Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween 2016: All I Ever Want.

If you've been on the island for awhile, you are well-aware of my crafty mom status.  As you can imagine, I go all glue-crafty crazy for holidays and especially for Halloween.  Remember the $5 costume series of 2015?

Queen of Hearts, anyone?

The crafty clown costume of 2013:

The Raggedy Ann costume she wanted:

Aaaaaaand the epic Willow Smith costume:

This year, Munchface announced she wanted to be a flamingo. I was all in!  I planned a tutu of feathers and a pink mohawk hairstyle.  We were going to spray paint shoes orange... she was practicing her pose (standing on one leg with her arms fully extended).  We were ready.

I mean, when I consider her recent bedroom design and her 10th birthday party theme she chose, it made sense.

Then, six weeks before Halloween, the man and the child exchanged looks and a few "you tell her.  No, you tell her."  When I was finally told, the news of the kid's desire to change her costume was infuriating  devastating sickening  annoying.  Just.  Annoying.

During our conversations, the kid mentioned that she wanted to be something cool, something scary. She felt it necessary to remind me that "Halloween is fall and not summer."

One time for the eyeballs that roll.

We just couldn't agree.  On a shopping trip to pick-up a costume for my god baby, I saw a costume I knew the kid would like.  I laughed as I held it up and said, "I bet you'd want to be something silly like this, huh?"  I didn't expect that she would gasp and squeal with excitement.  I certainly didn't think she'd be begging me to buy it.

You know what?!  You. Know. What?!

Fine.  Bought.  Whatever.

Every time the kid mentioned Halloween, my reflex response was to speak to how whack the costume was...  Seriously whack, seriously annoying, seriously unoriginal... but she was seriously happy.  So, I was going to force myself to be happy.  Yep, I was happy.

I wasn't decorating.  I wasn't crafting.  I was distancing myself from the idea of a store bought Halloween  happy.  Did you read that?  I was happy.  I was annoyed but **forced smile** happy.

Halloween was quickly approaching and a few days prior, Munch confirmed that I was allowed to make a headband and told me exactly what to do.  She also allowed me to add lights.  On Halloween, she got ready and headed outside when she saw the other kids and, when the boy she has a not-so-secret crush on told her he liked her costume, she flashed a smile at me.

You see the smile.  It's totally the I-told-you-so smile.  She was so happy.  I became happy.  Oh, and yes.  She chose to be a cell phone.  A CELL PHONE.

The photo above doesn't do the lights justice.  It really looked like a cell phone screen by the time we finished.  She went off with friends and asked that Nuke and I walked on the other side of the street.  I think not.  We, loyal dog and all, lingered for awhile then decided to head back home and pass out candy.  Can I just say Nuke looked awesome in his cute sweater?

At the end of the night, we went for dinner.  She was pleased with her costume and thanked me for the awesome headband and lights.  Seeing her smile made me smile.

So, Halloween 2016 wasn't our typical over-the-top craft sensation.  It wasn't filled with an over-the-top decorated vignette or foyer.  We didn't have spooky-themed foods but it was nice.  And, in all honesty, nice is all I ever want :)  Well, nice and the SALE candy after the holiday is all I ever really want!

P.S. - she agreed that she has more fun when she allows me to plan her day.

Of course she does.  ** eye roll ** OF COURSE SHE DOES!

How was your Halloween?

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