Monday, December 17, 2012

An Unfair Farewell

26 gone. 20 of them babies.  Babies. The same age as the one I have.

I can't imagine.  I read the descriptions of these young angels, their likes, their hobbies, their love for life and I think of my Munch.

I can't imagine how the families of these new angels cope with the gone-too-soon reality of their goodbye.  I think of my Munch and my heart cries out for them.

I can't imagine the parents...  How they will never be the same... How I will celebrate Christ's birth while they mourn the death of their babies...  I think of my Munch and the excitement she brings to my family around this time of year and I'm brought to tears. 

I can't imagine the requirements placed on teachers, first responders and other heroes everyday...  These honorable people enter selfless careers in the name of making our world a better place.

My heart aches for the parents, the teachers, the heroes, the families and the angels victimized and gone in this unfair farewell.  In times like this, I reflect on our blessings, I strive to be a blessing to others and I draw near to God.  He's the only one big enough to answer the questions, to mend the broken hearts and to welcome the souls of His babies into His arms.

Hugging a little tighter,


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