Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fun Bags: Fave Finds and Go-To Spots!

Y'all know me.  I've professed my love of granny things.  I love lace and wicker and vintage and ruffles and eyelets and floral prints.  I love all things old lady.  I've recently indulged in my obsession with funky bags and many of them have an old lady appeal.  I guess you could say I cleaned out my closet before the move.  I parted with a lot of my bags because I wasn't carrying them.  In the new area, I've found several thrift and antique shops; I've even explored neighboring towns.

While in an antique shop, I spotted a cigar purse.  It was cute but it was pricey.  I left it and proceeded on my thrift shopping journey.  Then, on the same day but in a different spot, I found one with a price I couldn't pass up!

$3.98?!  Goodwill for the win!  I was smitten.  It was pretty.  It was unique.

Wait.  Is that a cat??  With a hat... and a tie?  With rhinestones? Yep, it was also old lady.

BUT that bamboo handle with that fabulous coloring on the box... the original price tag from the artist.. I had to have it.  Before I purchased, I convinced myself and my shopping buddy that I would wear it.

Islanders, I wore it and I wore it well.

I wore it first with big hair and big earrings; I wore it in a denim-on-denim outfit with cute heels the first day.

The next day I carried the purse with strappy heels, distressed denim and a floral wrap shirt.  I was hooked.  I officially had a thing for funky purses.  

On a later visit to an antique shop, I picked up a fabulous straw purse with wood and leather accents.  I carried it to the state fair.

I wore it with a lemon shirt, distressed denim and blush mules.

I was rockin' my purses.  Geez, I was on a roll!  Speaking of rock and roll, my next purchase was the rock and roll bag.

I found a Mary Frances bag at a local consignment shop.  I debated over whether to pay the $50 price so, I put it on hold and I left to sleep on it.  I just couldn't stop thinking about it so, I returned the next day and got it!

Sometimes, you have to commit to treatin' yo'self. $50 was pricey in comparison to some other finds but it is nothing compared to many of my other bags.  I wear this bag often; the crossbody is my new favorite purse style.  It keeps my hands free while keeping my valuables close.

Did I mention it is beaded all over?  Did I mention how dramatic it is?  Oh, and did I mention I always Google my finds?

Look at that price on eBay!  I got a deal!  I've picked up a few other purses but my most recent find is my new favorite!  Check out this beauty:

I was in Goodwill and there was a large bin of purses.  I found that gem at the bottom of the bin.  It is metal with beautiful turquoise colored beads in varying sizes all over.


You can find unique purses and accessories in your area too.  They are hidden in the thrift stores, antique shops, consignment shops, and even online shops like Etsy, eBay, and Poshmark.

I buy what I love.  I buy what makes me smile.  I like to pair whimsical accessories with classic silhouettes and I love to find fabulous pieces for a fraction of the price.  My best tip?  Remember, price doesn't dictate value!  Oh, one more tip:

Enjoy the hunt!

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