Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 - A Raggedy Start.

Islanders, do you remember when Munch dressed as Willow Smith last Halloween? It was amazing.  If you missed it, you can check out the post here.

This year, Munch announced that she was SO excited to be Raggedy Ann.  I admit that I love classic costumes so I set out to find a high quality outfit.  I ordered it and had it scheduled for delivery on Monday, October 29.  

Hurricane Sandy hit.

The package didn't come. I freaked out but things slowly returned to normal and I received notice my package was scheduled for Halloween.  I contacted UPS, I tracked online every hour, I had Hubbs log into his UPS account with a message to leave the package on the porch.  FINALLY, we received an alert that it arrived - woot!

IMAGINE my shock when I pulled up and there, on my porch, was an envelope.  PANIC.  SHOCK.  WHAT IN THE- I know a red wig, a poofy dress and a pair of tites aren't in that little ol' envelope.

It's 5:00 p.m. A group of little ones darts past the car in their adorable costumes.  I hear Munch gasp in the backseat and tearfully ask,

"MOMMY, do I have a costume?!"

Step 1: Silently cry because you paid a LOT of money for that costume (and more for the shipping.

Step 2: Close your mouth while you silently cry.

Step 3: Pull it together, Tabitha.  The kid is watching.

Me: It's ok... We'll uh-- we'll play dress-up at Target.  

We jumped in the car, I called Hubbs to check Party City and we were off... In a whirlwind of a mad dash for the costumes, we grab a dalmation puppy, a pink cat and a tiny lala loopsy costume.   They were ok but not Raggedy Ann...  Suddenly, Hubbs called and reported that he FOUND A RAGGEDY ANN COSTUME.  

SAVED!  I know, it's not nearly as awesome as the 1 ordered but with a little makeup and a whole lot of excitement from Munch, we made 2012 another adorable Halloween to remember.  Check out the pics:

The kid got into character and started posing like a doll.  Don't ask because IDK:

After trick-or-treating, we returned home and Munch enjoyed counting 3 pieces of candy for each child:

O and I almost forgot our Halloween recipes!  For lunch(during Sandy's visit), I made Halloween-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade chicken noodle soup.  It was SO delish!

A cat cookie cutter made a cool shape:

The moon cutter was my favorite:

We also had dirty rice stuffed "pumpkin" orange peppers for dinner one night:

And ghoul-y good treats of hot chocolate:

I think Munch had a pretty amazing Halloween... I'm glad a dramatic start made the reward that much sweeter!

How was your Halloween? Awesome, I hope!



  1. Your daughter looks sooo cute!!!! I wanted to let you know that you have been given an award! Check out my blog Monday morning to get all the details!


  2. Sooo cute! Did you get reimbursed for what you got? Dumb question but how did you cut the bread shapes (I know with cookie cutters) but before or after you grilled the sandwich it looks so neat lol


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