Saturday, September 24, 2011

About time...

I'm back... and not just from a busy wedding season and long commute and Disney and the Bahamas and Florida... I'm back from Kindergarten.  THIS WEEKEND, look for blogs about the following:

- Disney Wrap-Up
- Grown-up vacations (Cruising)
- Kindergarten

Stay tuned and please forgive me for my absence... I'm sure my one-sided friendship with this online diary is lacking and that's totally NOT my intention. I keep you guys tied up on the island so I can come and scream (or chat or cry or laugh or-- you get the point) so I shall definitely be better about a schedule... Sunday postings anyone? LOL. 

By way of brief update, all is well, life is good... August was GREAT and I just can't wait to tell you what's been going on!


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