Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Affordable Gifts You Actually Want!

Hey, folks!

I don't know about you but I like to give good gifts.  I like to think about what someone really needs/wants.  The gift giving process over this Christmas season used to be difficult for me.  I always felt pressured to purchase things for people who matter to me... that list is longer than my purse strings.  Then, there was this pressure to buy a gift for the reaction of my recipients... or to buy gifts for everyone who buys for you.  Well, I'm here to tell you a few years ago, I let all that nonsense go.

We all know it's not about gifts.  Well, to take it one step further, I've adopted the mantra that I'm not in the business of making grown-ups' Christmas dreams come true.

If I want to, I'll buy a gift for anyone else.  If I buy you a gift, I'm buying it because I truly believe it's something that will be used (or consumed).  I've made a conscious effort to STOP the hurry-up-and-buy mentality of the season.  I have a short list of people who will receive gifts.  We've talked about it before and you are aware that I prefer to give in the off season.  My family has decided to make some changes to our holiday regimen this year.  We're not buying unnecessarily.  Like, for real.  I have some sista-friends who will DEF get a gift...  If you're looking for awesome affordable gifts, here's a list of GREAT gifts that are affordable and useful!

Cell Phone Camera Lenses

The above images were taken with cell phones.  Yep, CELL PHONES.  Photojojo's iPhone and Android lens series attaches to your phone to capture beautiful images without toting a fancy-pants camera.

Each lens costs between $20-30!  Photojojo also offers bundle packs and other accessories to maximize the camera you always have with you.

Jewelry Candles

I've been intrigued by these candles... I've done my research and found a number of retailers online.  The one with the best prices that also offered deals was Diamond Candles.

Can we also give them the award for the BEST name too?  I love it!  I placed an order for some and they arrived perfectly packed and ready to give give.  These are perfect for the candle freaks in your life.  If you click this link, you'll save $10!  Once you place your order, you'll get a link of your own to share in exchange for future discounts, candles.  Candles cost between $25 - $35 dollars and each comes with a ring (valued at $25) AND a code to visit their website and see if you ALSO receive one of their more expensive pieces (valued between $100 - 7500).  Think of the days when the prizes found in boxes of cereal made eating it more fun!  This is *totally* a grown-up version!  I can only imagine the anticipation!  Their summer scents are on sale for $19.95 so, after the discount, you could REALLY get a good deal!  I've purchased a few for my candle-lovin' ladies and I can't wait to see what they get :)


Awhile ago, Sheena gave me a beautiful bedside journal.

When she gave it to me, I knew from its cover that she chose it especially for me.  It's got the beautiful colors of one of my favorite animals, the peacock, AND it fits perfectly with our master bedroom decor.  It looks awesome and it's perfect for nightly ramblings, to-do lists and more.  If you have a note-taker or list-writer in your life, imagine their excitement to receive a personal journal and/or one of these fabulous pens:

Those beauties are Kate Spade ballpoint pens.  Yep, big names offer desk accessories on the low ($35 a piece).  Who doesn't need a nice pen to tote around with them?  I guarantee a nice pen like this is less likely to wind up lost or handed over to the pizza delivery man.  The recipient will keep tabs on it, for sure.

The key to thoughtful gifts is to accompany them with cards to explain them.  Remember, thoughtful means that they are about sentiment and not about dollars and cents!

I know what you're thinking and these are definitely geared toward the girls! I've also pulled some gifts for the fellas so stay tuned!

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  1. I agree with your thought process, to only buy gifts that are wanted or needed! We spend to much time feeling pressured to give gifts for every season and holiday out there. Try buying a gift because you see something a person will use. The look on their face makes it all worthwhile! I love the jewelry candles as well; they make great thank you gifts to my clients.


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