Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craft Vault: Minnie Topiaries

While cleaning out my craft pile of junk space I found 2 topiaries from Munchface's Minnie Mouse bowtique birthday party that I forgot to share:

Poor cell pic, sorry!

Poor cell pic, sorry!

Here's how I made it:

- Topiary (purchased from Goodwill $2)
- Wreath Form (purchased from Dollar Tree)
- Styrofoam circles (purchased from Dollar Tree)
- Black party streamers (purchased from Dollar Tree)
- White party streamers (purchased from Dollar Tree)
- Circle-punched scrapbook paper (purchased from Michael's)
- Boa (purchased from Michael's)
- Coordinating wrapping paper for bow (purchased from Walmart over Christmas)

1.  Wrap the wreath form and styrofoam circles in black party streamers.  Be sure to glue periodically so the streamers stay in place.
2. Glue the covered styrofoam circles to the wreath form (as ears).  Note: hold the circles in place until the glue is completely cooled (this takes about 10-15 seconds)
3. For the bow...Take your scrap paper and cut a strip (2 inches thick, 6 inches long).  Fold the paper in half (length-wise) to create a crease.  Dab glue down the crease. Fold the edges inward to the glue to create a "bow" shape.  Squish the middle and wrap with another piece of scrap ribbon around the center.  CONFUSED YET? If so, don't be. I'll post a bow tutorial OR you can opt to glue an old (or purchased) bow... 
4. Remove any greenery from the topiary (including the entire top, it should be a completely bare).
5. Cover the base with the white streamers creating a "ruffle effect."
6. Glue circle cutouts to create a polka dot pattern on top of the white streamers.
7. Cover the base with the "boa" or other material (Paper shred? Tissue paper? Fabric? Candy? ENDLESS possibilities here, folks).
8.  Dab hot glue on the stick and carefully place the Minnie silhouette wreath onto the stick (you might have to move the streamers, if they tear, no worries! Glue them back in place.  Note: AGAIN, hold the topiary in place until the glue cools and VOILA! You have a Minnie topiary.
Poor cell pic, sorry!

You could use the Minnie wreath:
- On the entrance or doors
- Minnie/Mickey wreaths girls'/boys' bathroom signs
- As a reference point to create a Hello Kitty version (using white streamers, and triangles for ears)

Get creative and feel free to share!

I'll be cleaning out the craft vault periodically.  I got a few messages about the topiary after the feature so I wanted to post this one FIRST

Be sure to tune in tomorrow because I korked (curled) my own ribbon and will share the step-by-steps :)


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