Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Travel Corner, lol.

Me: Zion, you have chips at home so you're not getting any chips at this store.  Now, if you ask me again, I'm going to put you in the corner.

Munch looks around in the middle of Walmart as if to say there are no corners in this huge place.  She turns her lip up and raises 1 eyebrow...  CHALLENGE?

Me:  O, ok.  I see!  You don't think-- let me-- you know what?  

I dig in my pocket and pull out my hand.  THUS, the travel corner is born.  I held up an open palm (with my fingers - except the thumb - touching).  I announced its name and covered her eyes with the travel corner and slowly used my other hand to shop the rack of clothes.  

If you can imagine, I was shopping with one hand, my kid was covering her mouth quietly asking if she could get out of the corner and apologizing for not being a good girl. I probably looked crazy but what mom cares at that  moment?

I seldom have problems in public as a result of the *queue the dramatic music*


While this post is pure comedy to me, the travel corner is a tried-and-true mama-showed-you tactic.  Plus, the threat of the travel corner means I can shop without the worry of my kid NAGGING me (if only for a few additional minutes?).  

Shoot, I'll toast my ice water to that!


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  1. HA! You are brilliant! Love it! I will be using the Travel Corner Yes in deed! I usually just whisper and tell them I mean business in there ear, and 9 times out of 10 that works, but when it doesnt I will sure enough do this!!


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