Friday, March 4, 2016

Free Printable - 'Wear Your Guess' Craft

In preparation for tomorrow's gender reveal, I thought I'd share an easy craft for guests to wear their guess.

- Clothespins
- Paint color of your choice
- Table confetti
- Hot glue gun


1.  Paint the front half (or entire) clothespin.
2.  Once it's dried, glue the theme-appropriate confetti to the front of the clothespin.
3.  Allow to dry then place in a jar, basket or scatter on a table for guests to show their guess!

ISLANDER BONUS:  I designed a quick FREE printable for use in your upcoming gender reveal!

To use, copy and paste into a Word document, adjust the size then frame for a fab and FREE printable!

OMG!  One more day until the big news!


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