Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doll Cakes - The Tutorial.

Whata Gwon? 

 That's island talk for what's going on?  If you're going to be islanders, we must start building your vocabulary, right?  Right.  Say it with me, WHAT-A-GWON?

Why, thanks for asking, Islanders!  I've been working on the baby shower and the birthday party in my spare (non-organizing, cooking and cleaning) time.  Let's talk birthday party, shall we?

In the birthday party breakdown, I mentioned creating a mini tablescape for the dolls in attendance.  We'll have mini plates, napkins, cups, party hats, centerpiece and even mini cakes.  I haven't decided whether each guest will decorate a cake for her doll but I am just SO happy the mini cake idea came together.

Tutorial for the pictured doll hat here!

Here's how we did it:

Easy Doll Cakes


- Oreos (2 required for each cake)
- Regular Icing (it's the easiest to work with for projects like this; whipped and fluffed only get messy)
- Butter knife
- Optional: Sprinkles


1. Place a small dollop of icing on the top of a cookie

2.  Sandwich another cookie on top

3. Spread the icing along the sides and top of your double decker Oreos to make them look like a cake.  I prefer a messier look but you can choose to smooth your cake(s) perfectly 

4.  Sprinkle to your heart's desire!  Munch had a blast decorating her mini cake: 

I placed 1 heart-shaped sprinkle on top of my cake and I think it turned out so cute!

I could totally see an elf on the shelf idea with a mini birthday cake, mini cards and tiny balloons.  What about celebrating a doll's birthday by making a mini cake?  Chocolate oreos with strawberry icing? YUM!  Loads of possibilities found in 1 pack of Oreos! 

Munchface had a blast in the practice run and I'm sure she is going to LOVE the real-deal party set-up!

Cheers to tiny celebrations that have a big impact!


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  1. Those doll cakes are the cutest things ever! I saw that you followed Kimberly, but you didn't enter it into the rafflecopter. Come back over girl. Login with your email to the rafflecopter and gain points with all the ways you follow me for a chance to win the free ad space. BTW I love your comment to Kimberly. You are too good to me.


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