Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Retro Party - The Penny Candy Buffet.

Penny candy... O, penny candy! 

Mommy used to LOVE when she got a nickel because it meant she could take a trip to the store for some penny candy.  When we decided to celebrate her birthday with a retro party, I knew I had to incorporate her childhood love for penny candy into the decor...

How awesome is it that The Dollar Tree has all of the retro candy (in its original packaging)?? 

Candy buffet tip:  save time by planning your candy buffet layout in advance!!  I pulled my candies out of their packages and assigned them to jars.  Doing this ensures there's enough candy to fill the jars, helps with jar spacing and makes set-up a breeze! 

Here's the before set-up at my house:

Here's the after:

Pennant banners are ALL the rage and I love that Party City has color-coordinated pennant banner kits that can be personalized with stickers. I've used this SAME package for 3 events (with more to spare!).  Mom's sign read, "Lisa's Sweet Shoppe"

Banner tip:  When you don't have a wall behind your feature table, use the front of the table to hang your sign.  It will have the same effect :)

On the table, I provided bags for guests to collect candy.  Sheena designed custom labels for me.  That's right, as usual, she came through for me and really helped eliminate stress!!

Aside from the banner and the favor bag labels, the only other printable was a frame on the sweets table:

Now, let's get to the yummies shall we?!

In addition to the wax bottles, Double Bubble, Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mamas, Sugar Babies, Tootsie Rolls, Twizzlers, Fire Bombs, York Peppermint Patties and so much more, my favorite baker, Misty, made some cake balls to look like candies:

I asked my mom for her favorite cake flavor and she responded that she loves yellow cake with Duncan Hine's chocolate frosting.  Misty used Kit Kats and M&Ms to cover the frosting and topped it with a mini-mom!  It was a special cake with her favorite flavors just for her.  My favorite part? The boobies, lol:

The cake we served guests was 3-tiers and fabulous.  I had it designed to match her outfit. Isn't it gorgeous?

It was a sweet event for a sweet woman who I'm PROUD to call my mommy.

My mom is always hosting and giving and cooking and DOING for everyone else.  It was such a joy to finally work for her.  She has this vibe about her that makes everyone love her.  A heart as big as allll of Georgia and a smile as warm to match.  She has been a great example of mommyhood in my life and I'm grateful to have her share that love with Munch... One way to best describe her is in Munch's Valentine's cards last year:

To my mom she wrote, "Grandma, I love you. You make the best salads."

To my dad she wrote, "Pop-Pop, I love Grandma.......... and you too."


As usual, Munch sums it up best:)


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