Tuesday, October 18, 2016

MaseFace: The Baby Dedication

While we're talking about my awesome nephew and the events surrounding his first birthday, I can't forget to share a great day for our family.  In the weeks before his first birthday, Mason's baby dedication was scheduled for one Sunday during church service.  What's a baby dedication?

A baby dedication is a ceremony where parents and family members commit before witnesses to submit a child to God's will and raise that child according to God's word and ways.

For Mason's graduation, family came from near and far.  There were aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great-grandparents.  My dad, the Pastor of our church, took a seat for the ceremony to be the Pop-Pop.  A close family friend and Pastor at our church officiated the ceremony.  With the eyes of his family and friends on him, my nephew couldn't resist the time to make eye contact with each family member around the room and wave.  It was so cute.

The ceremony was short and sweet. The cuteness was too much for my soul.  The love was real.  It was a great day.  Afterward, lunch was served.  On the cake, there was a message.

The message was different from the photo above.  In parenthesis beside the word child, scribbled in frosting was 'x2.'  Wait, child x 2.  As in 2 kids?  Wait.  I looked over from across the room.  Dad was crying and hugging sis-in-law around the neck.  Dad glanced over to mom.  She started crying... What is going on here, people?!  He looked at me and held up 2 fingers.

2 fingers.  Oh, 2 FINGERS!!!  Does this mean what I think it means?  Yep, dos... as in two.  TWO babies... that are *like* mine.  Islanders, my brother will have another little one and I am going to love that baby like it's my own.  It was real.  Then, it was public information.

You see the pic.  My neph is wearing the shirt. Big brother status 'round here.  Love him.  Love this.  Love my soon-to-be new little so much already.  You know what this means, Islander.  There will be more cuteness coming your way in the very near future!!

Auntie Status!!! OMG!  You do realize that I've been promoted from amateur auntie to a PRO!  Stay tuned! More littles coming your way!

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