Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Feel Better Slush Recipe!

I mentioned in the Easter wrap-up that Munch was sick over Spring Break.  She had come down with a stomach virus and, according to the doctor, ituse s symptoms could linger for a few days.  Munch returned to school for one day and woke the following morning under the weather.  I determined that she was dealing with those aforementioned lingering symptoms and was most bothered by the dehydration effects, particularly the headache, from the bug.

To re-hydrate and to combat the fever while offering her electrolytes and (shhh!) fooling her into thinking it was a treat, I came up with the sick slush recipe.  This one is DEF for the books!

All you need is your favorite flavor of sports drink and ice!  Combine 1/2 cup of ice with 1/2 cup of sports drink and blend until smooth. You may decide to add ice and/or sports drink until the texture you prefer is desired.  Pour into a cup with a straw and enjoy!

That's it.  Two ingredients.  Three Steps. And yummy!

Make it.  You'll thank me for this.

Munch didn't want to eat or drink but when I put the feel better slush in front of her?  SUCCESS!  This drink would make a great treat in the summer when the kids don't want to stop playing to drink water.  Mix up some slush and rest easy!


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