Monday, January 6, 2014

Motivation - Mom's Seaside Family Room

Some of my fondest childhood memories are the Saturdays Mommy and I jumped out of bed before sunrise to hit the streets for yard sales.  Before I had my own money, I would perform chores around the house, 'ssage (not massage) Daddy's feet or save my money from awesome report cards.  On Saturdays when we had other things going on or just wanted to sleep in, Mom and I would head to our neighborhood thrift stores.  My Mom has always been a professional thrifter… Yes, a professional thrifter.  Someone who possesses the ability to effectively incorporate thrifty finds into everyday design without compromising style.  My mom is skilled at designing rooms to feel effortless and elegant yet lived in and comfortable.  Every room in her home is an eclectic blend of luxury art meets contemporary design and, believe it or not, every room incorporates my mom's love of thrift and antique shopping.

Exhibit A: The Seaside Family Room

The Seating

Mom repurposed her furniture set but added 2 beautiful chairs from Pier1. 

I love them! I love the colors, the patterns, the details, the legs...

I just *exhales adoringly* love them.

O and speaking of seating, how awesome are the throw pillows?

The khaki houndstooth pillows? The stripes? The flowers? Each pillow has it's own personality but, because they are all the same color palette, everything works well together. 

ALL pillows were purchased from thrift and antique shops.

The Fireplace

Mom accessorized with a vintage aqua tub aged to perfection (the color is to DIE for).  It's purpose is to hold firewood but that rustic fish statue?  It serves no purpose other than to be adorable!

How cute is this little Titanic sign that sits in front of the fireplace when the fireplace isn't in use?

O and Mom accessorized her mantle with rusty lighthouses:

The Curtains

Mom purchased the perfect curtains for the windows and sliding glass door:

They are perfect for the space!  The contemporary design is subtle enough to fit the seaside decor but neutral enough to transition if she changes her mind.

The Accessories

Mom collected the perfect accessories for over a year. I love how it all came together AND how she found unique uses for her thrifty items.

You know I'm a sucker for details. I sat in the chair and noticed a cute rope basket on the floor.

In it, Mom placed her remotes, table games and cute decor.

I love how she contained the inevitable electronics clutter and even found a way to make it cute.

More of my favorite accessories include:

The HUGE wooden anchor (you know it's *like* a symbol for the Island).

The pillow storage under her sofa table (that duck pillow? It just makes me smile).

She has small statues and model ships and rope artwork and more… She even purchased a cute little boat while we were in Puerto Rico celebrating my birthday last year.

How cute?!

All in all, my mom was able to find pieces of decor that gave her family room character while allowing her to affordably update her space.

Her perspective on thrift/antique shopping has also motivated me to buy what I love.  She's taken the position in her thrifty shopping that, if she likes it, she buys it.  Then, she finds a way to make it work.

I've made some thrifty purchases I loved.  One of them sat on the floor in my powder room for months until recently and I can't wait for you to e-meet it :)

'Til next time!


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