Saturday, April 2, 2016

White House Easter Egg Roll - Part Two

I shared some of the magic yesterday and I'm back today to share the rest.  After standing in line, it was time for Munch to participate in the historic egg roll!

This was *seriously* a historic moment.  Thousands of kids have lined up and rolled Easter eggs down this lawn since the 1800s.  Partner that history with this being President Obama's, our FIRST black president's, FINAL Easter Egg Roll and this moment was overwhelming!

It's so crazy to see the photos in history and to know that my child had the opportunity to be part of our nation's history.

The roll was a lot and I know what you're thinking, "did MaseFace get to roll an egg?"  You know, well, it's hard being THIS cute.  It takes a LOT out of him.

Suddenly, the First Lady was within 50 feet of us.  She came to the Story Time area to greet and to hug the kids.  Can you see her?

Before we could catch our breaths, Ryan called me because, less than 10 feet away, Monica was snappin' a pic with a fan.

That's her husband and sons in the photo.  OMG!  It wasn't long after I snapped the photo that these same people posed with Beyonce!

Neither Ryan nor I were bold enough to ask for a pic.  I know what you're thinking and, yes, I kicked myself for not getting a better pic.

We headed to the arts & crafts area before leaving.

I took this pic of the kids:

Isn't it crazy how it resembles this photo from a historic Easter Egg Roll?

We were done.  We were heading out.  Then, another magical moment happened.  Ryan and Munch saw one of our favorite young stars!  Yara Shahidi from ABC's hit show Blackish.  This time, I wasn't going to play shy.  We approached her and this happened:

After the photo, we had a few moments to talk.  She was so sweet and Munch (we all) were super excited.

A video posted by Tabitha Keese (@tmkeese) on

Did you catch it?  Yara said, "I wanna be you!"  She is an ambassador for #blackgirlmagic and is known for her beautiful spirit and warm heart. She was a delight.

On our way out, we received a boiled egg on a stick, peeps and other treats, and our White House Easter egg!

Once off the South Lawn, we stopped at the White House Historical Shop, Panera for lunch and then headed home full of food and awesome memories to last a lifetime!


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