Thursday, December 10, 2015

Munch Makes Moves - The Merengue

That's what Munch came home to report the day Merengue rehearsal started.  Each grade has a musical performance scheduled throughout the year at Munch's school.  On a performance day, the entire school (and parents) attentively watch the grade levels sing and/or dance; it's always a special day.  Last year, as a third grade parent, I was excited for the Grammar Rocks performance.  Even then, Munch couldn't stop talking about how excited she was to be in the upper grade musical performances.  Why, you ask?  Fourth and fifth graders perform a partner dance and, as you can probably tell from her quote, Munch was ready.

In the weeks leading up to the dance, she filtered information to Hubbs and me.  First, there was the news that she would dance with a boy.  Then came the demonstration of where his hands would be placed (they intertwine their fingers and he has to put his hands on her lower back).  Let's not forget the day she announced she was going to dance with TWO boys.  Yep, not one but TWO boys.

Everyday there was an update.  The week of the dance, we went shopping and it happened that it was on a sale day at The Village.  Oh, don't give me that look!  I'm not spending buckets of money on a dress she'd only wear one time!  I started there and planned to go to Burlington if, and only if, we didn't find anything that would work.  Would you believe we had three options?  Munch quickly decided the white and gold dress wasn't a good fit for what her partners would wear.  We sent the options to Hubbs as he was at work and it was settled.

The purple was the way to go.  $7?!  DONE!  I glued two bows together to make one large hair piece and she looked adorable.

Check out the performance highlight!

In the above Instagram post, she's dancing with Jamal.

Her other partner has a huge crush on her.  His name is Kevin.  Munch thinks Kevin is very funny. **eye roll*

I could tell he likes her because he seldom made eye contact with Hubbs and me.  Islanders, you have to watch out for the ones that don't look you in your eyes, lol!

Anyhoo, she performed in front of the whole school.  She danced with a boy.  She did it all in front of her dad.  TWICE!  Now, that takes courage!

Cheers to finding strength this week!


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