Friday, December 5, 2014

The Tree Debate.

This week's Wordless Wednesday post was a pictorial timeline of our Black Friday journey.  After a fabulous brunch, Mom announced that she wanted to go pick out a live tree.  Now, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little shocked by this announcement.  I mean, it's not like she didn't tell me earlier in the week.  It's just that...  well, she - uh - my mommy... She's not the live tree kind of girl.  ALL MY LIFE we've been an unpack-and-fluff family... the kind of family that trains up children to have the skills of bending wire tree branches in such a way that they appear to be [almost, if you squint and tilt your head] live.  I mean, THAT's who we are.

I've prided myself on my ability to fluff until the tree looks ready for lights.  It's a three-step process - fluff, light, decorate.  Now, here goes Mom with this foreign concept.  Is she trying to change who we are?!  I didn't know how to even process it but I was going to support her random absurd crazy decision.  We couldn't find a roadside Christmas tree lot so we drove to Snead's Farm.

It was so pretty!

You can see off in the distance the rows of Christmas trees available for purchase.  Islanders, I wasn't expecting that walk.  I, in my sweater would be quite cold by the time we made it there.  What am I doing? I'd never be this cold if we just pulled the 20+ year old box out and fluff-fluff-fluff!!  None the less, we filed out of the car and prepared for the experience we each had in our minds.

Luckily, we were armed with our Starbucks to keep us cozy as we -- wait.  

What did that guy say?  Am I dreaming?  Is this what people do?  I swear I heard him say three things that were completely foreign to me:

1.  We would have to CUT down our OWN tree.

2.  There are animals roaming free to include, as he described, ANGRY chickens.

3.  There's no bathroom.

UH UH.  I didn't sign-up for this.  What is Mom thinking?  I didn't want to be the negative person in the group so I stepped back toward the car preparing to announce, "I'll wait my too-cute-for-this butt in the car.  Gimme the keys!"

...BUT before the words could leave my lips, Mom said we weren't prepared for this experience.  She proceeded to ask if she could pay MORE to have someone do everything for us.  There was no way around it. We had to do the work.  Nahhhhh, angry chickens?  Dragging a tree across the field?  In the cold?!  You know, in my mind, I would have on one of those cute fall-appropriate outfits I've pinned on Pinterest, the Hubbs' muscles, and a red pickup truck to tote the tree home.  

Instead, we had two kids, light or NO jackets and half-empty cups of by-this-time warm coffee.

Thank goodness Mom had to pee.  We might've actually tried to stay and *like* saw down a tree.  We hurried to the nearest bathroom and wound up at Goodwill (don't judge. don't ask).  We shopped for about an hour before leaving and spotting a nearby roadside tree lot setting up.  Their sign said they would be open the following day but I, with my powers of persuasion (and my promise of a CASH ONLY purchase) was able to get us a tree!  

We all scattered in search of the perfect one.

The girls weren't LOOKING for the perfect tree.  They were sniffing for the perfect one.  It was a very cute moment watching them sniff out the perfect tree.

They were like cute Christmas tree hunters.

I saw a tall narrow eight-footer.  It didn't seem TOO tall or too fat.  All of the ladies agreed that it was the perfect tree and the littles confirmed it smelled perfect too.

 They hoisted the tree onto the car after shaking away all the loose needles and we did the happy tree dance were off.

I didn't think I'd like Mr. Real Tree but, when his manly Christmas smell filled my parents' home, I was sold.  He is MUCH larger now that he's indoors; it's crazy how nature works when you try to contain it...  I can't wait to see Mom's decorated tree.  I'm sure he'll be perfect!

In other news, our Christmas decor is almost done!  I'll be sharing pics soon!


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