Friday, February 3, 2012

A Wooly Cute Contest!

The Island received a message in a bottle from a new bloggy friend, Brynne!  Here's the note:

"Do your children love to draw monsters and make believe creatures? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have them come to life? I am having a children's art contest and the winner will receive a needle felted wooly created from your child’s imagination. Simply create your critter, submit the picture and enter for a chance to win." 

First, I know... I'm still celebrating my birthday but I thought I'd share a little gift with all of you (think of it as my e-party favors)!  So, that's right! By entering THIS COMPETITION you could turn a child's original artwork into a cute little work of wooly!  Here's an image to help with what is "wooly-able" and what's not: 

Her adorable and intricate needle felted creatures make me smile every time I click on them!  O and if you're a DIY girl or a family girl, you'll love all of her projects!  For a better idea of Brynne's awesome-fantastic talents, check out her Etsy Shop:

Click here to visit Handmade By Brynne.

Can I just say Munch and I will DEFINITELY work on her submission this weekend. Can you imagine the excitement?  The thought of taking her adorable scribble monsters and turning them into a 3-D little treasure makes me all squishy inside! I can already hear the squeals of delight.  Wish us luck!

I hope you'll spend some family time drawing!  I love to pull out the crayons and color alongside Munchface; it's such a stress reliever!  Don't have a kid but know someone who does? Forward the link! 

Happy Scribblin' :)


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