candles, handy screwdrivers, Command strips, etc.   I also, however, like that we have room to grow.

I pulled some unused baskets I already had on hand to hold the other items - I have a backlog of plug-in refills and wax cubes for my warmers, our Easter basket from the Foster family now holds our paper towels and I was able to neatly stack the lunch bags into a basket as well.  It looked 10 times better in less than 10 minutes!

You're probably wondering what that thing is in the top left of the above photo... it's our awesome laundry chute!  The entry point is in our master bath and I love it!  You can see the large basket on the bottom left, right?  Well, it holds our appliance manuals and warranties.  The empty space holds my kitchen table centerpiece options so whenever I need a change, I can just grab it without the worry of basement spiders.

I could've moved the pink bucket or made this space look photo shoot ready but, as you are aware, I'm about keepin' it real 'round these parts.

Do you have an area of your home in need of a little TLC?  Hit up your area thrift store, pull from what you have and aren't using.  Whatever you do, make it functional AND pretty for less!


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