Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bruised and Bratty.

First grade is going really well for Munch.  We had picture day on Tuesday.  What did she wear?  Her black eye.  


You read correctly.  The kid has a black eye.  Apparently, the class had a rocket ship game they were playing in p.e. last Friday. My overachiever must've twirled her little heart out because the nurse called to inform me that my child twirled right into another student.  With nothing more than a red cheek when I picked her up, I knew we'd be fine... That is, until she woke Saturday with a blue circle around her eye.

Great.  First grade.  First black eye.  WHICH will officially be documented in the first grade pics.

Have you ever been that person explaining a blemish or mark (O, no. No. I know what you're thinking and that's not pee on my pants. I just spilled some water down there OR no, it looks like I hit my kid but I didn't. FOR REAL.)?  No?! 

*Looks around during the awkward silence*

Yea, me neither.

First grade has also brought more sass.... and a new speech ISSUE!  What is this -uh on the end of words lately?






O.  You're not dealing with that either? Well, that's just the beginning.

"Please don't treat me like I'm 5. I'm almost in middle school." - her new favorite "big" girl phrase. 

Middle school? She must not know her front top teeth are going to fall out soon.  If she doesn't get back to her cute self, I can't promise the black eye and snagga-mouth pics won't make an appearance on her first date.

Ahhh the cruel joys of parenthood.

How are you adjusting to the first weeks of school?  


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  1. I totally know the feeling. I have kindergartener and a first grader. The cute is slowly disappearing and I want it back. Great blog btw!


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