Thursday, November 15, 2012

All I Want for Christmas...

... Is my 2 front teeth!  

Yep, Munch has finally lost those 2 loose top teeth, lol.  It was a major deal and, THANK GOODNESS, Ms. Sandra was available to pull them.  The torture from Hubbs had become too much for the kid.  Several times a week, he would wiggle, pull, grab a tool to TRY to get the teeth out.  Can you imagine?  Munch would be mid-sentence when he would just reach in her mouth:

Then, the adult tooth came in BEHIND the stubborn baby teeth:

... which REALLY drove Hubbs insane:

We implemented a 20-second wiggle rule where we each took turns wiggling the front teeth.  Thursday, November 8, 2012 was the day.  The tooth was so loose we made an appointment for the next day with Ms. Sandra and she, with her old school tooth fairy skills, had those 2 teeth pulled in NO time.

Munchface was SO excited:

She's been speaking with a temporary lisp, singing "All I Want for Christmas" as her theme song and...

Well, you know.  This mama is trying to take this whole big kid thing in and NOT be too embarrassing for the man and the kid:

I wasn't feeling well so she put chocolate on her nose to make me feel better... She also refused to show her missing teeth because I took too many pics.

I admit this snagga-tooth, gap-mouth look is quite adorable, though :)

Cheers to moving LITTLE things out of the way in the name of embracing the next phase of life.

SPEAKING of next phases, I've got to share some milestone celebrations with you!  Stay tuned...



  1. What a cutie she is! This post made me smile! :)

  2. I really wish Anaya's top teeth grow back in soon!

  3. She is too cute and lol at your husband.

  4. what a cutie! I found you via Before Black Friday giveaway and am following along on GFC. I'd love to have you stop by and visit. Have a great Thanksgiving.



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