Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Munch Makes Moves!

UPDATE!  Fourth grade is off to an awesome start.  Munch has shown some amazing progress academically and, as a reward, we decided to start gymnastics a few weeks ago.  She's showing some awesome progress.  She's training hard twice a week and really enjoying herself!

Just before we started gymnastics, Munch participated in a day camp to learn a routine for a performance during our local high school's Senior Night.  Included in the package was a t-shirt, a pizza dinner and entry into the football game.  Follow the bouncing cream bow, it's my kid.

She did very well during the big performance on the field and had a blast with her friends.

That's the update.  Munch has been moving and shaking.  That reminds me!  At her school, each grade has a musical performance and parents are invited to attend.  Last year's performance was all about grammar and this year's performance involved a partner.

Tune in tomorrow for a Throwback Thursday post for the history books!


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