Sunday, September 25, 2011

Making Happy Birthdays Happier...

It was finally here... Time for the family to visit Disney!! We made it through the gates and had to take a picture in front of the sign that set the tone for the day... Zion had her ears, shirt and back pack with snacks; we just KNEW we were ready for the day... Z, say CHEESE!

Look at this pic! *Mommy tear moment #1*
 Shortly after entering the gates, we could see Cinderella's castle... I pointed for Zion to see but she still tapped Brian's leg and eagerly yelled, "Daddy, pick me up! Pick me up! I need to see it from the top to the bottom!"

*Mommy tear moment #2*

We walked through the castle and ran into the wicked step sisters. They were just hanging out and causing TROUBLE! LOL.

With no one else around... Zion had a few minutes of them picking on her LOL.

Blue dress: "what's up with the bows? I think you have a problem!"
Pink dress: "O I don't know... I'd say she has a fetish..."
Blue dress: "I mean, how many ARE there?" *starts counting...* "1, 2, 3,"

Please note in the middle pic, they were taking turns gently tugging her pony tails... She loved every minute.

O and OF COURSE, Pop-Pop got in on the pics:

The wicked step sisters weren't the only characters we met, just the FIRST!

We met Donald Duck. Although Munchface seemed more interested in asking him if he knew where Minnie was and how much his coat cost.

We met Goofy:


We went to a block party with a DJ and we met


And Goofy!

And Pluto!

During the Block Party, the DJ played all the hits; Munchface wasn't the only one enjoying herself, Gramma got in on the fun too:

Once the music started, Zion didn't want to STOP dancing:

She kept yelling how much she LOVED this place:

We enjoyed the DJ but music was everywhere; this band was awesome:

We had a blast on the rides, too. Our first REAL roller coaster? DUMBO:


Dumbo was the perfect warm-up for the big-girl rides and Munchface was excited on I think she's an adrenaline junkie!

We saw the Mickey Dreams Come True show and it was amazing! Let me set the stage, when the theme to every story and every show and every song is dreams come true... and you hear your not-so-much-anymore baby yelling and seriously trying to save Minnie and Mickey from the wicked witch with those words... It's just awesome. Like, seriously.


Zion had a front row seat during the parade and was greeted by all the characters - AMAZING!

The last characters we met were???????

MINNIE AND MICKEY MOUSE!!!! Zion must've hugged Minnie for 5 minutes... She was just so excited ALL day to see her and finally the super star mice were in our presence. I think I even got worked up with her LOL!

Disney is one of the few places you can still push your 5 yr old in a stroller... I ACTUALLY RECOMMEND GETTING A STROLLER, they make life easier!

The time to leave for the resort seemed to really ruin Munchface's day... ALTHOUGH, she was sleepy and hungry and dirty and GOODNESS were the grown-ups ready to rollllll.... I ALMOST reconsidered after she flashed this smile (full of chicken nuggets that were 2 hours old because she didn't have an appetite until she met Minnie)... well, ALMOST!


Later in the week, we visited the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique for a complete Princess makeover... Photos were taken with Uncle SmellGood's camera so that makes this post a wrap for now...

Disney was the beautifully wrapped gift with bows appropriate for a Minnie package. This visit (and vacation) was a gift for more than our little 5 year old, it was a gift for our family and MAN was it worth it!

Kinda like Zion is a gift in our lives... We thought life couldn't get any better until she happened.  Just as she has brought our family closer together and made us happier and completed the noisey dinner table and sings the key in the choir no one else holds (off KEY, that is), this vacation gave us memories (happy ones) and for that, I am eternally grateful.... So, cheers to making happy birthdays happier by spending time with family :)


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