Monday, June 11, 2018

Fighting Irish: A quick a Easy Favor Idea!

Howdy, Islanders! It's been *what feels like* forever since we last spoke.  I'm working on a few blog posts to get back into the swing of things so, it looks like I'm coming out of hiding!  This time, I've been missing NOT because I haven't been doing things but because my resolution to be productive and to make some serious progress on personal goals meant that I needed to spend less time sharing and more time doing.  As I've mentioned a few times, my Instagram story (here) has behind-the-scenes updates everyday; follow me for the latest!

Today, I'm sharing some goodie bags I made for a neighborhood mom.  Her son had finished a successful football season and she wanted to give team members something cute to commemorate making it to the little league playoffs.  She asked for something sweet and she gave me free reign to create.  I used the team mascot to create some super cute tags:

I've shared the free printable below.  Save the image and print as a 4X6 photo at your local drug store.  6 tags for every photo print.

I like printing at CVS because photos are usually 29 cents each.  I was so pleased with the final product!

For the sweets, I used my cookie mold to make chocolate-covered Oreos. I drizzled with team colors and topped with a football-shaped cake sprinkle (sprinkle?  Is that what these are called?  IDK.  They're big sprinkles if that's the case but.. eh?).

The green-dipped Oreos were my fave because the tiny gold stars looked so cute.  Don't they resemble mini football fields?

Once the chocolate set, I placed the cookies and graham crackers in Dollar Tree clear favor bags and added the Dollar Tree grosgrain ribbon and tag.

If you follow me, you may recognize some of these photos.  If you don't follow me, here's a sample of the info I share on my Instagram story:

Yep, the Instagram story is full of tips like that one up there.  Paper shred is my go-to for the perfect full party bag!  It saves on the budget because you don't need as many items in the bag, it provides a backdrop for the goodies in the bag, and it gives the bag a nice shape!  I prefer to buy my paper shred from Dollar Tree because I can't justify spending more than $1 for something I KNOW will go in the trash!

Neighborhood mom was very pleased when she received these items in a cute basket delivered to her doorstep.  Oh, and you know the basket was a Goodwill find!  It was just a few hours after she asked so, she wasn't expecting coordinating tags, the great quality ribbon, the fancy treats.  She also didn't think it was all possible same-day.  Guess she just didn't know how we roll, Islanders!

Don't you love when it doesn't take a lot of effort to make an impact?

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