Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SHORT but SWEET - The Weekend's Review.

Hi, Islanders!

Welcome to the work week!  I know.  It's definitely Tuesday but I've just been so (so SO SO) tired these past few days.  I blame whoever came up with the work-life ratio of 5:2 days... 2 DAYS of personal time?  I tried to cheat the weekend system by bringing that weekend feeling early.  Munch and I took advantage of the 7-11 FREE Slurpee Day, July 11.

It helped but it didn't work, lol.  The slurpee trip was the perfect interruption to a busy week but the weekend didn't OFFICIALLY start until...

Friday, after camp, when Munchface and I took a trip to Sweet Frog... Her yogurt consisted of things she wanted to eat with her hands BEFORE she ate the frozen yogurt (Pop Tarts, gummy worms, gummy bears, etc.).

I knew it was good when I heard "mMm ::cup scrapes:: MmMMmm."  I looked back to see Munch celebrating her flavor creation with her eyes closed and her hands in the air, lol. 

Friday evening, we visited our sister-cousins.  We finished spray painting the crib and hung poms in God baby's nursery (more on the nursery later).  By way of update - I am very excited with how everything is coming together, my baby's mama (lol) picked really cute colors (turquoise, shades of pink and white) and we're having so much fun making this little room pretty.  I can't wait to share the big reveal!!

Saturday, we went to lunch with Dani.  I love the TGIFriday's 3/$16.99 menu but they have a new 2/$10 special that's pretty awesome! An appetizer and a main course made for the perfect portions for Munch and I to share (she never eats her own food so I stopped ordering it for her).  Before lunch, while we waited on Dani, Munch and I stopped by a nearby Party City.  This was my first trip since the start of shower planning.  I admit, I was VERY impressed with their selection!  I can't wait to go pick-up some of the things I saw!  After lunch, we met Hubbs and headed to the Nunns' home to FINALLY love on my newest baby, Racquel.  Just look at her, she's so:

Her onesie.

 Her smile made me melt. ::sighs::


  While I'm staring at her, guess who's staring at me?

Apparently, one can't enjoy juicy baby-ness without the accusation of wanting another... He's had the baby itch for 5 years and I think he swindled me into this visit so I could catch his "baby ivy" itch too(baby IVY... Like Poison Ivy. Get it? GENIUS!!).

Maybe I can use this whole baby thing to my ovaries' advantage for granite?  Hmmm. Anyhoo...

Sunday, we went to church, to lunch with grandma and Pop-Pop and returned home for a lazy evening around the house.  I made BLTs, pita chips and fruit salad for an easy summer dinner.  Munch rested, Hubbs played video games and I worked on the ruffle photo booth backdrop (guest post coming soon):

Overall, our weekend was spent with the people we love!  The perfect short-but-sweet combo, don't you think?!

How was yours?


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  1. Sounds like a great time to me and that baby...adorable


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