Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Craft: Bunny Swag Bags

I made bags for the youth at church.  I love how much personality the embellishments add and I'm sure when the kids open them to find candies, their faces will light up!  These bags are the perfect gifts for teachers, friends, neighbors... really, they're great for anyone you'd like to make smile.

I saw an inspiration pic on Pinterest:

What You Need
- paper bag
- hot glue gun
- scissors
- Easter grass
- candy
- ribbon
- embellishment

What You Do

1.  With your paper bag flat on the surface, draw bunny ears (either a deep -v or a shape like below).

2.  Cut the ears of your rabbit.  Don't worry if they aren't perfectly symmetrical.

3.  Open the bag to reveal your full ears.

4. On the sides cut slits that go down as far as the center of the ears.

5.  Cut your accent paper to fit the inside of your ears.  Do NOT glue yet.

6.  Fill bag with grass and candies.

7.  Pinch the bag and manipulate the ear placement until you have it narrow enough to keep the goodies inside.

8.  Loosely tie a piece of ribbon under the ears.

9. Glue the inner ears to the bag.

10. Embellish and enjoy the cuteness! 

I used whatever pink paper I had on hand for the ears and I had mustaches and glasses on hand... I mean, bunnies have swag, right?  

Yes, they have cute, cuddly swag...  OMG! I've got more bunny bag ideas to come!  Get ready for cuteness!


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