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Things I Love: Baby's First Easter Basket

Howdy, Islanders!  Remember when I started our newest series, the Things I Love series?  I mentioned in this post what it's all about.  Basically, it's a series full of things I come across that I find to be good enough to share with you, my beloved Islanders.

I've been compiling guides for new parents.  Remember the 13 things to do for new parents (here)? To clarify, I am not a new parent but I have transitioned into the role of awesome auntie pretty frikkin' amazingly well and I've come to realize that I have some ideas others - aunts, uncles, cousins, god parents, grandparents, friends, family, new parents, etc. - might find useful.  Wait, you forgot I am an auntie?  Let me share an obligatory picture of my magically delicious nephew, MaseFace:

Yes, he is that amazing in person and yes, he smells as good as he looks.  Anyhoo, I finally finished my neph's basket and I wanted to share a few unique ideas for baby Easter baskets.  It's not like the babies understand enough to really appreciate them or like parents expect anything for their baby on Easter... there's really no pressure with this one.  I promise.  You can't go wrong.  Surprise new parents with something sweet for their little ones and you're sure to be the [insert your title here] of the year!

Here are a few baby basket ideas that are sure to be a hit!

#1 Baby Food Basket

1.  Personalized Spoons:  For $4.50, you can give a thoughtful keepsake that's functional and cute!  I included a personalized spoon (for double that amount) and included it in Superman's basket last year.

It was a hit!

2.  Personalized Wipe Case:  These adorable wipe cases are perfect for the baby on the go!  At $14, it's a little pricey but you can be sure it will get a lot of use! Plus, baby's case will never be confused for others' when out and about!

3.  Personalized Placemat, Divided Plate, and Sippy Cup:  $23 and you're DONE with the Easter basket for your little one.  All you need a cute bag or container!  Olivia loved the basket I made for her using this set for her first Easter:

4.  Cool bibs:  You can find bibs of all sorts anywhere baby items are sold.  The bandanna bibs are all the rage but I also love the traditional bibs with funny sayings!

5.  Snack Cup:  This style of snack cup is perfect for the baby who likes to munch on dried snacks.  The unique lid limits the mess while keeping baby curiously digging for more!

6.  Snacks:  Finalize your basket by filling it with age-appropriate snacks and you're done!

#2 Big Time Fun Basket

Use a baby pool and fill it with outdoor toys and water/sand themed items.  Some items to include are:

- bathing suit
- water diapers
- sunscreen
- baby pool or float (inflated if applicable to use it as the basket to hold all the goodies
- water toys
- sun hat
- lots of Easter grass

You can substitute the baby pool with an outdoor swing to hold toys.

I think I'm going to do something similar for MaseFace's summertime fun.  How great would these ideas be for any occasion where you need to bring a gift?  For MaseFace's Easter basket, I went all in and created the...


1. Personalized Spoon:  Name My Scoop makes a great quality spoon and I think it's perfect for him to take to school for feedings.

2.  Bottle/Cup Wraps:  These wraps are AMAZING! I love including them in gifts.  They are always the talk of daycare and they eliminate mix-ups with feedings and ensure your baby's bottles always make it home!

3.  Nuby Vibe-eez Teething Toy:  My nephew is teething.  He enjoys gumming everything.  He especially loves to gnaw on his auntie's [clean] knuckles and when I wiggle my knuckle on his gums, he is in heaven.  This vibrating toy will be great for him.  It has multiple surfaces and little loops that are the perfect size for his little hands.

4. Walmart has an adorable onesie section and they cost less than $5.  I couldn't resist this one!

5.  High Fashion 'Fit:  H&M had this adorable outfit and I just love baby clothes that are easy.  The graphic suspenders and attached bow tie make this the perfect outfit for any occasion.

6.  High Fashion Tee:  This tee is another cool shirt and only requires bottoms for an effortless outfit that doesn't compromise on style.

I added some snacks and a few items from Dollar Tree (disposal bibs and diaper trash bags).  Rather than buying a basket (because that's what his mama will do, I'm sure), I snagged a personalized baggie from PickYourPlum.

I will share the final pics later but I'd say things are coming together nicely!

I hope your day is EGG-cellent (get it?!).


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