Friday, June 15, 2018

Goodwill Finds: The Magnolia Wreath

Happy Friday, Islanders.

I wanted to share a thrifty find from a while back.  Ugh, I love my local Goodwill Outlet.  Oh, and yes, you saw correctly.  I typed Goodwill Outlet... as in, the thrift store has an outlet store with crazy discount prices for items.  I know!  Mind boggling, right?  I pinky-promise to share deets soon but, for now, I want to share one of my outlet finds.

The magnolia wreath.  Some of you may recognize this update from my Instagram story:

While digging through a bin of household items, I saw the large blooms and fell in love.  Guess what.  Because it was in the outlet, the wreath was only 79 cents!  Sold!!

Once home, I dusted the the wreath and used a damp cloth to wipe off leaves.  Then, I added a small sign (purchased on clearance from Michael's months ago) and some scrap ribbon I had on hand.

I hung it on the door and it looked amazing!

I work in a floral shop and, while designing, I have learned a lot of florist tricks of the trade.  One of the shortcuts is how to make an easy and beautifullike making bows.  I will share a tutorial for how to create classic bows with minimal effort.  Now, y'all know I love a good deal.  On a trip to Michael's, I saw the wreath!!

Can you see that price?  $79!  Now, the Michael's version has more blooms but they're a little smaller.  Then, while strolling through Pier1 Imports, I found the exact wreath:

It had the same wreath form and everything and the high quality large blooms/leaves.

Can you believe it?

No matter how you look at it.  I paid less than $1 for a wreath that was priced at more than $50 at two different retailers.  I have said it before but I'll say it again.  Your thrift stores are great for the environment, for the community and for the budget!

Go.  NOW!  Find something fabulous for a fraction of the cost!

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